The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 17

Gump Roast

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on FOX

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  • nothing happened...

    it was a somewhat poor episode, and this is from me, someone who usually does not dislike clip shows. it had a unique plot, but I find it sad when the CLIPS from episodes is the funniest part fo the episode. The episode itself had very little humor that made me laugh. The only part I really like is the They'll Never Stop The Simpsons song, a song I sing to myself a lot and know all the words too. Otherwise, kind of dull episode, and thus my grade for it is a D+ or so. Pretty poor episode, methinks
  • Definitely the best clip show.

    I'm suprised I like this. Clip shows and flashback episodes are never usually the best, but this one was actually pretty good. It brings back memories from a few years ago, when season 13 played all the time, and it has several pretty funny scenes in between the clips, like Homer at the friars club, and when Kang and Kodos arrive. And of course, the song at the end, "They'll Never Stop the Simpsons" made it even better. (I say that they should make an episode where "Marge becomes a robot, maybe Moe gets a cell phone and bart owns a bear) Besides they even apologized at the end of the song.
  • Pretty good clip show.

    This episode begins with a parody of Forrest Gump, with Homer sitting on a bench with a box of chocolates, telling Cheif Wiggum his life story. Later, the family picks Homer up for his roast. Homer is surprised the roast pokes fun at him, but he has fun looking back at great memories with the kids, Marge, his father, and all the adventures he's had. Kang and Kodos soon interrupt Homer's roast, and say is the epitome of the ugly man, or something like that. They are going to destroy the Earth, but they see Maggie has great memories with her father. The Simpsons give the aliens tickets to the People choice awards.

    This was a pretty good episode for a clip show, and I loved the song at the end.

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+
  • A roast to Homer!

    Well let me start off by saying that all clip shows are just filler garbage that are a waste of time. At least that's what I thought before I saw this episode, but this is hands down the best clip show of the series. I loved the parody of forrest gump in the beginning of the episode, and the idea of Homer not knowing that a roast is when people make fun of you in a playful way. Considering its a clip show its not a bad episode, but its definately not anything to write home about unless you like a good clip show. Unfortunately I dont.
  • Good parody of Forest Gump, but I hate clip shows...

    In another classic clip show, Homer J. Simpson is the talk of the town as the Springfield Friar's Club decides to "roast" him. All his close friends and even Mr. Burns relay Homer's countless foibles, follies and fables. Just as the roast is about to end however, the two aliens, Kang and Kodos crash the party and threaten to destroy the earth because they can find no innocence or good. It's not until they probe Maggie's mind that they find there are things on earth worth living for. The innocence of a child. An ok episode, but once again I HATE CLIP SHOWS...
  • Pretty good considering it's a clip show.

    For a clip show, this wasn't half bad! It was presented as a legitimate storyline, rather than the usual "this is our new clip show" from the writers, which has happened way too often (e.g. Another Simpsons Clip Show and All Singing, All Dancing).

    However, the main part of the clip show, when Homer was being roasted, seemed to lean towards this style. I much preferred the opening. The Forrest Gump parody was great, I especially liked the feather in the eye - twice. Moe was funny as well.

    The clips in this section were much more subtle, a lot like the first clip show. The episode actually progressed as a story, rather than clip after clip after clip.
  • Not another clip show! I really hate these

    Its another clip show! I haven't got that high expectations because every one has dissapointed me in the past.

    The only highlight of these episodes is watching the little bits in between the clips because sometimes they can be quite entertaining. After that I just loose interest!

    Acutually this was better than other clip shows and thats thanks to that little song in the end that recapped events on the show and possible future storylines.

    The scene with Home sitting on the bench was actually quite funny. Forrest Gump is one of my favourite films and Homer plays the parody of Forrest perfectly!

    But that was a rare bit of original footage from this episode. The rest were boring old clips. I haven't got a problem with the clips themselves. What annoys me is that they couldn't be bothered to do anything new!
  • Another Clip show from the Simpsons

    First thing is first I hate Clip Shows! But for a clip show this one is fairly well done. I'm sure everyone has seen a roast on t.v before. Well this episode is roasting to Homer Simpsons. Beside the clips there are some good parts like the whole Kane and Kodo's stealing Moes bit. Dr. Hibbert pretending to be Darth vader and Moe dressing up as Austin Powers. I think the Forest Gump start is a bit lame and unfunny though. One of the better clip shows. It still sucks though ;)Clip shows suck complete A$$ and the Simpsons need less of them.
  • A good episode featuring clips from earlier episodes.

    Basically, this is an episode about Homer being roasted by his friends. Homer keeps getting roasted until Kang and Kodos interrupt and they decide, by probing Homer, that humans are unfit to exist. Lisa talks them into probing Maggie, and Kodos and Kang learn that they can't attack Earth because their favorite celebrities live there.

    This episode was mainly just a clip episode showing things from previous episodes. It had some funny stuff like Hibbard, Moe, and Homer acting like characters from movies, that clip with Homer trying to build a grill, but failing, and Moe saying that Kang and Kodos stole what he was going to say. However, I don't really like clip episodes, because most of it is old stuff that's been seen before. The plot is not that interesting, but the jokes were funny. There was not much character development, though. I'd say this is an average episode: for a clip episode, it's very funny.
  • not my favourite clip show

    this episode had some good jokes such as the leaf landing in homer's eye and some classic clips but some parts of the episode made no sense such as moe dressing up as austin powers and kang and kodos appearing even though they only appear on halloween specials since they don't really exist in the springfield universe. the song at the end was terrific though, with great fake previews such as marge becomes a robot. some of the roasts were funny such as abe and agnes' speech but other than these few things, the clips were the only hilarious scenes in the episode.
  • The best clip show in the entire series.

    An amazing episode with clips from loads of different episodes, and some calssic moments. I enjoyed watching them a lot and I laughed my head off at some scenes I hadn't seen before. LIke the one where Homer wanst to sea-paracute, I hadn't seen that ep before and I laughed (a week ago I saw it though). It has many clips for many times. I couldn't stop laughing and enjoying it. It was also has Forrest Gump like theme. Also, Cheif Wiggum has some great lines in this episode.