The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 9

Homer Badman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1994 on FOX

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  • One of the best episodes of Season 6.

    Here, is the episode "Homer Badman". Its a brilliant episode with a great plot, and it has more mature content than you'd expect from a Simpsons episode.

    Well, this time, Homer has stolen a valuale gummi sweet, and he is also being accused of sexual harassment. The episode was very entertaining in most parts, like when he was on the fictional TV show called "Rock Bottom".

    Like I said before, he has been accused of sexual harassment. He is asked to take a babysitter home, but as she is getting out, Homer sees a valuable gummi sweet somehow stuck to her butt. After grabbing the gummi venis off the babysitter's bum, everybody around Springfield and on TV, just won't believe that he didn't do it, Until Willie proves him innocent.

    Overall, a very good episode. If you haven't seen this episode yet, give it a look.