The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 12

Homer the Great

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1995 on FOX

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  • Homer the Stonecutter Overlord

    This is another great episode of the show I love. This episode just doesn't have one dull moment, it's sort of a loose parody on the conspiricy theories on secret societies.

    I really love this Stonecutters club and how it opperates it almost makes me wish I could join. These guys just seem to have so many advantages like getting out of a trafic jam which was a little homage to the 60's Batman TV show or having some sort of free pass to get pop drinks out of the vending machine. But one of the things I really love was the secret history of the Stonecutters, that flashback seeing the Declaration of Independance is hillarous. All of them make off like phrat boys after they sign it.

    This is another episode where Homer is just at his best from begining, middle, and end. From seeing him messing up by using the sacred Stonecutter parshment as a bib, why Homer couldn't of just got or asked for a napkin from a server beats me it just goes to show Homer's lack or non existance of common sense. Getting attached from the stone of shame which is a small bolder to the stone of triumph which is a huge bolder I just laugh my head off every time I see that. Down to being a leader which he actually proved he was a capable one the only problem was his acts of leadership were cramping the Stonecutter's style as if they even had any, all the Stonecutter's did was simply borrish common stuff drink beer and what ever else they could think of with it. This leads them to create a new club to counter their old one which really isn't any different except in name only "No Homer's Club" which is hillarous as well as location which is a Baskin Robins. This made me wonder how the heck are they able to even do any recreational activities let alone fit that many people in such a small buliding. If it was a plaza or a mall with no opporating stores hen I could buy that, but this inconsistancy alone makes it all the more funny.

    Though I don't feel all the credit should be handed to Homer, some of it I feel should be handed to the guest star Patrick Stweart whom plays no. 1. I just thought he was dryly hillarous because he plays a character that is similar and yet contrary to his usual roles. I really love how he says something inteltgent and then suddenly he makes a boorish suggestion. "Now lets get drunk and play Ping Pong". I always cracked up on that line.

    And final note that song "We do" is another memorable and hillarous song from the Simpsons. Trust me the words in it are just comic gold.
  • Great Episode.

    Homer follows Lenny and Carl to their secret club:The Stonecutters. Homer really wants to join, but the club is exclusive. You must be the son of a stonecutter, or save the life of a stonecutter.

    At dinner, Homer stops ingnoring Grampa for one minute to find out he is a Stonecutter. That means he is in the club. But he first must pass the tests. Homer loves the club, but one day at the club, he uses the oath as a napkin, and gets kicked out. But when the leader finds out Homer has a birthmark, he is the chosen one. Homer takes advantage of it, and soon they start a new club. The No Homer's Club.

    Overall Grade:A+/100%
  • No Homers

    Homer joins the stonecutters only to be kicked out. However ,he is "The Chosen One" because of a mark he has, and so he stays in, but soon he goes mad with power. What will the other stonecutters do?

    Great episode, the song "We Do" is one of the bests of the series, this episode gave birth to the No Homers Club forum on the net (woohoo!), and the whole episode is really funny from start to finish, definitely a classic episode in my books at least, this episode easily gets an A+, definitely a perfect episode of the series
  • Homer joins a secret society, and makes for a great episode

    In this episode, Homer becomes suspicious of Carl and Lenny's behavior, and he begins to follow them around until he founds out why: they are members of a secret society called "the Stonecutters." At first they deny Homer entry due to the fact that he doesn't meet they're requirements(Be a son of a stonecutter, save a stonecutter's life) and then he finds out that Granpa is a member. He is then allowed to join after initiation. I found alot of scenes to be hilarious in this episode, like Granpa being a member of Communist party, and Gay and Lesbian asscioation for example. Overall, very funny, highly recommended. 9.5/10 A
  • Remove the stone of shame, and Attach the boulder of triumph... Amazing episode no matter how you look at it.

    When Homer begins to notice Lenny and Carl acting strangely, he trails them and discovers that they are members of The Stonecutters, a secret organization. Homer wants to join but he can't unless he's the son of a member. Luckily, Grampa is a Stonecutter (and a member of the Black Panthers) so Homer's membership is a shoo-in. Once on the inside, Homer discovers that the Stonecutters are a rigidly hierarchical group--he is given a number instead of a name, and must work his way up the ladder. But when Number One, the Stonecutters' leader, spies a mark on Homer's butt, he is anointed the Chosen One. As Supreme Head of the Stonecutters, Homer foolishly turns a once-great secret organization into a laughingstock. His followers rebel and start a new secret club, The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer finds out how his buddies carl and lenny get to work so quicker and get to joy so much perks and homer follows them and sees there part of the stone cutters he joins and gets himself bannaged for using there stuff to whipe himself after eating. and then as there banishing him they realize he has a sacred mark on him and puts him to be the learder of the stone cutters and they grow tired of him and kick him out of the club. this was a good ep i liked it alot.
  • very exciting

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  • Homer joins the Stonecutters, then he becomes the leader.

    Homer has always excluded out of clubs, and when he finds out that Lenny, and Carl have secrets, Shut up..., and Homer wants in. Grandpa is a member, and Homer gets in. Homer discovers that the Stonecutters was pretty great, and he's happy. They find out he's a traitor, and is kicked out, before they find out he is the Chosen One. Hilarity ensures.
  • Attach the Stone of Triumph!

    When Homer begins to get suspicious of his workmates receiving rather ‘special’ services, he eventually unravels a secret organisation that essentially makes life a whole lot easier with no sacrifice needed.

    ‘Homer The Great’ is a classic episode, right from the beginning. You have the fantastic plot which allows for a whole series of hilarious and original jokes to be thrown at you every 10 seconds, the flawless acting, wonderful animation and perfect direction. There are tons of memorable moments in this episode such as the Stone Cutters theme song, the trials which Homer goes through to get into the society and of course the sacred scripture which Homer uses as a napkin. We are also treated by a fantastic performance by Patrick Stewart as #1, who played Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The story itself is well paced with neither the beginning, middle or end rushed and comes to a nice pay-off in the end that’ll remind you of why we love the Simpsons. The best thng about ‘Homer the Great’ however, will always be the comedy. There’s not a dull moment to be found here and will remain a classic for many years to come, a truly timeless episode.
  • Best Episode Ever

    If this isnt your favorite episode of the Simpsons then it is in your top ten. If its not in your top ten then you just dot get it (it being the Simpsons).

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  • homer joins the stonecutters, a secret organisation where they do great things including getting drunk and playing ping pong.

    who can forget lenny continuously giving away secrets about the stonecutters? who can forget the initiation ceremony in which homer is continuously hit with paddles while blindfolded? who can forget the "we do" song? who can forget homer being realised as the chosen one? and finally, who can forget when homer listened to lisa and screwed it all up. this episode is hilarious from start to finish including gags such as the whole family ignoring abe at the table and abe being found out as being a member of the gay and lesbian foundation. this one is a very memorable episode and if you haven't watched it, you don't know what you're missing.