The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 9

Homer Badman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1994 on FOX

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  • This episode is sweet-sweet-sw-sw-sw-sweet!

    "Homer Badman"

    Grade: A

    One of the funniest and best written episodes of Season 6. Homer Badman followed Homer being accussed of sexual harrassment, after an misunderstood incident with a woman in a car. The episode is funny, classic, and did I mention sweet-sweet-sw-sw-sw-sweet too?

    The episode begins with Homer and Marge arranging to go to a candy convention, not allowing Bart and Lisa to go. They arrange a college-aged feminist named Ashley to look after them. After Homer dresses Marge with a large coat to take all the candy, Homer attempts to steal the Gummi Venus, and causes an alarm to set off. With the help of a Buzz Cola can and some Pop Rocks sweets, Homer and Marge escape after causing a huge explosion in the convention.
    Homer loses the Gummi Venus when arriving back at home, and Marge tells him to take Ashley back. After dropping her back, he notices the Gummi Venus on her ass. He takes it off her and gurgles when she looks back. Frightened, she runs off and Homer simply replies back with "Thank You!".
    The next morning, an angry mob approach the Simpsons house, accussing Homer of sexual harrassment. Homer opens the door and notices Ashley, claiming he touched her. Homer tries to tell her it was a candy stuck on her. They think he's lying and Homer's matters are not helped when they follow him everywhere, including while working at the Power Plant.
    To try and clear his name, Homer decides to be interviewed on a documentary program named Rock Bottom. Unfortuantly, Rock Bottom twist the story on making it look like Homer is a sexual predator. With bad edits of making Homer say he kept touching and thinking out her "Sweet can", Homer continues to be mocked on television, by getting a TV program based on his actions with actors. Whilst being watched 24/7 by the news channels, Lisa tells Homer he should broadcast the truth on a videotape of his side of the story and airing it on public TV, but nothing good comes out of it, and all he does is anger a bicyclist.
    With seemingly no way out of the situation, Groundskeeper Willie comes knocking on the door, with videotape proof evidence of knowing what happened with Homer and Ashley. The tape clearly shows Homer grabbing the piece of Candy off her, and Ashley forgives Homer for the mess. Despite Willie saving Homer, he is mentioned on Rock Bottom for videotaping perverted actions, with Homer declaring Willie is evil. Despite Marge telling him he saved him, Homer says he hasn't learned a single thing from the whole experience.