The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 13

Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1991 on FOX

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  • Homer gets himself illegally hooked up to cable, and Lisa is upset and worried that God will make the family pay for breaking the Eighth Commandment (thou shalt not steal)

    This episode shows the audience how determined Lisa is to do what she thinks is right. She's upset that Homer is spending all the time in front of the TV anyway, but she's even more upset with the fact that he's illegally being hooked up to it. For the entire episode, Lisa refuses to watch the TV and tries to steer everyone else away from it. Not only that, but she also tries to get her family to not steal anything at all.

    This episode isn't exactly hilarious, but it has a good message hidden in there somewhere. It had it's share of moments, like when Homer's body basically gets impanted into the couch and when everyone is coming to the Simpson's house to see the big wrestling match. As I've said, it's not really a funny episode, but it develops Lisa and shows everyone that she is determined to do anything to get people on the right path, and that Homer couldn't care less about what he's doing is wrong if he makes himself happy. Not the best episode, but it's a pretty good one.
  • Homer gets illegal cable and lisa finds it wrong

    This episode is one of my personal favourites from season 2 for so many reasons. this was very well animated and is yet another episode of a vision of hell, homer seeing his vision of hell in "There's no disgrace like home", bart seeing his in "bart gets hit by a car" and in this episode, lisa seeing her family on the couch with the devil sitting between them. this also develops ned as the religious neighbour when before he was just a goody-two-shoes. this episode also had some great jobs like homer having things from work and moes that he stole and the grocery store scene with marge and lisa. the beginning scene with moses and with homer as the thief and jacques as the adulterer was hilarious too. the pamphet of facts and rumours called "so you've decided to steal cable" was a nice touch too. homer comes to his senses in the end but at the worst possible time. this was a really great episode and extrememly well written.
  • Homer Vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment

    This episode is quite good from Season 2. Homer buys illegal cable from a fat TV man (Phil Hartman) but Lisa gets worried that she might end up in hell. She refused to watch the fight but Homer realises what he done and he steps outside because Homer is a christian and he wants to go to heaven not hell.
  • A great moral episode.

    The episode starts off with a flashback to the time when
    Moses was alive and there was much sinning. Homer "steals" cable by having it illegally hooked up. Now he spends 24 hours a day watching it (you can tell by the huge impression in the couch where he sat). There are many great scenes such as Lisa's vision of her family in Hell and Lisa telling her mom to pay for two grapes at the grocery store. When everybody is watching the big fight, Homer realizes what he had done wrong and relents to Lisa's silent protest. The cable is cut and supposedly Homer's soul is saved.
  • Lisa grows more and more concerned for her family's souls.

    We open in the time of Moses, where Homer the Thief is distraught to recieve the commandment "Thou shalt not steal." In the present, a cable installer offers to sell Homer an illegal hookup. Later, in Sunday school, Lisa is alarmed to learn that stealing can cost you your soul. While on the ride ome from church, Bart is imused to repeat the word "hell" again and again. Lisa grows more concerned when she observes stealing in everyday life, like Marge eating grapes in the supermarket. Concerned for her family's soul, Lisa vows to no longer watch Homer's illegal cable, no matter how good the shows are. Homer invites all his friends over to watch an exciting heavyweight fight, but the sight of Lisa staring mournfully from the front yard robs him of his joy. He joins Lisa and when the fight is over, he climbs the utility pole and cuts of the cable.
  • "Lisa does your father steal bread". -- Rev. Lovejoy to Lisa "Maybe, I don't watch him every minute". -- Lisa to Rev. Lovejoy

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes. Lisa usually gets on my nerves. But, I thought it was touching the way she feared for her family's souls. Bart is especially funny when the Sunday school teacher tells the kids that they will be learning about hell. Bart's reaction is so funny. I also love it in when the Simpsons are in the car riding home from church and Bart is singing hell hell hell. I also thought the conversation between Rev. Lovejoy & Lisa was very funny. The ending of the episode was very good. I love to watch this episode from time to time. It gets better every time I see it. This episode is a classic Simpsons episode.
  • Homer gets illegal cable in one of my favorites of the season.

    Homer decides to get illegal cable so he doesn't have to pay money a month. At first, just about everybody supports the idea of having it, until they found out it was illegal. Lisa protests the cable during a cable fight. Homer leaves the house while the fight is on, and cuts the cable when it's all over.

    "Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment" is one of my favorite all-time Simpsons episodes. The only reason why I didn't give this episode a perfect 10 is because of the short hell sequence, which I didn't like. Still, this is definitely one of the best episodes ever, in my opinion.
  • This episode contained my favorite ending of all time. As Homer cuts the power your TV screen goes black

    Homer gets an illegal cable TV hookup for free just in time for the major boxing match. Lisa learns the 8th Commandment "thou shall not steal", and fears the family will be punished for stealling the cable. Marge joins Lisa when she decides not to watch the television, and on the night of the big match, Homer feels sorry for sending his family outside. He joins them outside while his friends watch along in front of the TV. When the match is over he snips the cable, leaving half the neighborhood in blackout mode in the process. A funny episode as Lisa grows mor concered for her family's souls...
  • religion

    lisa thinks that homer is going to hell because of illegal cable.

    a good episode on the topic of religion and the commandments. a good episode but not one of their bests, I didn't think. It of course has some good moments, but I just didn't get into it as much has I would have liked. I liked the ending and a few other parts, but ultimately I can't give it above a B- or so. Funny in some parts with a good ending, but still not one of my favorites of the series, or season for that matter. Oh well, still watchable of course
  • a good avarge ep

    in this simpsons ep homer sees that nedflanders did not want the cable that the guy came too hook up and so homer calles the guy over and he hooks up the free cable and homer goes to work and tells everyone that he has it and bart watches to much and falls asleep in class and homer tells people to come over for the fight and lisa is the only one that thinks its bad and that there going to hell so she is causing problems and homer gets locked out of his house and lisa is talking and after the fight is over he goes and cuts the power to the free cable .
  • Superb

    In this episode, Homer gets illegal cable and has some many channels to watch, and while most of the family doesn't care, Lisa feels like it's stealng breaking the 8th commandment. Lisa continues to protest when Homer invites everyone to his house to watch the live wrestling match on the cable. This episode was great for season 2, as it shows alot about Lisa's character and is very funny. Lisa's version of hell was very realistic for her. This episode was an excellent addition to season 2m, and one of the first classics of the series, so far. 9/10 A-
  • Great


    A title card reads Mt. Sinai: 1220 B.C. The camera pans down from a shot of Mt. Sinai and reveals a village of Israelites below. Hezron, Carver of Graven Images, is busy working at his tent, making miniature golden calf statues to sell for profit; when Homer the Thief, who bears a striking resemblance to Homer Simpson, approaches and greets Hezron. While the two make small talk, Homer steals mini statues whenever Hezron isn't looking. Zohar the Adulterer approaches and joins the conversation. The three of them converse together when suddenly; Moses appears on the side of the mountain bearing the Ten Commandments. Hezron, Homer, and Zohar are all disappointed to hear that the traits that they have earned names for are now banned by God and his Commandments.

    8.5 out of 10

    a great episode.