The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 6

Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2008 on FOX

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  • An episode that revived The Simpsons' classic episode plot style and made Season 20 all that much better. An excellent episode that played a good father and daughter story line..

    As most people, I felt that Season 20 was losing a bit of it's touch on what The Simpsons is really about, but this doesn't mean it's a bad series; not at all.

    I was hoping that an episode like "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words" would appear sooner than later to give that extra bit of plot to Season 20, and I believe it did.

    This is one of the reasons 'why I watch this series'. It had an alternative start, middle, and finish, that lately we haven't seen in The Simpsons episodes. It gave a different scenario that lead from one thing to another, and I feel this is what makes The Simpsons so successful; it doesn't have flat story lines.

    Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words started off with Bart and Lisa and their lemonade stand. Business got a little too popular, and the lemonade stand was "shut down" as Bart and Lisa didn't have the rights to distribute and sell lemonade.

    Meanwhile, Homer made some extra money after successfully breaking up Edna and Principal Skinner's relationship, which lead him into being people's personal assistant in breaking up with their partners. However, after a bit of a nightmare, Homer gave up this 'hobby'.

    So after Lisa's stand was shut down, Lisa went to get a license to "legally" sell lemonade, but was stuck in a long line as the officer was doing a cross-puzzle. Fed up with waiting, Lisa took the cross puzzle and finished it; thus her excitement in doing cross puzzles began, and through this, Lisa entered in a championship cross-word tournament.

    Finding the opportunity to make a little extra money, Homer made bets on Lisa to win without her knowing, and was winning each and every time. But when Lisa spoke to her father about her lack of self esteem in being happy and winning, Homer bet against her, winning a heap of cash.

    From here, the episode reveals a few twists as Homer tries to win back Lisa's heart.

    To be honest, I enjoyed this episode because of it's wide range of activities that lead up to the final structure of what this episode was mainly about; if The Simpsons was an hour length series, this would have been pure win as I feel it was cut a bit short.

    Otherwise, this was the episode I was waiting for, and couldn't be more happy with the laughs and giggles that was brought to me.