The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 17

Homer vs. Patty and Selma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

Over at Moe's Tavern, Homer is handing out cigars as he is thought to a real estate genius. His investment? Pumpkins. He feels that he will be making a lot of money due to high demand in pumpkins in the month of October and they will peak in January. Later on, Homer's broker tells him that he is losing his savings because he needed to sell his pumpkin investment before Halloween.

Homer wonders how he can save himself from bankruptcy and then he hears from Marge that Patty and Selma just got promoted at the DMV and they will have more disposable income. Homer feels he can't tell Marge they're broke or he will look like he can't provide for the family.

In the meantime, Bart and Milhouse are on their way to school when they start questioning why they are in such a hurry to get to school for. At school, Principal Skinner tells the kids to head down to the gym to sign up for a physical education class. The resulting assembly turns out to be an overly aggressive riot. As they idle around, Milhouse hears the tardy bell, loses it and runs for the school. Bart thinks he can have fun by himself. Finally, once Bart makes it to the gym, he sees that it was PE sign up day; at this time, gym class after gym class is full. The only one left is ballet.

Homer tries several methods to come up with money to pay his mortgage, but all attempts, (gambling, Moe, asking for a extension on his payments) fail. As a last resort to prevent losing the house, he goes to ask Patty and Selma, and they agree to save his bacon.

At the table, Homer is in a good mood tonight as the financial crisis is averted. But just then, Patty and Selma arrive unexpectedly. Homer tries to throw them out, but when they nearly blow his cover, Homer releases them. They show Homer an I.O.U. slip that he wrote. They begin to blackmail Homer for his debt that he owes them and they start making his life a living hell. But when he once tries to light the I.O.U., they continue to embarrass him, even in front of Marge. Finally, the I.O.U. lands on the lamp and Marge is able to read the projection. With the truth finally out, Homer kicks Patty and Selma out of the house. He then tells Marge that he felt that if she knew about it, he would be a failure as a husband and a provider.

Bart continues to struggle with the forced ballet class he is taking, but he soon starts to develop a sense of style and appreciation of it. Soon, he is told that he will be the lead of the ballet in front of the whole school.

Homer, still desperate to pay off his debt, sees an advertisement on TV for a limo driving service. He starts his new job as he is driving around legendary comedy director Mel Brooks. In the middle of rehearsing one of his skits, Homer is stopped by Chief Wiggum. When asked to see his chauffeur's license, Homer tells Mel Brooks to buckle his seat belt and he puts the pedal to the metal. Problem is, the car's set in "park." Chief Wiggum is left with no option other than guess Homer is not licensed to be a chauffeur. When he shows Homer a photograph of Patty and Selma saying they will help him, Homer flips out and Mel Brooks starts to feel uneasy.

On the day of his performance, Bart sees a larger than usual crowd. Principal Skinner explains that they had even brought over other detention students from other schools. Bart knows that they will all see him as a laughing stock if he is seen dancing, but goes out in a mask. Jimbo, Dolph, Nelson and Kearney all enjoy Bart's charade until he takes off his mask. Calling Bart a sissy and demanding that he be beaten, Bart makes a run for it. When he comes across a chasm, he is reminded of his ballet instructor's advice and makes a jump... but doesn't make it. The bullies are willing to let him go as long as he's hurt.

Homer starts to get a harsh and unforgiving driver's test from Patty and Selma. He loses points for very minor details and tries to fight back. While they are in the middle of grading Homer's written test, Homer is only one question away from failing. But one answer bubble not completely filled in seals his fate; Homer failed the test. Patty and Selma light up cigarettes while they delight in their sadism when their supervisor catches them in the act of smoking in a government building. Homer laughs at the idea of seeing Patty and Selma at the risk of losing their promotion, but seeing Marge makes him do something that he feels he will never forgive himself for: he takes the fall, saying both the cigarettes are his. The twins apologize to Homer for the way they were treating him and ask if there is anything they can do for him. All Homer wants is to have them call off the debt and they relent. With the debt gone, Homer happily grabs Marge and Patty and Selma stand glumly as Homer's car peels out of the parking lot.
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