The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 3

Homer Goes to College

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

Homer fails a surprise competency test and must go back to college to keep his job. Homer applies at a bunch of colleges, but they all reject him. After much needling, Mr. Burns gets him into Springfield University. Homer has a preconceived notion of what college is like, based on a string of bad 1980s films; being a "jock," his mortal enemies are nerds and the crusty, old Dean. As it turns out, there is no clique system at SU, and the Dean is actually a cool guy. Homer causes a near-meltdown on campus, so the Dean finds him three tutors. They prove to be incredibly nerdy, so Homer resolves to show them how to party. They pull a prank on nearby Springfield A&M, which gets the three nerds expelled (but not Homer). They move in with the Simpsons and drive Bart, Lisa, and Marge crazy. Homer resolves to get them back in college with another crazy stunt. Homer will attempt to run over the Dean with his car, as the plan is to have the nerds save the Dean in the nick of time, theorizing that the Dean will be so thankful that he will readmit the nerds. The prank does not work and Homer seriously injures the Dean. The Dean is so nice that he readmits them anyway. The end of the semester approaches, and Homer has no chance of passing. The nerds help him study, but again, Homer continues to slack off; as a result, he fails the final. The nerds change his grade with a computer to an A+. Marge finds out that Homer cheated and makes him retake the class. At the end of the show, Homer vows to try again to teach the nerds how to "party down."