The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 17

Homer at the Bat

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1992 on FOX

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  • Almost Baseball Legends

    This is another one of the episodes I really love, it's not everyday you actually have real life baseball stars guest voice. This episode is one of the funnest sports comidies I've seen since "Slap Shot", "Shalin Soccer", and "Dodgeball". It's a slight parody on a lot of the sports films you seen and some of the cleches they have are in this episode.

    Even though Homer is the main protagonist in this episode it really is Burns and the players that steel the show. Like in most sports movies there is always a coach that is inspiring and has great leadership skills that takes the team to victory, Burns is unfortunately not that guy he does take the team to victory but not on fair terms. I even liked that quote which was just hilarous, "I would tell you some inspiring speach at this moment but I don't know any so think of every movie that has one."

    The baseball star players themselves are just hilarous as well, their playing contrary to who they are in real life by playing mere characures of themselves. As we see most of them are self centered, ego centric, power tripping morons. From the put downs they give Homer it really made me feel bad for Homer because he really isn't a bad baseball player, and just made me route for him more to win; Homer like in most sports films is the classic underdog hero that comes though in the end.

    I love what happens to each of the baseball players that don't make it to the game, it's as if the gods of Baseball are punishing/mocking Mr. Burns and the players for their egotism and unfair game. A couple of favorate consequences of my are seeing Smith fall down into the "Twilight Zone" portal and Biggs get punched by Barney from some debate on who was the best prime minister, it just cracked me up seeing Barney go into rage everytime his opinion was chalanged.

    And of course the ending was great, not just winning the game in the most unorthadox and daftest way ever but that photo at the end and the song which was a parody of another song and it was sung by the same singer was chearful and a little funny.