The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 3

Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1999 on FOX

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  • Guess Who's coming to critized dinner is the third episode of the 11th season, and it pays off really well.

    "I like pizza, i like bagel, i like hotdog with mustard and cheese, i could eat eggplant, i could even eat a baby deer, lalalalala, whos the baby deer on the lollipop"

    It just suprising how they made this material and still is hilarious. The third episode, Guess Who's Coming to Critized Dinner is a funny episode that talks about critics. After Homer mistakenly drive Lisa, Millhouse, Bart and Nelson to the Zoo, they went to the Springfield Chopper, a local newspaper station. Homer dosed off and got a job for Food Critic. His first attempt on making a 500 page sampler review didn't work that well, as he required assistance from Lisa, who made a positive and good review making his review on the newspaper.The typewriter has no "e" key, so it turns out to be a pretty bad review. Also in it, he makes threatening statements to the U.N. and repeats the phrase, "Screw Flanders." Together, Homer and Lisa teams up and created every positive review for every restaurant in Springfield. After the critics give him advice to write a negative review, Lisa doesn't like his style so she leaves him and his review. All of the restaurants join together in a consipary to kill Homer by a 1 million calariy filled with poison and accidently antidote sweet dessert, at the taste of Springfield. Bart overhears the convestration at the festivial and tells Marge and Lisa about the deadly pasty. At the end, Lisa tells Homer "its low fat" and the police arrested the culpit.

    This is the first episode in this season, where Lisa and Homer teams up together, its just nice to see that. I wish most episodes would do that, making it a comfortable experieneced for everyone. The humour in this episode is historial, the first evidence is where Homer is in his car swearing at the amublance and its just laugh out loud. Its just funny to see a polar bear riding on a moose in the sequence in the zoo. Gil is back in this episode in a short part and he is just hilarious, voiced by Dan Castalla. And Homer in the bathroom, classic. "Still not clean" Theres amounts of gags, quotes and allusions in this episodes. One of the Allusions were When Homer says, "we don't need no stinkin' E," this is a reference to a line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre, which goes "We don't need no stinkin' badges." and a humourous reference to the Godfather (where a character finds a dead horse's head in their bed.

    Overall, Guess Who's Coming to Critized Dinner is funny but does gives you a lesson, that critics always get critized by the public. The ending of this episode is hilarious, getting chased by a mob and credits roll. This is a recommended watch for any Simpsons fans and people tunning in.