The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 12

Homer the Great

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1995 on FOX

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  • Homer the Stonecutter Overlord

    This is another great episode of the show I love. This episode just doesn't have one dull moment, it's sort of a loose parody on the conspiricy theories on secret societies.

    I really love this Stonecutters club and how it opperates it almost makes me wish I could join. These guys just seem to have so many advantages like getting out of a trafic jam which was a little homage to the 60's Batman TV show or having some sort of free pass to get pop drinks out of the vending machine. But one of the things I really love was the secret history of the Stonecutters, that flashback seeing the Declaration of Independance is hillarous. All of them make off like phrat boys after they sign it.

    This is another episode where Homer is just at his best from begining, middle, and end. From seeing him messing up by using the sacred Stonecutter parshment as a bib, why Homer couldn't of just got or asked for a napkin from a server beats me it just goes to show Homer's lack or non existance of common sense. Getting attached from the stone of shame which is a small bolder to the stone of triumph which is a huge bolder I just laugh my head off every time I see that. Down to being a leader which he actually proved he was a capable one the only problem was his acts of leadership were cramping the Stonecutter's style as if they even had any, all the Stonecutter's did was simply borrish common stuff drink beer and what ever else they could think of with it. This leads them to create a new club to counter their old one which really isn't any different except in name only "No Homer's Club" which is hillarous as well as location which is a Baskin Robins. This made me wonder how the heck are they able to even do any recreational activities let alone fit that many people in such a small buliding. If it was a plaza or a mall with no opporating stores hen I could buy that, but this inconsistancy alone makes it all the more funny.

    Though I don't feel all the credit should be handed to Homer, some of it I feel should be handed to the guest star Patrick Stweart whom plays no. 1. I just thought he was dryly hillarous because he plays a character that is similar and yet contrary to his usual roles. I really love how he says something inteltgent and then suddenly he makes a boorish suggestion. "Now lets get drunk and play Ping Pong". I always cracked up on that line.

    And final note that song "We do" is another memorable and hillarous song from the Simpsons. Trust me the words in it are just comic gold.
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