The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 8

Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1998 on FOX

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  • kidney

    grampa's kidneys explode and homer is all set to give him one of his. but he leaves grampa because he is scared of the operation. but he realizes what a selfish jerk he was, and then he is all set to again. but he runs away once again, only this time, he gets crushed by a car.

    I'd rather this have turned into a sweet episode rather one with homer being so insensitive and a jerk to his father. homer is really unlikable in this episode, I feel, and he just is not funny. OVerall grade for this episode- D
  • In the words of Comic Book Guy, this is absolutely "Worst Episode Ever"!

    Homer's selfishness is blatant throughout this episode, as he chickens out multiple times in giving his kidney to Grandpa Abe. Homer also refuses to stop at the gas station when Grandpa needs to pee during a road trip taken by the family. All of the humor seems forced and contrived--I did not laugh at a single joke anywhere when I watched this for the very first time on FOX in 1998. I was thinking, "What were the writers smoking?" This, along with the "King of the Hill" episode "Joust Like A Woman", are candidates for the TV Hall of Shame, alongside many poorly thought out turkeys such as "Mr. Terrific" and "My Mother, The Car".
  • Season 10, Episode 8.

    The Simpsons has gotten less funny as time went on... However, the episodes are still entertaining. I enjoyed the beginning when it's Abe's birthday and he thinks the Simpsons remembered, and they tried to drive away but couldn't. Abe later needed a kidney after his burst because Homer wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. Homer ended up giving his in the end. I can't believe the whole thing with Homer touching Bart at the end... That was sick, but pretty funny. I didn't really pay too much attention because I was on the computer, but not a necessarily bad episode...
  • Organ donor by proxy

    Ehm, once again crazy Homer Simpson leads an episode of our beloeved show. This is not bad, after all, he has turned into a star after Bart's Simpson slowly burn into the has-been dark corner of the television. Homer and his father can be such a bunch of complete morons sometimes, I can't believe they still talk to each other. The best part for me in this episode is Homer's escape from obligation by sailing off in a ship where other lost souls are embarked on a journey with no retunr. Hey grampa Abe, I think you are reaping what you sow!
  • Great ending but pointless.

    When Homer refuses to pull the car over and let Grampa go to the bathroom, the old man's kidneys explode. Out of guilt, Homer agrees to donate one of his kidneys to his father. But just before the operation, Homer, fearing he won't survive, flees the hospital and hops aboard a boat headed to an unknown destination. On the boat, he meets a group of lost souls who accept him until he reveals that he left his sick father waiting for a kidney. The lost souls throw Homer overboard and he realizes that he must go through with the transplant. As luck would have it, Homer gets run over by a car on the way to the hospital. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, he discovers that not only has he broken all of his limbs, but Dr. Hibbert has removed his kidney and given it to Grampa.
  • Great Episode

    I just watched this episode on the dvds and I really liked it. Their were alot of funny things in this episode. Some of the things that were really funny to me were, the beginning of the episode when the family went to the ghost town. I was laughing the most when Bart put a quarter into the piano playing robot, and the robotic girls started dancing. Then one of them kicked up their legs and it flew off. I really thought that was funny. And I liked the end of the episode with Homer feeling on Bart's kidneys, and Bart thinking Homer was tickling him. Overall to me the episode was great and really funny.
  • Er, pointless, but ok.

    This episode really did not matter. Homer breaks all of his bones at the end and has a kidney transplant and that means he can't drink alcohol that much and eat that much to but in later episodes he does so pretty much this episode has no meaning but it was funny. The funny part I liked was when after the people Homer is on the ship with tell there depressing (not that much actually) story Homer tells his and I laughed when they thought his was the horrible-est and threw him off the bridge haha poor him. Also it was funny when the truck didn't run over him but the car ran over him(well fell on him actually). So this episode was good.
  • makes no sense - and that's what makes it so funny

    this episode was hilarious, homers neglectance of his father by not letting him go to the toilet, causing abe's kidney to explode. the jokes in this episode were hilarious especially the scene where homer escapes from the hospital so he doesn't have to give his kidney to his father. the ship of lost souls was also a memorable scene and the final twist where hibbert and abe literally stole homer's kidney while he was unconscious was a great way to end this okay episode. this is my least favourite episode of season 10 but seeing as the show is the simpsons the least favourite is still pretty funny.