The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 9

Homer Badman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1994 on FOX

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  • One of the best episodes ever.

    When Homer somehow obtains two tickets to a candy convention (think tearing through chocolate bars in search of them) he steals the rarest gummy of all, "The Gummy Venus Di Milo." After Homer escapes escapes, he stresses when he gets home that he can't find his "precious Venus." It eventually turns up on the babysitter's butt who looked after Bart and Lisa while Homer and Marge were out. Homer, being the drooling, hungry oaf he is swipes the gummy off her which leaves her thinking he sexually harassed her.
    What ensues is a media storm of homer-bashing, deception and a Denis Franz portrayal as Homer in "portrait of an assgraber." In the end though, Homer gets lucky with the help of a certain Scotsman.
    This is a Simpsons classic, the jokes are plentiful and the animation is great.
  • A mid season clunker that plods along.

    "Homer Bad Man" was a mid season episode that didn't live up. While the story was definitely something to work with, it failed to get all of the laughs previous episodes that year were getting already.

    A few memorable moments are offered up including the classic freeze frame list at the end and the channel 6 news heat sensors but the jokes were sparingly tossed throughout the show.

    But as always with the Simpsons a great episode follows and one also preceded. Mid-season always seems to be time for a real clunker in the series and season 6 had "Homer Bad Man" to be just that.
  • perfect


    what i liked- the ending with Willie as Rowdy Roddy Peeper, people hating on homer, the part where Rock Bottom reveals stories they made up (Good freeze frame gag there), amongst other things.

    i can't even explain why i love this episode. there's so many funny gags i can't list them all, and the plot is unique and clever, too. just watch this episode, if you haven't seen it, and even if you have, and just need a good laugh (or two, or three, or a lot). A+

  • Possibly my favorite episode

    This could very well be my favorite episode of the simpsons ever (or tied with Treehouse 4). My fav lines include:

    "Simpson scandal update - Homer sleeps nude in an oxygen tank which he believes gives him sexual powers."- Kent Brockman

    "Homer Simpson is rotating slowly in the oven"

    And probably the greatest quote in the whole series:

    Homer: Somebody had to take the babysitter home, then I noticed she was sitting on [edit] her sweet can [edit] so I grabbed [edit] her sweet can [edit] Ohhhh, just thinking about [edit] her can [edit] I just wish I had [edit] her sweet, sweet, s-s-s-sweet can.

    Godfrey: So, Mr. Simpson, you admit you grabbed her can.

  • Poor hungry Homer against feminist baby sitter.

    So Homer gets tickets to Krustys Candy Show, by going trough all of Apus candy bars and so Homer and Marge go. Marge goes because she can carry more candy. So they hire a baby sitter (very feminist). Anyway so Homer spots the gummy venus de milo at the candy show. Homer steals the super rare gummy. Ok Homer ha sto drive teh baby sitter home, oh no the gummy is stuck to the baby sitters butt, Oh no she thinks Homer was trying to sexually harrass her or something. Everyone is protesting outside their house. Homer speaking to the protestors only makes things worse. They all follow Homer everywhere. Ring Ring someone calls Homer to tell his side of the story. The evil host guy edits the video and makes it seem like Homer is some sexual predator. The media takes it too far making Homer seem like horrible. To help Homer goes on public access to clear his name. Homer gives a speech but noone listens. Thanks to groundskeeper Willie being a nasty pervert and taping everything, homer gets proof and clears his name. In the end Homer doenst learn a lesson. Oh well. The End
  • Great Episode.

    When Homer and Marge go to a candy convention, Bart and Lisa have a babysitter. The babysitter is strict to Bart, but lisa loves her.

    Meanwhile at the candy convention, Homer smuggles candy into Marge's coat, and steals the gummy venus de milo. When Homer drives the babysitter home, he sees that she sat on the gummy Venus De milo. He grabs it from her butt, but she accuses him of s3xually harrasing her. Homer swears he didn't do it, but soon there are protestors outside the house. To find out the truth, Homer gets invited on the show Rock Bottom. He tells the interviewer the truth, but they edit it to make it seem like he did do it. Homer wants to move under the sea, but Marge says it will never happen.

    This is a very funny episode. I loved the Candy convention scene, and Homer's daydream of living under the sea.

    Overall Grade:A+/100%
  • This episode is great, meaning large or immense laughs.

    Put a gun to my head and tell me to pick one Simpsons episode as the best, and I'll pick this one. It starts with Lisa being as much of a brat as Bart (Eww Bart, don't put the non-marshmallow pieces back in the box. They go in the trash.), which is always awesome, and Homer going to the candy trade show. Once Homer is accused of sexual harassment, the episode launches into a never-stopping face-beating of super-comedy that includes "sweet sw-sw-sw-sw-sweet can" "under the sea" "Ben" "Mr. ET" "so, you don't like the old time bikes" and "every single Scottish person does it!" And of course, in the end nobody learns anything.
  • This has got the be the best episode ever made

    In this king amoung episodes Homer is accused of sexual harrassment after he grabs a rare gummy which is stuck on his babysitters butt after driving her home....this causes a whole world of trouble for him as the media play up the story as if it was something much worse.

    This episode was possibally the funniest episode since it stays a riot from the begining with at the candy store and the end how dispite everything Homer never learnt his lesson...and not ever a single misfireing joke....this is a must see episode for Simpsons fans
  • Homer Badman

    This is my favourite episode of Season 6. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I have this episode on the Season 6 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 6 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.
  • This episode had one of the funniest parodies of James Bond that I have ever seen... In the end an amazing episode

    Homer's life is turned upside down when he is accused of sexual harassment by an uppity baby-sitter named Ashley Grant. Protestors camp out on the Simpsons' lawn and reporters scrutinize Homer's every move. His attempts to clear his name are ruined by a complete lack of political correctness. The only person who can clear his name is Groundskeeper Willie, who not only witnessed Homer's alleged act of sexual harassment, but videotaped it for his amusement. Guest Star: Dennis Franz as himself

    This episode had one of the funniest parodies of James Bond that I have ever seen... In the end an amazing episode.
  • Hilarious spoof of how newscasters distort reality

    Homer Badman continues the streak of stellar Season Six episodes. Targeting the biased news media, the episode is prime dark comedy. Things get off to a normal start, with Homer and Marge stealing as much candy as possible at a local candy convention, before taking a turn into the surreal as Homer soon finds himself lambasted by the media, accused of sexually harassing an attractive, young babysitter. My favorite sequence is the skewed "interview" Homer's subjected to, which the producers cut and paste to their whim, making Homer into a monster.
  • who would have thought that homer's fondness for candy would result in a sexual harassment accusation.

    i wish i could spend this whole review mentioning the hilarious quotes by homer such as his idea to move under the sea and it turns out that that's his solution for everything and the "see you in hell candyboys!" scene where homer blows up the convention using a shaken up can of soft drink and pop rocks. however, reviews are about how well the episode was written and i'd have to say that this is one of the best episodes in season 6 because of the many gags shown in the episode and how quickly it got out of hand. yet those candy conventioners never tracked homer down...
  • This episode is sweet-sweet-sw-sw-sw-sweet!

    "Homer Badman"

    Grade: A

    One of the funniest and best written episodes of Season 6. Homer Badman followed Homer being accussed of sexual harrassment, after an misunderstood incident with a woman in a car. The episode is funny, classic, and did I mention sweet-sweet-sw-sw-sw-sweet too?

    The episode begins with Homer and Marge arranging to go to a candy convention, not allowing Bart and Lisa to go. They arrange a college-aged feminist named Ashley to look after them. After Homer dresses Marge with a large coat to take all the candy, Homer attempts to steal the Gummi Venus, and causes an alarm to set off. With the help of a Buzz Cola can and some Pop Rocks sweets, Homer and Marge escape after causing a huge explosion in the convention.
    Homer loses the Gummi Venus when arriving back at home, and Marge tells him to take Ashley back. After dropping her back, he notices the Gummi Venus on her ass. He takes it off her and gurgles when she looks back. Frightened, she runs off and Homer simply replies back with "Thank You!".
    The next morning, an angry mob approach the Simpsons house, accussing Homer of sexual harrassment. Homer opens the door and notices Ashley, claiming he touched her. Homer tries to tell her it was a candy stuck on her. They think he's lying and Homer's matters are not helped when they follow him everywhere, including while working at the Power Plant.
    To try and clear his name, Homer decides to be interviewed on a documentary program named Rock Bottom. Unfortuantly, Rock Bottom twist the story on making it look like Homer is a sexual predator. With bad edits of making Homer say he kept touching and thinking out her "Sweet can", Homer continues to be mocked on television, by getting a TV program based on his actions with actors. Whilst being watched 24/7 by the news channels, Lisa tells Homer he should broadcast the truth on a videotape of his side of the story and airing it on public TV, but nothing good comes out of it, and all he does is anger a bicyclist.
    With seemingly no way out of the situation, Groundskeeper Willie comes knocking on the door, with videotape proof evidence of knowing what happened with Homer and Ashley. The tape clearly shows Homer grabbing the piece of Candy off her, and Ashley forgives Homer for the mess. Despite Willie saving Homer, he is mentioned on Rock Bottom for videotaping perverted actions, with Homer declaring Willie is evil. Despite Marge telling him he saved him, Homer says he hasn't learned a single thing from the whole experience.
  • This episode is practically marinated in satire!

    Who knew that an innocent Homer Simpson wanting a candy would be bombarded with protesters and negative media? The candy convention scene was awesome but the main plot was even better. Protesters follow Homer everywhere he goes, making him miserable so he goes on television to help his reputation; too bad he enlisted the help of FOX news. His character is degraded into the image if an ass grabber and when all hope seems lost, Willy shows up to save the day! The feminists and FOX apologize and Homer's life returns to what it was before the "incident." The funny thing is, Homer did not learn anything from this.

    Grade: A-
  • Homer vs feminists.

    All Homer wanted was a gummi Venus De Milo, not to be charged as a bad man, and someone who sexually harassed a pretty young lady. Rock Bottom's Godfrey Jones using Homer, so he can make shocking footage of him grabbing the grad student's butt. Luckily, Groundskeeper Willie saves Homer with evidence of Homer being innocent. Great episode.
  • Homer takes Marge to a candy trade show where he steals a rare piece of candy, but can't find it when he gets home. Upon driving the babysitter home, he finds the candy stuck to her rear. When he takes it off, she accuses Homer of sexual harrasment.


    "Homer Badman" is a very good episode mainly because of a point mentioned in another review for this episode: it shows how badly the media distorts reality and that they are more interested in ratings than truth. Another reason is the excellent jokes in the episode, especially the scene where Springfield Action News uses an infared camera at the Simpson house and mistakes a chicken cooking in the oven for Homer. The episode is loaded with many laughs throughout which is what makes The Simpsons one of the greatest shows ever.

  • Homer the "badman"

    In this episode, Homer and Marge go to a candy convention and leave Bart and Lisa with a femisitic babysitter. At the candy convention Homer and Marge get a ton of candy, including a rare venus de milo gummy. Later, as he's driving her home, he sees it stuck to her butt, so he grabs it off her, and she thinks he harassed her sexually. You can't help but feel pretty sympathetic toward Homer as you know he didn't do it, and yet the media skewers the truth, the protesters tamper with him all day long. The ending was also very funny, as Willie basiclly saves Homer, and then when Willie is called a pervert Homer turns his back on him. Overall, very good episode. 9/10 A-
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer is taking the baby sitter home and he realizes ther is a gummy stuck to her pants and homer grabs it off and eats it . and she thinks homer was trying to make a sexual move on her. and she gets the people together and put picked signs up to show he was a bad man. but willie comes forward with a secret tape that show homer was not tring to make sexual moves on her. and that he is innocent this was a good ep i tought and it had some funny scenes.
  • Pretty offensive

    I thought it was really offensive, personally, as an incest survivor. :( Especially since we have just seen so many predators, REAL predators being exposed, such as Bill Cosby and Josh Duggar, many people in England, people in power etc. who have been able to do what they want with impunity. Jimmy Saville comes to mind. The media protects the famous/powerful/celebrities historically speaking......