The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 16

Homer Loves Flanders

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 1994 on FOX

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  • "This man has turned every cheek on his body" "They don't call me Springfield Fats just because I'm morbidly obese" "Mmmmm... Sacrilicious" Gret ep - read on...

    Whenever you pit Homer against Flanders you tend to have a good show, who would've thought that making them friends would've been even funnier.

    So many of the jokes hit there marks here, the cracks about scalpers, the waffle on the ceiling, the cheerleading chant, Homer's Robot Car, 'Cheers and Jeers', The Terminator Parody, Rev Lovejoy's Sermon on "What Ned Did" and the first overt use of a Reset button ending that I can recall.

    All in all it's a great episode, the episode doesn't really stop to take a breath so even if a joke doesn't grab you chances are the next one will.
  • Facts about Homer: stupid: correct bald: correct fat: understatement hates ned flanders: cor...false?!

    this episode is a very odd one indeed with homer willing to be friends with ned and ned realising that all this time he didn't want to be friends with homer. there are some great gags in this episode including homer's quote "they don't call me springfield fats just because i'm morbidly obese" (love that he actually said morbidly) and homer cheering up after getting mad about flanders getting 2 great seats to a football game when he hears the song "two tickets to paradise" which would predictably have him getting sadder/madder. the ending was just completely reset, no logical reason why homer didn't want to be ned's friend anymore. a better ending may have been at the church when ned hugged homer and homer could have said get lost but the reset version shows just how random homer can be. this episode was hilarious but had a few plotholes.
  • Great episode!

    My 500th Review!
    Well this episode is really cool, it says a lot between Homer and Flanders, that after giving him one of the best days of his lives, decides that Flanders is his best friend, but Lisa says that it will be gone by next week like it always, and later on Flanders begins to hate the company of Homer until he discovers that he hates Homer for nothing else, and well I think that this episode is really cool and is one of the best episodes....!
  • Amazing episode!

    When Homer discovers that Ned Flanders has season football tickets, the two men begin spending a lot of time together. Homer takes a real liking to Ned, but Ned isn't so sure how he feels about his new best friend. When the Simpsons and the Flanders go on a joint camping trip, Ned's animosity for Homer grows until he finally realizes that he hates his neighbor. Ned tries to shake Homer at every turn, finally blowing up at him at the Springfield Community Church. When the entire congregation looks down on Ned for his outburst, Homer defends him and the two decide to remain friends. That is, until Homer remembers that he hates Ned and everything goes back to normal.
  • Homer and Flanders friends? What's next an A on Bart's Report card?

    A nice, neat episode. Flanders and Homer's relationship has always been rocky but this episode sees the other side of the coin with the two of them becoming good friends. but things go too far and soon Homer spends every minute with an annoyed Flanders. at the same time Homer is seen as a saint whilst Flanders is frowned upon.

    glad to see the neighbourly relationship visited again since "Dead Man's Putting Society" the two men are like chalk and cheese - can't live with or without each other.

    Funny bits? "Lying makes baby Jesus cry", Milhouse lying in the hospital "If they lose, Mr. Burns says he'll be back!" and the whole picnic segment. Funny Stuff.
  • The pigskin classic

    Homer reluctantly goes to a football game with Ned. After Ned shows Homer a good time, they become close friends. Little to Homer's realization, Ned actually starts to have negative feelings toward him.

    My absolute all-time favorite part of this episode is the part where Ned and Homer are exiting the stadium and homer yells to Lenny and carl saying
    "This is Ned flanders, my best friend" Lenny: What did he say? Carl: I don't now, something about being gay

    One of the funniest parts of this great episode is when the church busdrives by Ned and they start saying he's hacked up on goofballs, Ha-ha
    and of course, when homer is in church he shouts out "Hey Ned, I got us some kick-ass seats"

    In church... Rofl
    In conclusion my final rating is 9.5 Very good episode
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer is invited by ned flanders to a football game and he even gets the game ball from ned flanders. but during the game homer started to spill bear and go crazy and yell duering the game. and act obnixius. which made ned flanders hate homer even more. then he normal did. but during the second part of the ep things went back to normal i thought between homer and ned they went back the way things was homer not spending time with ned and taking his tools with out asking . this was a good ep
  • Funny, but somewhat off I think

    In this episode, Homer can't buy tickets to the Baseball game, but luckily Ned has 2 tickets to the game. Homer, at first reluctantly, agrees to go with Flanders. He has such a great time, that he begins spending more and more time with Ned and his family, putting them all on the edge. Eventually, Homer speeds through Ned's community service, and making Ned look like a loser, until the whole town hates him. There are some very funny scenes in this episode, like the Simpsons and the Flanders reactions to each other, but what I really hated about this episode was the ending. He just ends like that, was a stupid move on the part of the writers. Overall, it's a good episode, but it's somewhat off. 8/10 B
  • Homer and Flanders are friends... for a little while.

    Homer decides to be friends with Flanders after he finds out that Flanders has tickets to a football game that he wants to go to. After Flanders lets him go with him, Homer decides to be friends with him, and it works; for a while until Flanders gets sick of Homer hanging around and disrupting his family. They have a fight and in the end, everything is back to normal with Homer hating Flanders and Flanders still trying to be nice to him. Overall, I think it was a pretty decent episode. 9/10
  • superb


    what i liked- Ned's dream about him hating homer, and him telling maude that he thinks he hates homer, and then we see homer say to marge that he thinks he hates someone (name escapes me), Homer running after the Flanders' car, the ending of the episode, the end of act 1 where Lenny and Carl are talking about homer's car thinking it is a 'robot car', Ned starting to dislike Homer, amongst other things.

    good episode. it's not a perfect episode but it definitely is an enjoyable way to spend a half hour of your time, and like pretty much everything from season 5, you're sure to laugh a lot. B- or so as my final grade, i think is fair

  • Annoying in an unfunny and unendearing way

    Worst of season 5, though it's simply just an uneven endeavor. Homer actually manages to annoy me more here than any bit of his spotty characterizations in "Homer Goes to College" or "Homer the Vigilante" or anything else prior to season 9. It's not that he's really a "jerkass", it's just that his obsessive fixation on the Flanders family, while meant to be annoying and creepy to a point, isn't funny or endearing or true to character or anything, and stuff like him walking through the Flanders window or flying Ned's boat onto his car or chasing the Flanders down "Terminator 2" style is annoying and creepy. And quite honestly, even ignoring all that, more than half the plot is just Homer doing a stupid thing/Ned gets annoyed and the fickle towns misguided praise/scorn of Homer and Ned, it gets redundant. Plus the whole point of the character study, that Ned can get mad, isn't exactly a shocking revelation either when coming three years after the much better "Dead Putting Society", and dragged almost painfully through its obvious set-up during the picnic scene in particular. But despite all my ranting, the episode's not really bad. The first act before Homer becomes friends with Flanders is a lot of fun, and like Jimbo said the plot really does act better as a "barrage of zany gags and clever movie references" (though even here still not up to par with anything else from season 5). So it's still watchable, at times enjoyable, but obnoxious all the same, and nothing I'm ever going to go out of my way to see