The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 18

Homer vs. the 18th Amendment

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • After Bart accidentally gets drunk at the Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade, the townspeople start pushing for Prohibition. It is soon discovered that Prohibition has been in effect in Springfield for years (The law has just never been enforced.).


    For the bazillionth time Homer takes up a new job. This time as a bootlegger. The episodes with Homer taking new jobs have been popping up a lot recently, but this particular episode is one of the best. There are a number of reasons for this. They range from the very clever and well written storyline, to the terrific jokes and the very memorable dialogue (Especially the final line spoken in this episode). This episode contains all of the elements that make The Simpsons the great show that it is. By all means, don't miss "Homer vs. the 18th Amendment."

  • Homer becomes a bootlegger for a speakeasy. (One of my Top 5 Simpsons episodes ever)

    During a St. Patrick's Day Parade, a Duff Beer float sprays beer into Bart's mouth, causing him to get drunk. A group of women burst into City Hall and demands an all-out ban on the sale of alcohol. A clerk discovers a prohibition law that has been on the books for 200 years but never enforces. Mayor Quimby declares an end to liquor sales. Fat Tony smuggles alcohol into Moe's, so Chief Wiggum is replaced by a man named Rex Banner. He puts Fat Tony out of business. Homer steals Duff barrels from the city dump and under the name "Beer Baron", sells the beer. When the supply is finished, he creates his own beer in the basement. He confronts Wiggum with a plan to "expose" him to get his job back. Homer receives punishment, being catapulted out of town. The City Hall clerk stops the punishment stating the statute had been repealed. This was probably the funniest episodes the Simpsons ever made. Definately watch this episode and you wont be disappointed.
  • Homer is the Beer Baron

    In this hilarious episode, St. Patricks day brings a beerfest mania, and Bart is caught in the middle of it (he gets drunk.) The women of the town then call for a law banning alcohol. Then it is discovered that there already is a law out for it, it just was never enforced. Cheif Wiggium is then fired and Rex Banner is put in his place. Then Homer digs up some older beer, and becomes the Beer Baron. This episode is hilarious the whole way through, with excellent lines from Rex (I'll get you Beer Baron. No you won't) and a smart plan made by Homer, this is definitly an episode not to miss. 10/10 A+
  • One of the best Simpsons episodes ever!

    This episode is a classic. Definately one that you must see. It was probably one of the funniest episodes ever and there is not another one like it. The idea of Homer being the Beer Baron was hilarious. Here's what I liked and did not like about the episode:

    What I did like:
    *The storyline
    *The idea of Homer being the Beer Baron
    *The fact that this was probably one of the funniest episodes ever *The ending because they finally get rid of Rex Banner and Prohibition no longer exists in Springfield
    *And the last quote by Homer Simpson-"To alcohol, the cause of -and solution to- all of life's problems

    What I didn't like(not a whole lot)
    *Rex Banner- he was sooo annoying- good thing that they got rid of him at the end of the episode

    So overall I would have to give this episode an A+ because it is one of the best Simpsons episodes ever.
  • Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment

    When beer is considered illegal, Homer comes to the rescue: as the beer baron. But now new police chief Rex Banner has to catch him smuggling beer. In the end he is caught and is supposed to be catapulted, as it is the punishment. But instead Homer is let go and Rex is catapulted. Then, almost all the adults drink till they are loaded.

    A decent episode, I never thought it was one of the bests though. It's quite decent and funny in some parts, but some of it bored me, not too much though. Overall grade would be B-
  • this was a good ep of the simpsons

    in this ep of the simpsons show there is a saint patricks day riot and bart has horn and he holds it up and then there is a beer women coming by and they shoot bear out and barts gets a mouth full of it and he gets drunk and they show it on video and that leads to the banning of alcohol. and everyone is mad and so homer decides to take it apon himself to provide bear to moes . and he gets paid for it . and there is a new shreff in town and he fires clancy from being chife and he has him take homer in to get his job back and at the end they see that its no longer a law from the towns book it was demolished years ago. and alcol is back and the new chife is gone by catapolting him this was a funny ep and it had alot of good moments
  • This is my second favorite episode.

    THis episode is so funny and some hillarious parts are when Rex Banner said no you won't and Banner says yes I will and Homer again says no you won't and when Bart was drunk and he says to the camera what are you looking at and after he drunk a ton of beer he says when is this supposed to and then he gets really drunk. Also it was very funny when the whole family yelled at Lisa to go to her room and when Homer said alcohool the solution to everyones problems. Overall this is my second favorite episode because of how funny it is.
  • Prohibition!

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! What an amazing episode we have here. It is so well written that it feels like a a triller movie without losing the Simpson's charm. In a town where laws are passed in a very crazy and irresponsible way, prohibiton of alcohol seems like something will never happen, atleast, not for the reason of saving the town's children. Nevertheless, in the same way such laws are passed, they are removed. What I enjoyied the most is the "The Untouchables" connection made here. Although I didn't like the ending

    A great episode in this eight season which has seen its ups and downs.
  • Homer becomes a bootlegger for a speakeasy... One of my favorite episodes

    When Mayor Quimby and the Springfield City Hall brass ban all liquor from the town, Moe's Tavern becomes a speakeasy. But procuring booze proves extremely difficult, especially when Rex Banner, a straight-laced government prohibition agent, comes to town. It's up to Homer to start his own bootlegging operation to wet the whistles of Springfield's liquor-loving masses. Dubbing himself the Beer Baron, Homer manufactures all forms of alcohol in the basement of his house, nearly getting caught by Banner at every turn. When Banner finally does catch Homer, Chief Wiggum intervenes and the prohibition agent is sent packing. When an elderly City Hall clerk re-reads the town charter, the prohibition is repealed and the people of Springfield rejoice by getting smashed. Guest Star: Dave Thomas as Rex Banner
  • Speak Easy and carry a big bowling ball!

    Another classic Simpson episode began on St.Patrick's Day and ended in a town without any booze. A St. Patrick's Day which the people in attendance got drunk and got into a fights. One camera caught Bart walking down the street drunk. the Major has decided to bring back Prohibition in which Homer replied,"It didn't work in the movies!" Hommer and Bart went to the junk yard to get beer left over by Duff and supply them with liquror by Bowling Balls. Meanwhile Rex Banner comes to springfeild and tracks down the Beer Baron. the Beer Baron is Homer himself. A classic funny epiosde. One of the best of the series.
  • When Bart is caught drunk on St. Patrick's Day, City Hall reinstates the 18th Ammendmant prohibiting alcohol. Homer then becomes "The Beer Barron", producing and selling alcohol through bowling balls, and is sought out by Rex Bannon.

    This episode is laugh out loud funny. I think of this episode as a treasure. Some of the best moments found in this episode I will highlight are the Petstore gag at Moe's, and the dialouge in this episode is some of the best throughout the duration of the series. It's truly one of the best there is. Homer works really hard in this episode to provide alcohol for the town. It shows that while very rarely, Homer takes initiative, and that when he does, he does it with passion. Great episode that isn't given nearly enough air-play. If you haven't seen this episode, I recommend you see it as soon as possible. I also like that Marge's hair is green during the parade in the spirit of the holiday.
  • Great!

    This episode is really, really cool! After Bart ends up drunk the city of Springfield decide that they should begin to ban alcohol and everything, as soon as this happen, Homer begins to bring alcohol illegally to Springfield and that causes for people to get at Chief Wiggum and instead they bring another detective to find the Beer Baron, but when they find out is Homer, they end up revealing that law was banned 199 years ago, really cool!
  • one of my favourite homer jobs: beer baron

    homer's job as a beer baron is hilarious from knocking over gravestones with the car which homer thinks brings good luck, not bad, and moe's "pet shop" to the whole family saying "go to your room lisa!" and homer shouting back to rex "no you won't" when the investigator vows to find the beer baron. this episode has one of my all-time favourite homerisms "to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems". homer actually coming up with an intelligent plan to bring alcohol to the town shows homer can be smart when it comes to something as important to homer as beer.
  • Pretty okay

    Not the best.. but okay. It\'s a good ep really. What was funny was when Homer rolled the bowling balls full of beer down the Moe\'s tavern which he disguised as a Pet Shop. It\'s pretty fine. To be honest, I loved this episode quite a lot really, it could just use more work and then it would be a 9-er. But it gets 7.8. Another tihng I liked was when Homer and Bart try and make beer. Classic Homer scheme.
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