The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 9

Holidays of Future Passed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on FOX

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  • Best episode ever since season 8

    This has to be my most favorite episode of the simpson's since the early years. This episode is just as great and comparable to like almost every episode in season 8 like you only move twice, homers enemy, homers phobia and even the springfield files. This episode made my top 10.
  • no cartoon has impressed me this much in a long time

    a very creative plot, i really enjoyed it and was really impressed.
  • Simpsons best episode in a long time...

    This episode is the best Simpsons holiday special ever and the funniest Simpsons episode in a long time (11 years or so). Bart lives in Springfield Elementary, Maggie is an international singer and is pregnant, Homer becomes sober, etc. This is a classic episode.

  • simpsons still got it

    the show stills got the laughs this year holiday episode was the best i seen in a while made me laugh and still had a great plotline and 2 things that surprised me 1 homer gave up beer and 2 better as a grandfather
  • Perfect sums this up!

    This is the best episode of The Simpsons I've ever seen!! Brilliantly written with plenty of laugh out loud moments (The Ralph Wiggum bit had me cracking up for ages!). The future insight into not just the lives of The Simpson family, but also the rest of our favourite Springfield stars was both fantastically creative yet 100% true to the characters! An awesome episode that will still be great when I watch it 20 years in the future! :)
  • Post golden age episode that's great

    This was one of the best episodes in more than a decade. There's nothing more to say. I can actually remember multiple lines and jokes from this episode that I have no such luck with regarding most episodes from the 2000's. Just a wonderful hilarious show.
  • Awesome

    no other words,
  • This was fantastic!! Best holiday episode ever.

    This is another future episode but it is a Christmas one 30 years in the future. Bart,Lisa and Maggie are grown up and try to deal with being parents. Maggie is pregnant with her first. This reminded me of The Simpsons from seasons 1 to 9. Bart is a dead beat dad with 2 sons and Lisa has a rebellious daughter named Zia. I enjoyed this one because there was a lot of heart and touching moments. Bart and Lisa talking in the treehouse was good and also Bart telling his sons he would stop acting like a 10 year old was funny. Lisa seeing that her daughter looks up to her even though she doesn't show it is a another good moment. Seeing Homer listening to Abe (Abe was frozen but taken out) was the best moment between Homer and Abe. There were funny moments like Martin getting a sex change, Maggie still can't talk but I hope for the next future episode, Ralph Wiggum cloning himself, Maggie flying on a plane Mad Max style and the pets evolved. This one comes close to beating The Book Job for best episode this season. As I said earlier, this reminded me of the first 9 years and they should make more like this one.
  • Christmas Review #11

    Perfect. Just perfect. This was marvelous. What i liked- the picture montage at the start, Lisa finding out what her daughter does online, Bart winning the affection and love of his boys, Homer being able to forgive Abe for all that has happened between them, the line from the robotic doctor about the umbilical cord also being a vocal chord, meaning Maggie cannot talk, "Computer, hospital" and then they go to a literal store called Computer Hospital", Milhouse being allergic to basically anything Christmas related, Ned marrying the ghost of Maude, Homer mentioning he has an invisibility cloak, amongst other things.

    Fantastic episode. The only two things I did not like were Martin apparently getting a sex change, and Homer continuously freezing/unfreezing Grampa. The rest of the episode was fantastic. A+.
  • Christmas Review #26

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, and THE SIMPSONS flash forward thirty years and find themselves in a tech-savvy, futuristic Springfield. Bart and Lisa have children of their own and decide to spend the holidays as one big family at Homer and Marge's house. Lisa and Bart turn to Homer and Marge for parenting advice and begin to realize that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Although, this episode doesn't get a 10 from me just like the other reviewers give it a 10 but I still like it. The concept of the Simpsons family flash forwarding thirty years later was interesting and I loved seeing how Springfield looks in the future. But yeah, not the best episode of the season and the previous episode "Ten-Per-Cent Solution" was better than this one, it's still great to watch. If we are at the year 2011 and the episode flashed forward thirty years later then that must mean they are in the year 2041. Dang, I'm gonna be 47 years old when it's the year 2041. But yeah, I really liked this episode. My score is a little low due some parts being a little boring and the storyline kinda lacking just a little. The parts that did make me laugh though were Bart's kids telling him "You know we can hear thoughts now" and then Bart responds "Damn It", Marge getting emails from her brain and Marge telling Homer that he might have a virus on his brain, Bart's kids telling Homer "Hey grandpa, are you going to build a snowman?" and then Homer responds "No, I just like to dress up to eat my carrots and smoke", That tree's line "Our consciousness was a secret for thousands of years then one pine tree had to open his sappy mouth", The Ralph clones (that literally made me LOL), Krusty the Clown's cameo appearance, Ned Flander's cameo appearance, Patty's robotic husband taking Selma's robotic wife, and a few more. I also loved how heartwarming this episode became between Bart and his kids AND Lisa and her daughter. Maggie also not talking when she is an adult was creative as well. Overall, a superb Christmas episode of "The Simpsons" and even though I didn't give it a 10 like the other reviewers and some parts were a little boring... it was really interesting to see the futuristic Springfield. 9/10
  • Christmas review 20: Amazing Christmas episode of the Simpsons.

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, and THE SIMPSONS flash forward thirty years and find themselves in a tech-savvy, futuristic Springfield. Bart and Lisa have children of their own and decide to spend the holidays as one big family at Homer and Marge's house. Lisa and Bart turn to Homer and Marge for parenting advice and begin to realize that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This is the first episode I reviewed on this show. I want to review other episodes (from what I saw) as well, but I'll probably do that next year. In my opinion, this episode was perfect. Lots of part made me laugh so hard such The picture montage of the family getting older, Lisa wishing it was still legal to strangle your kid (Homer's doing this to Bart repeatedly caused them to make a law against it), Lisa not getting that she's being just as disrespectful to Marge as Zia is to her, Lisa and Bart's talk in his treehouse,

    Flanders getting back together with the ghost of Maude (though it was sad that Homer accidently killed Edna), Homer being much better as a grandfather than a father (As Marge said "You learn from your mistakes...and he made alot of mistakes!"), Apu and Manchula's octuplets each having their own set of octuplets, The Ralph clones, and Grampa Simpson being frozen...and repeatedly unfrozen by Homer. Overall a perfect episode. I will definitely see this episode again next year. 10/10
  • The best episode in ten years...


    I simply feel high after watching this epiosde, I laughed so hard that I can't even write much more about it than it was the most original and best episode I've seen in years.

    It was simply a pure joy to view this one the whole way through. Surely this will become a holiday classic, and this future- set episode kinda even beat 'Futurama' at what it does best and shows why 'The Simpsons' is still the king of the animated world.

    (I.E. why doesn't Futurama have all this cool sci-fi parody tech in it anymore? I mean the future lego parody alone was genius!)

    A true sequel to the first episode of the series... that was set in the distant future, had heart, took big risks, introduced new Simpsons, has the best Royal Tennebaums refrence, and stole a place in the animated record books...

    very well done Simpsons crew, be very proud of this one b/c it is genius in every single way possible; plus let me again mention that it took a huge risk with finally showng more new Simpsons core family characters in the future.

    BRAVO, here's to two more seasons like this episode!

    p.s. lets get an Sideshow Bob episode this great and perhaps one where Homer's brother Herb comes back while we're at it.

  • BEST EPISODE IN YEARS. I nearly cried when lisa and bart hugged. There are so many references in this episode you got to pause every 4-5 secondes! Amazing quality for TV, I don't understand why people here don't like the simpsons anymore. I LOVE THEM!!!!


    It's nice to see that here are still a few show who at least try to raise the standarts. It's truly sad that people prefere to watch sex&violent stuff more than the simpsons, who (still) says something about our society. In a more refined way as South park.

    Long Live The Simpsons!



    This was such a genius episode, so many references and they were all so hilarious. I laughed so much in this episode and so far, "The Book Job" and "Holidays of Future Passed" are the best episodes of the season! So, so far the top episodes in my opinion from number 1-4 are

    1. The Simpsons (Best)

    2. American Dad

    3. The Cleveland Show

    4. Family Guy (Worst)

  • Outstanding!


    I watched this yesterday and keep thinking about it. So many scenes, jokes and character moments crammed into 20 minutes. I'll watch it again soon and know I'll enjoy it even more and will most likely up my score. It's a Simpsons classic and will go down as one of the best episodes ever.

    I can't understand the review that's a 1 out of 10. This is an exceptional. Please watch it.

  • hilarious!!!! hands down best this ssurpireseeason.


    this made me laugh so hard. the future elements were so well thought and written. i almost died laughing at the 66% cher thing. and also i liked the heart warming feel to it. if only all the simpsons episodes were this good. no surprise that bart was a bum. and i love how they never let maggie talk and implied she was basically like mary (from the bible) so funny. i laughed a lot more. but i can't remember at what exactly. but overall a great episode. for sure in my top 10 episodes of all time. long live the simpsons.