The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 3

Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1999 on FOX

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  • Homer gets another job: food critic

    this episode had millions of terrific gags such as homer's review ideas like to get to the 500 word limit, repeatedly writing screw flanders and taking the dog's advice by saying the food was rough. a few great lines were homer's "the food was not undelicious" and when lisa is short two words homer says "how about screw flanders?" and lisa saying "bon appetite" and homer saying "eh, they're both good". the stop the presses scene was great and there was not one dull scene in the whole episode. the final act was great with the killer dessert, a hilarious end to a side-splitting episode.
  • Homer-Lisa combination again

    Homer becomes the local food critic for Springfield Shopper and start giving bad reviews to the restaurants until the owners plan to assassin him. This episode is also about Homer doing a part time job in a dumb way but gets help from Lisa to write the reviews for him. Also the first episode in season eleven where Lisa gets to play a key role But not all goes well for Homer when he meets his counterparts and makes a point not to like everything he eats and as a result the restaurateurs plan to kill him. The first act where we got a first look at the Springfield Shopper and where a telemarketer was asked dance to sell subscriptions was pretty hilarious. Actually the whole first act was good. The only good part in the second act, where Homer and Lisa reviewing the Springfield revolving restaurant where the food was exquisite and the view nauseating when Homer sees Patty and Selma exercising. The third act kind of saves the episode where the restaurant owners plan to kill Homer with an éclair with over a million calories and twenty-five pounds of butter and Lisa saves her dad by saying that it’s low fat. Here we see again Homer-Lisa bonding but in a more diminutive scene. It end with the restaurant owners chasing Homer, a very screwed Flanders ending.
  • Homer get a new job: food critic for the local newspaper. One of the best episodes in season 11 by far!!!!

    After Homer gets a job as a food critic, he becomes very popular. However after it is so hard for him to write a newspaper article because it is so hard for him to fit the word requirement.( he keeps repeating the words screw Flanders. LOL) Lisa however begins to help him write his newspaper articles. But after Homer meets some of the other critics from the newspaper they tell him that he can't like every type of food and they encourage him to be negative. Homer then becomes a big jerk and begins giving everyone bad reviews in the newspaper so the owners ban together to try and kill Homer. Will Homer be killed by a big French chocolaty pastrey? Watch the episode and find out.
  • Guess Who's coming to critized dinner is the third episode of the 11th season, and it pays off really well.

    "I like pizza, i like bagel, i like hotdog with mustard and cheese, i could eat eggplant, i could even eat a baby deer, lalalalala, whos the baby deer on the lollipop"

    It just suprising how they made this material and still is hilarious. The third episode, Guess Who's Coming to Critized Dinner is a funny episode that talks about critics. After Homer mistakenly drive Lisa, Millhouse, Bart and Nelson to the Zoo, they went to the Springfield Chopper, a local newspaper station. Homer dosed off and got a job for Food Critic. His first attempt on making a 500 page sampler review didn't work that well, as he required assistance from Lisa, who made a positive and good review making his review on the newspaper.The typewriter has no "e" key, so it turns out to be a pretty bad review. Also in it, he makes threatening statements to the U.N. and repeats the phrase, "Screw Flanders." Together, Homer and Lisa teams up and created every positive review for every restaurant in Springfield. After the critics give him advice to write a negative review, Lisa doesn't like his style so she leaves him and his review. All of the restaurants join together in a consipary to kill Homer by a 1 million calariy filled with poison and accidently antidote sweet dessert, at the taste of Springfield. Bart overhears the convestration at the festivial and tells Marge and Lisa about the deadly pasty. At the end, Lisa tells Homer "its low fat" and the police arrested the culpit.

    This is the first episode in this season, where Lisa and Homer teams up together, its just nice to see that. I wish most episodes would do that, making it a comfortable experieneced for everyone. The humour in this episode is historial, the first evidence is where Homer is in his car swearing at the amublance and its just laugh out loud. Its just funny to see a polar bear riding on a moose in the sequence in the zoo. Gil is back in this episode in a short part and he is just hilarious, voiced by Dan Castalla. And Homer in the bathroom, classic. "Still not clean" Theres amounts of gags, quotes and allusions in this episodes. One of the Allusions were When Homer says, "we don't need no stinkin' E," this is a reference to a line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre, which goes "We don't need no stinkin' badges." and a humourous reference to the Godfather (where a character finds a dead horse's head in their bed.

    Overall, Guess Who's Coming to Critized Dinner is funny but does gives you a lesson, that critics always get critized by the public. The ending of this episode is hilarious, getting chased by a mob and credits roll. This is a recommended watch for any Simpsons fans and people tunning in.
  • Homer becomes a food critic, and gets himself into some big trouble.

    This episode has to be in the top 3 episodes of season 11 because it is just hilarious. Maybe I would even include it in my favorite episode pile. It just delivered great jokes all throughout the episode, and it did not disappoint. For example when Luigi says:

    Luigi: He gave mya restaurant a bad review. So one of my friends put a horse head in his bed. He ate the horse head and gave it a bad review! This is just a sample of the great hunor in this episode. Very well written on the writers part. I tip my hat to them. A
  • I Keel You

    Homer becomes a critic of food with the help of Lisa {who writes his reviews for him}. But after meeting some other critics for different things, they tell him he doesn't have to be nice all the time. So instead, Homer becomes too mean. Lisa can't stand this and so she quits working with him as his partner.

    Some restaurant owners in Springfield are angered by Homer's reviews. So they all plot to murder him at a Taste of Springfield festival, with poison.

    Bart hears of this and tells Marge and Lisa. Lisa finds Homer and saves him. Homer and Lisa reconcile after their fight.

    A typical Homer gets a job, but wait- this one's funny! With a good plot that doesn't involve fully on one Simpson {which is always nice and a plus for the current show}.
  • Very funny epsiode.

    Homer is chaperoning a field trip to the Springfield Shopper. While there, he gets a job as a food critic. However, Lisa writes the column for him. One day at a critics convention, the other newspaper critics tell him his reviews don't have to be all taht nice. So he starts writing (or, Lisa starts writing)mean reviews about all the restaurants. Soon, the restaurant owners all plan to kill Homer at a food festival by putting poison in the food. Bart overhears them, and tells Marge right away. Homer is saved, and Him and Lisa make up.

    This was a very funny episode. I loved Homer swearing at the ambulance, Homer's line"hmm... pointless nostalgia, the headline from the day Homer was born that read:Unusually large ugly baby born, and The Sea Captain putting up Homer's bad review to cover up the Health inspector's note.

    Overall Garde:A++/95%
  • Comedy of Error

    I love this episode of the Simpsons. It has food, father and daughter bonding, Ed Asner, and so much more. I think it was a terrific episode, but I did find one error. When Homer rights his first review (without Lisa) and he doesn't have the letter 'e' I found an error later on. When the Editor reads the review he says all the things Homer tried to spell without the letter 'e' but yet he ends his review with "screw flanders" which has 2 'e's in it. Otherwise terrific episode. My favorite of this season. Hope this show lasts forever.