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The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 9

Homer Badman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1994 on FOX

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  • Wrongfully Accused

    This is another very good episode I like that takes a bit of an unfun turn. The episode satires on sensationalism and information manipulation. What goes on in the episode sort of reminds me of a quote from the character Bugs Raplin in the film "Bob Roberts"; "Nobody wants the truth anymore, the media and newspapers won't tell you the truth, coporations won't tell you the truth, politicians won't tell you the truth, they don't want the truth, the truth is too dangerous for them." This is still an issue going on today if you think about our tabloid and media subculture.

    I really like how Homer is made sympathtic in this, I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy because we know he's innocent. The real bad guys are the misguided protestors and media. We see how much abuse he is enduring. From a trashy journalistic tabloid show "Rock Bottom" the title itself is ironic. We see the real interview but then we see the interview presented on TV and it is clearly bogus, you can easily tell your being lied to from the jumpcuts in the interview as well as the bad acting from the host in the end as they are making Homer to be this monster which he clearly is not. And of course we see other TV programs just ridicule him like that weard spanish bee comidy or even Fox making a very bad reenactment TV movie. All this is both funny and sad at the same time it just really shows how low the media in the Simpsons universe (maybe a bit in our own) has set the bar on themselves in entertainment.

    I don't know if a lot of people noticed this but thoughout the whole ordeal there has been no concrete proof of what Homer has been accused of. Which is why the protests and medias info on Homer is unreliable and invalid. As a saying goes if you have no proof you got nothing.

    I also can't help but feel it's also a little satire on feminism. I've always felt feminism is such a double standard. The babysiter in the episode, isn't entirely likable she is a bit of a jerk. Her idealism is clearly flawed from what she says about guys doing anything for their video cartriges, I found sort of sexist and I think thats the point. And in the drive back she was sort of rude to Homer even though I'll admit he didn't bring up a good conversation. We can clearly see she has certain ideals but their flawed a bit one sided, she has really set the bar low for guys. There truely are exceptions out there like myself and my friends, we like/love women for who they are not because of looks alone.

    Before I close, I'd like to say the funnest moment no doubt is in the candy convention. I loved that homange joke to most of Bruce Willis's movies like the "Die Hard" series, "The Last Boyscout", or whatever one you can think of there is almost not one action film where I don't see him jump away from an explosion or have an explosion alone; Homer almost looked like Bruce Willis at that moment. When Homer kicks a vending machine, grabs a can of soda, combines it with Pop Rocks (a little injoke on the soda Pop Rock urban legend) to use as a grenade at the conventionares and says my favorate quote in the episode, "See you in Hell, Candy Boys!" comic gold.
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