The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 17

Homer vs. Patty and Selma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1995 on FOX

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  • homer needs to borrow money from patty and selma

    this episode does not have that many jokes that u laugh at.
    It is poor for simpsons standerd.
    Bad story line and i hate patty and selma who have big parts in this episode.
    The only good bit is when bart takes up ballet.
    patty and selma are really evil to homer so u feel really sorry for him but for some weird reason he saves them at the end from getting a demotion.
    The episode start is good how homer wants to sell pumpkins after halloween,thats how is needs to borrow money from patty and selma.
    I don't know waht to write now.
  • Homer needing money from his step-sisters, and Bart taking Ballet!?

    Indeed, this episode is out of character, but I still love it. Homer talking like a dog, and Bart fearing that girls will laugh at him, and the boys will beat him up. Homer's troubles get worse when Marge finds out he's borrowing money from Patty, and Selma. He gets a job as a chauffer, and then he loses his liscence, and has to go to Patty and Selma. But after saving their hides, he gets the debt called off, and Patty and Selma feel stupid.
  • Enemies

    Homer needs to turn to Patty and Selma and ask for a loan. But he wants it kept a secret from Marge. Will she learn?

    Bart takes a ballet class and fears he will get beat up. Will he, or will fellow students accept it? (Not likely, especially in this show!)

    A good episode, I don't like the later half as much as I do the first half, but it is still a very good offering from one of the best seasons of the show. My overall grade for this episode is a wel ldeserved and easy A+. Very good episode
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer needs to borrow money and the only people he can get the money from is patty and selma and they keep on making jokes on his expece and humliate him constinly and he must figure out a way to get them to forgive there loan.and also in this ep bart starts to like ballet and he is really good at it. this was a good ep i thought and it had some good moments in it i thought it was weird seeing bart doing ballet but its something new to add in the show to change things ab it
  • The "a" story was very good, but the "b" story was a little far-fetched... I mean why would Bart be dancing??

    Foolishly, Homer pulls all of his stock out of Pumpkin futures just before the pre-Halloween boom in the Pumpkin market. Broke and dejected, he is reduced to taking a loan from his sisters-in-law, Patty and Selma. Clearly relishing Homer's degradation, Patty and Selma make him their slave. Meanwhile, Bart is forced to take ballet lessons. Homer waits on Patty and Selma hand and foot until he admits to Marge that he lost all of the family's money and needed to take a loan. To make ends meet, Homer becomes a limousine driver but needs to go to the DMV to get the proper license. While there, Patty and Selma are nearly fired for smoking on the job, but Homer steps inand saves the day by claiming that he was smoking. Their jobs saved, Patty and Selma forget Homer's debt to them. As a result of his lessons, Bart has grown to love ballet and isn't ashamed to admit it even when a gang of bullies accuses him of being a sissy.
  • I agree that Bart was out of character in this episode, but the main focus was Homer's story

    I personally enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The best episode to show the rivalry of Homer with Patty and Selma! Bart's story was a bit strange, but I liked it, even though it wasn't as good. Overall, it's a great season 6 episode that many can enjoy and if any new fans wants a taste of classic Simpsons, try episodes such as this one!
  • Bart in the ballet? OMFG.

    This episode has two stories to it: One is good, the other is disturbing. Homer having to eb a slave for Patty and Selma in order for Marge not to find out he bankrupted the family was an good idea. But then we have Bart's story where he goes to do ballet? That is weird and disturbing. It makes him look like a girl and an idiot. I was also sorry for him because everyone laughed at him and he got beaten up in the end. Why do teh writers write Bart like that. Having to do ballet! But the Homer and Patty and Selma incident is okay though, but if it didn't have Bart in a dress dancing around this episode would of been a lot better. It had some funny parts though.
  • why on earth would bart like dancing? at least homer's the same: hating his sisters-in-law

    this episode is an okay one with a few great jokes but it could have been much better. investing in pumpkins is such a homer (aka stupid) thing to do and the storyline that comes out of that is very well done. the B story of bart becoming a dancer is pretty weak and not believable that he would agree to go in public. when he is being chased by bullies at the end and hurts himself because he trusts his skills too much was a big mistake with hilarious consequences. overall, it is a good episode but there are many more that i would recommend watching that are ahead of this one.