The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 13

Homer to the Max

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • Ok episode

    When a TV show called Police Cops airs, everyone falls in love with the suave, ultra cool Homer Simpson character on the TV show. Homer gets a lot of attention, because of his name being the same as the characters. But in the next episode, Homer gets replaced by an oaf sidekick. Homer soon becomes embarrased, even tough his behaviors are similar to the characters. So he changes his name to Max Power. "I got it off a Hair dryer." says Homer. Everything is turning out great for Homer. Mr. Burns is rememebering his name, and he is invited to a fancy party.

    Overall Grade: B-/81%.

    Not the best episode, but not the worst
  • Homer is not that stupid!

    Homer again! homer is the leading character of this show, again! that still surprises me. Anyways, Homer I think this time is not being so dumb, after all, he manages to see himself portrayed as a very stupid person, In previous episodes we have seen him not being bothered at all when people calls him stupid. But this time, he is different, he can see that his TV version is seen as a clown, an idiot, a moron and tries to do something about it. You can't be that dumb Homer j!

    Once again a watchable episode, not the best or the worst, just enough to keep you glued to the screen.
  • Max Power

    To me this episode is underrated. I mean, yea, i don't find it that good, but i don't think it deserves a D or an F. I think this episode has some funny scenes and a nice plot, the only thing I dislike is the third act, that's why my grade is not higher. The third act is too boring for me, but the rest of the episode is pretty good, I think at least. My overall grade is a C+/B-, it is a pretty good episode, not as bad as others say, but certainly not "A" material, i don't think.
  • Homer messes up things. Same old,same old.

    After a new t.v show has a character called Homer Simpson, Homer's popularity becomes large but when the character becomes a big fat buffoon, Homer goes and changes his name. His new name gives him oppurtunities which Homer takes but he gets disappointed to know that the oppurtunity he picked was only a a tree saving campaign but then Homer ends up cutting down all the trees those " tree huggers " were trying to protect.Unoriginal episode. It was funny at times like the whole Fox and CBS thing at the end with Homer getting shot and Homer wanting to change Marge's name but the whole storyline in total crapped up in this episode. An oponion not many people share with me but opnonions differ. Anyway this is their tenth season and it's okay if they become unoriginal at times. Favorite character from this episode : Homer !!! A.K.A Max Powers. Good stuff !!
  • Many good Homer moments in this episode

    When he finds out that a character on the TV show Police Cops is named Homer Simpson, the real Homer decides to change his name to Max Power. The new name earns him new, high-profile friends like Trent Steel, a young businessman. Steel invites "Max" and his wife Marge to a garden party, where they meet such luminaries as Ed Begley, Jr. and Bill Clinton. While Clinton tries to seduce Marge, Homer learns that the gathering is part of an effort to save the Springfield redwoods, and joins the protest. After chaining themselves to the giant trees, "Max" and his buddies are attacked by police. As he runs from the cops, "Max" accidentally pulls down the tree he's attached to, which in turn knocks down the entire forest. Humiliated, he retreats from his new friends and returns to being Homer Simpson. Guest Star: Ed Begley, Jr. as himself
  • This episode is funny!! ^_^

    When the Simspsons are watching the midseason on FOX, they stumble upon a show called "Police Cops", where one of the main charactors is named Homer Simpson. Every one in the town treats him like royalty untill the next episode of Police Cops comes on, the producers change the Homer Simpson charactor from hip to fat and stupid. Later, Homer gose to court to change his name to Max power(he got the name off a hair dryer). This episode is funny and has some parts in it that will make you laugh. My favorite part of this episode is when Homer (Or max) is singing the Max Power song. Final grade: A-
  • What exactly was the plot in this episode?

    This episode had no plot whatsoever. In Act 1 they watch TV for 5 minutes. Then Homer finds out that he has the same name as a TV character. Then EVERYONE (How does everyone in the town know who Homer is?) over reacts and keeps comparing Homer to the TV character. Then in act two the character on the show becomes an idiot so Homer deals with people thinking he's a moron. So he changes his name to Max Power and instantly becomes popular...what? Then a bunch of rich people (and Homer and Marge) chain themselves to trees... then the trees fall down, and Homer changes his name back (What happened? Did they all forget about "Police Cops"?).

    I cant believe that this is a Swartzwelder episode. You can tell when its a Swartzwelder joke. Like the Anti-Environmental stuff. The rest of the jokes were just a swing and a miss. And lets not forget this weeks guest star Ed Begley JR. (who?)

    This might have been good as a B-Plot in another episode but for a 20 minute show this didnt work.
  • Not that great, but Homer has a few good moments!

    This storyline is pretty bizzare! Homer changes his name and then unwittingly joins a bunch of tree huggers!

    The name his chose was "Max Power" Its quite a catchy name when you say it!

    Homer is pretty funny when he is doing stupid stuff. (like his fondue pot at his work station!) That was definately a funny bit!.

    There wasn't too much else apart from a few humerous lines from Homer.

    Although the ending where Homer tells Marge he changed her name is among the funniest endings to an episode I've ever seen.
  • absurd but classic homer

    the fact that a network produced a show with a character completely the opposite of the yellow fat bald cartoon character we all love and name him homer simpson then quickly change him to the exact replica of him is a hilarious coincidence. the cactus scene is very funny and i also loved the scene where homer explains that he got his new name "max power" from a blow dryer was side-splitting as was "max power's" traits such as always spelling things with letters, not numbers and max power doesn't abbreviate. this is a very creative plot and one of my favourites from season 10.
  • Horrible!

    The worst Simpsons episode to date, I hated it. I was extremely sorry for Homer. He was laughed out my physically everyone and he gets getting hurt. I don't usually fel for Homer, but like in 'The Fat and the Furriest' I do. Even his friends laughed at him. Also, it's aterrible way to end an episode. The whole episode is boring and very lame. I hate it.