The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 13

Homer and Apu

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1994 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer goes undercover to reaveal apu is selling tainted meat at his convence store and they find out he really is selling tainted meat and so he loes his job over it and then comes and lives with the simpsons to get back on his feet. and so homer and apu go to appeal to the own of the coperation of the kwik mart and this also features the song who needs the kwick mart and apu says i do when the simpsons go back in the house. and this was a good ep i thought it had alot of good moments and a good song
  • Absolutly hilarious as Homer trys to get Apu's job back when it all could have been avoided if Homer didn't get APu fired in the first place...

    After Homer eats tainted meat from the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu finds himself out of a job. As an apology to Homer, Apu moves in with the Simpsons and becomes their personal chef and valet. Meanwhile, actor James Woods becomes the new clerk at the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu begins to realize that he is not happy without his store, so he decides to go on a trek to the world's first Kwik-E-Mart, high up in the hills of India. Homer comes along for the ride, but foils Apu's chance at Kwik-E-Enlightenment and Apu returns to Springfield more depressed than ever. The only thing that lightens his spirits--and gets him his job back--is saving James Woods' life during a failed robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • This time Homer helps Apu!

    Homer seems to at one point have helped every Springdieldian at one point or another. Why they keep choosing him for advice is anyones guess really!

    This time its Apu's turn after Homer gets sick (twice!) from eating expired food from the Kwik-E-Mart Apu loses his job.

    James Wood takes his job as he is researching a movie and Homer allows Apu to stay with the Simpsons. Apu takes a bullet for James Wood and gets his job back.

    The best moment was at the end when Wood said "As for me, I'm off to battle aliens on a far away planet"

    Marge: That sounds like a good movie!
    Wood: Yes yes.......a movie.
  • Who needs the Kwik E Mart?

    When Homer eats tainted meat from the Kwik E Mart, Apu loses his job. Who will take his place? Actor James Woods, because he's researching for a role.

    Meanwhile, Apu needs a place to stay. So he decides to stay with The Simpsons. Homer is reluctant at first, but Apu does such great work around the house. Apu misses his job, so he goes to India with Homer to seek the head of Kwik E Mart corparations. He gets 3 questions, but Homer uses them all.

    Apu goes back to the Kwik E Mart, and saves James Woods from a robber. He thinks he got shot, but actually the bullet bounced off another bullet that was in his chest. To thank him, James Woods gives Apu his job back.

    This is a classic episode. I loved the Who Needs the Kwik E Mart song. I also thought James Woods swearing was funny(no not you, I'm just talking to my oven. My favorite part was when Apu thought he was a hummingbird after working 96 hours straight.

    Overall Grade:91%/A-
  • homer gets apu fired after his food sends homer to the hospital twice. apu lives with the simpsons to repay homer for poisoning him.

    the legendary "who needs the kwik-e-mart" song appears in this episode which is one of my favourites sung on the show with homer, as usual, screwing up the song (having previously done it on marge vs the monorail) by rhyming "who needs the kwik-e-mart" with "the kwik-e-mart is really-d'oh!" and bart using the mischievous line "let's hurl the brick-e-mart". without the song, the episode would still be a strong one with homer using up all of apu's questions and james woods working at the kwik-e-mart to research his role in a movie. although it is not the best episode in season 5, it is definitely up in that area.
  • Absolutely Perfect!

    This Episode is a classic Simpsons episode. I think that Apu was really established in this episode and the plot is just perfect.
  • Has many classic moments, and is an instant classic

    In this episode, Apu sells Homer tainted meat, and after being sent to the hospital twice over it, he goes undercover to reveal the truth, and Apu is fired. He lives with the Simpsons to repay for his sin. He wants his job back, so he and Homer head to India to appeal to the Kwik-e-Mart Co. This episode had the famous "Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart" song, which was very enjoyable. Also this episode had James Woods taking Apu's job to research for a role. There were many moments like the apology gesture, especially after they meet with the boss. Overall, a very funny episode well worth watching. 9.5/10 A
  • This is the episode where Apu gets briefly fired from the Kwik-E-Mart. It is funny.

    This is one really good episode of "The Simpsons" that I've seen in my life. It is also one of a few episodes of Season 5 that I've origially seen on TV. The episode opens up with Apu selling meat that expired on the year 1988, and Homer(stupid as always), buys it and gets sick from it. Then, Apu gives Homer ten pounds of frozen shrimp(which isn't at all frozen, but Homer takes it anyway), which sends Homer back to the hospital. With help from Kent Brockman, Homer frames Apu for what he has done, and causes him to lose his job. At the end, James Woods gives him his job back. A good episode with a good ending.
  • perfect


    what i liked- the 'who needs the quik-e-mart' song, Homer wasting the three questions to ask, James Woods' appearance (especially him swearing repeatedly in that one scene and his appearance when Apu is in the hospital), Apu getting his job back, etc.

    good episode. There are a lot of funny moments and James Woods is probably one of the best celebrity guest voices to ever be on this show. And the Quik-E-Mart song is probably a top 5 song from the show. A+