The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 5

Homer Defined

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1991 on FOX

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  • This episode is a classic! I've enjoyed it from the start

    This is really another amazing episode in Season 3! I've probably watched this one more than a dozen times in the last 7 years and I never get tired of it! The B story where Milhouse can't play with Bart anymore because Luan thinks Bart has a bad influence on her son is always entertaining but the main story is what's wonderful. I like the idea of putting in those small sequences where Homer is in the dictionary. And I laugh quite hard every time I see Bart take his BB gun out from under his bed once he has thanked Marge for getting him back on good terms with Milhouse
  • Perfect


    Homer inadvertently saves the nuclear power plant from a meltdown and becomes an unlikely hero. Meanwhile, Milhouse's mother forbids him from hanging out with Bart.

    overall, this episode was a perfect addition to season 3 and deserves a ten out of ten from me


  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer save the nucler power plant after a disaster almost happend. everyone thinks homer is a big hero but homer is about the only that thinks its luck . and milhouse is having a party thing is bart is not invited becasuse his mother thinkgs he is a bad influince and bart trys to get her approval but things keep messing up for bart. and magic johson johson is in this ep and refers to lucky break as pulling a homer. this was a good ep i thought and magic johson was cool to see in this ep
  • homer lucky

    the plant is about to be blown, but homer miraculously saves the day. but... how? He randomly hit a button and it just so happens to be the right one. Now everyone thinks he is a hero, but nobody knows the truth about how he got so lucky. In the end everyone finds out the truth.

    a good episode, somewhat weak but it was an overall strong offering. it had a lot of funny moments, including the ending, and it had a nice plot. My overall grade is a B+ because as i said, it was somewhat weak in parts
  • "Pulling a Homer"- (lol)

    Getting lucky despite idiocy or something like that was the defintion I think, lol. I liked how the entire episode Homer is shown in the dictionary with several definitons by his head... so basically Homer gets really lucky by saving Springfield from a nuclear meltdown, but is exposed that it was luck the second time around. Also, Bart is not allowed to play with Millhouse because of his mom, but in the end after Marge had a talk with Millhouse's mom they can see each other again. So overall this episode had it's funny moments and I think it will always be a Simpson best.
  • Way better than last week's episode

    At the Power Plant, Homer falls asleep, unaware that a nuclear meltdown has begun and he is responsible. Only he can stop it and all of Springfield is reliable. With only seconds to go, he presses a random button and stops the meltdown. He is hailed a hero, and given the position of employee of the month. The owner of the Shelbyville Plant is impressed with Homer so much that he asks him to perform a speech to his workers. Homer knows what happened was a fraud. At the speech, Homer is lost for words, but is saved by the bell when another meltdown occurs. Again, it is up to Homer to stop it, but everybody is watching him. Again, he pushes a random button, and the meltdown is stopped. Homer's true colours are revealled, it was just a lucky guess.
  • Another fantastic episode...

    After there's a nuclear meltdown at the power plant, Homer "eeney meeney miney moe"s's his way out of it by randomly pressing a button. He wins an award among with other things, and is dubbed a hero. While attempting to give a speech, the plant has another meltdown. Homer is watched this time, and once again pushes another random button. He saves the day again, but everyone realizes he's phony. Meanwhile, Mrs. Van Houten doesn't let Milhouse see Bart because of Bart's bad behavior.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It isn't too funny, but it's a classic episode anyway you look at it. One of the best episodes ever.
  • After all these years, I still consider this episode as one of The Simpsons's finest.

    An episode that had a good amount of both funny and sweet moments.

    I love it. We see old school Homer in all his glory. I enjoy how you can even relate to him in one way or another. His story was hilarious and it featured a great running gag.

    Although Bart's plot wasn't the main focus of the episode, it was still a strong point because we got to see another side of him. The writers showed us a little bit more of his relationship with Milhouse and Marge. With both plots they managed not to get too sentimental or corny, which would've ruined the episode.

    In conclusion, I really liked how the show delivered a somewhat deep view of the caharecters and kept the story funny.
  • Homer's page in the dictionary, finally achieved.

    What more can you ask for in The Simpsons, than a meltdown. Homer saving the plant with dumb luck, and stopping the timer at 0:07, wow. Bart and Millhouse having friendship troubles, and Marge trying to mend their friendship again. No matter what happened, Homer deserved Employee of the Month, and that Glazed Ham.
  • one of my favourite eps

    i could never pick a single simpsons episode that is my absolute favourite so i guess i have a list. This would go close to the top. I loved this episode and apart from seeing it one too many times (die tv repeats!!) i cant see much that could be wrong with it.
    i loved how they did the dictionary definitions of homer and the one he ended up with described him perfectly. I also loved the eenie meenie miney moe
    whoever wrote this episode was a genius
    all in all, apart from being overwatched, this is one of the better episodes of the series (in my opinion)
  • Homer is finally defined.

    The scene is set. A fine day at the Nuclear Power Plant. Until, the reactors are messing up. The employees are running frantically, screaming, and look for protection. No one seems to be able to stop it, except for Homer Simpsons. Homer, still worried, is scared and doesnt know which button to press. Through dumb luck, he presses the right button and saves Springfield, deeming him a hero. Everyone is soon impressed with Homer's expertise. They even send him to teach others about it. When the time comes again to save everyone, Homer again saves the day through dumb luck. Now, Homer is finally defined.
  • Pull a homer!

    Definition of Pull a Homer: Get Lucky - Despite Stupidity. (or something like that)

    This was the first of many times Homer caused a countdown for a meltdown at the power plant. (I love it in a future episode when he has a dog to pull a lever when there is a meltdown alert!)

    Homer gets lucky and saves everyone's lives. He gets showered with undeserved praise and he feels like a complete fraud.

    He then has to give a speech, but he's scared because he got lucky and he has no idea what to say. Fortunately he was interrupted by another meltdown alert. After another quick "eeiny meeny miney mo" he saves the day again and has his place in the dictionary!

    There was the Bart and Milhouse friendship as a sub plot, but Homer is what makes this episode so brilliant.
  • homer is finally classed in a dictionary (under stupid, lucky, fraud and to pull a homer)

    this is one of the best simpsons episode because homer saves people's lives. granted it was by accident (eenie meenie minee moe) but it still was a good fluke. he actually hates being famous in this episode for fear of being caught out which is what happens in the end anyway. there are a lot of jokes in this episode including barney's advice ("i had to do a speech once so i used a little trick. i pictured everyone in their underpants. the judge, the jury, my lawyer, everybody) and homer picturing himself in his underwear during his speech. this is definitely a favourite among many viewers because it explores homer's character in depth which makes him seem more stupid, therefore more funny, than usual.