The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 5

Homer vs. Dignity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2000 on FOX

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  • Lost Some Points Because It Had A Panda In It

    A hilarious episode. The first 3 minutes were hilarious, and when you laugh that much at the first few minutes, you are almost guaranteed to love the episode.

    Too bad it got worse. Burns was portrayed very poorly, I thought. Don't know why, it just felt that way.

    And, the infamous panda scene. Yes, it was quick, but sometimes even a quick gag or joke in an episode can make you hate it or dislike it. So I have to take off some points for that scene. Might be dumb, but I feel it was a bad scene.

    So, good laughs {for the most part}, bad characterization, somewhat bad plot= season 12 episode Homer Vs. Dignity
  • Homer becomes a prank monkey.

    Short on funds, Homer approaches the ever-wealthy C. Montgomery Burns for a token raise. But when Burns grants his request on the condition that Homer act as his personal jester, the Simpson family finds itself the subject of degrading and embarassing activities. Bottom line: this is one of the funniest half hours you will spend by the TV in your life. The whole episode was chaulk full of jokes, and you gotta love the part with Homer and the Panda. Mr. Burns was a great character for Homer to be used by. My favorite line: What are you doing man?! That's Carl!
  • The Simpsons are broke. Desparate for money Homer takes a job performing humilitaing acts for Mr. Burns' entertainment.

    "Homer vs. Dignity" is not a very memorable episode as another review has pointed out. I am giving it a high score because the episode does have quite a few laughs and clever bits of dialogue. The scenes of Homer getting more than what he bargained for at the zoo is either the highpoint of the episode or the lowest of lows depending on what your opinions are, but I think it was quite clever. The laughs through out the episode almost make up for the episode's predictable ending. Not a perfect episode, but it does have its positive moments.
  • felt like one of those unmemorable episodes.

    Homer vs. Dignity was funny but not that funny because they are basing their views on physical humor. The panda joke was not that funny and somehow only the ending of that scene gave me a moderate chuckle. the other jokes were funny and it was possibly original. The writers did not get carried away to some different plot and stayed with Mr Burns bashing storyline. The ending was suitable and somehow it suited this episode s ending better than usual. Ok, so most of the jokes and settings of this episode is funny,storyline is fine good enough,but i was not really sure about the character development. Anyway 7/10 is a decent mark and this was a decent episode.
  • This proves that the Simpsons humor quality has not gotten worse at all; a stupendous episdoe with so many laugh-out-loud jokes How could you hate this episdoe???

    In celebration of Bart's first 'A' the Simpsons go out for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, Homer's credit card is rejected and the family realizes their finances might be in more trouble than they thought. So, on the advice of a financial planner, Homer asks Mr. Burns for a raise. Lucky for him, Smithers is off to New Mexico for the production of his Malibu Stacy musical, leaving Mr. Burns in quick need of a new henchman. Promoted to Executive Assistant in Charge of Hi-jinks, Homer begins playing practical jokes at Mr. Burns prompting. For every nasty trick Homer plays on an unsuspecting sucker in Springfield, Burns pays him handsomely. Things get a little rough when Burns convinces Homer to dress up as a panda and make "friends" with a real panda at the Springfield Zoo. Realizing his dignity is worth more than money, Homer decides to quit the hi-jinks business.
  • Funny episode. Shows several signs that it's clever humour may be dying, but overall a slightly above average episode.

    However, I was slightly surprised with this episode. I have seen episodes from season 14 with better caliber.

    Some scenes seem familiar to stuff you would seen in the ghastly season 18. The dumb humour. Out of character..ness?
    e.g. I would of thought that Smithers would of been a bit more upset that he was leaving Mr. Burns for a week, but..

    But luckily 94% percent of the humour is top-notch and funny as ever.

    If all other episodes from season 12 were like this, then I'd probably rethink buying the DVD set. But hey, this is season 12, I wouldn't anyway.

    If it's on, and you don't really have much else to do, watch it, but then again, it's your damn choice what you watch.
  • homer gets another job...prank monkey

    homer as a prank monkey was a great decision for an episode because it explored many great humour options. some of my favourite gags include homer eating spiderman #1 in front of comic book guy and CBG's reaction and the pudding that started it all. this is one of my favourite episodes in season 12 with gags such as "merry fish-mas" in the thanksgiving parade which i thought was a good pun for mr burns to think up (though technically it was the writers) and the disturbing panda scene towards the end. the pranks homer pulls is what really made this episode hilarious especially with the old lady continuously fainting.
  • This episodes proves many things about Homer. Homer almost does anything for money. He became Mr. Burns prank monkey when Smithers went to go do a Malibu Stacey play. There was a great point to this episode that they prove throughout the episode. Pride in

    Homer Vs. Dignity proves many things about Homer. First off, Homer almost does anything for money. He became Mr. Burns prank monkey when Smithers went to go do a Malibu Stacey play. There was a great point to this episode that they prove throughout the episode. Pride in oneself is more than money.

    There were some very sad moments in the episode. When Homer gets caught on the wire and the skunks spray him, Lisa came up. She found out how he got the money. Homer saw the sad look in her face and he felt horrible. Still, he knew he had a job. But then Homer wouldn't throw fish guts at the people in Springfield during the Thanksgiving Parade. So Mr. Burns got stuck doing it. That episode pretty much showed the Simpsons fans that Homer does have pride.

    After this episode Homer does go back to his lazy and normal self. But for these mere 22 or so minutes on televisoin, we saw a glimpse of the real Homer J. Simpson. Maybe he isn't the smartest man alive. Maybe he isn't the thinnest man alive. But he does love his family. And every person in every family across the world wants that. Don't they?

    (Most of this comes from the editorial Favorite Episode of Season 12 found at A Hitchhiker's Guide to Springfield ( by Jared Munson.)
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