The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 1

Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1993 on FOX

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  • Homer's Barbershop Quartet

    At a flea market, Bart finds an album called "The B Sharps" which had Homer on the cover. So, Homer tells the story of how he, Chief Wiggum {who was later replaced with Barney}, Apu, Principal Skinner formed a barbershop quarter, and he explains how they rose to fame and why they do not do it anymore. Their story is closely related to the Beatles and the episode features many allusions to them. This is a great episode with some very funny lines, and I really love the ending for some reason. A very great episode from a good season
  • homer in a band

    this is the fourth major flashback episode, revealing more about the simpsons' past, in this case when homer was in the band "The B Sharps". it is very well written with great gags including homer sending marge back to get a spare tire and the fake homer that marge made. it always amazes me that the writers can think ahead with the flashback episodes so that they can nearly always do them in the right order with a few exceptions later on in the series (eg/the way we weren't). the writers must have realised that the band flashback wouldn't work if maggie had been born. this is a hilarious episode and also reveals that homer has a musical gift.
  • The kids look through some old records and find an album with Homer\'s picture on it. They ask Homer about it and he tells them a story from eight years past. He performed in a barbershop quartet with Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, and Apu.

    I loved this episode because there was very funny moments and for once the kids saw Homer in a new light and warmed up to him.It was a great flashback moment and will alwayz be rembered.
    I also loved the fact that Homer got chucked out and he tried to ruin the rest of the others careers which was totally Homer and was very bad.And the near end of the flashback when Homer was missing Marge it puts a real insight to what being alone in a great place feel like then the writers added comedy that brought it out so great!!
  • Homer with a singing talent.

    This is the 2nd best season opener on the series. Homer\'s past revealed, as a Barber Shop singer, and his 5 week rise to the top. Wiggum getting booed, Barney being a good singer, The Be Sharps like The Beatles, and Homer singing about Geraldo Rivera, and Al Capone. Truly another great season.
  • The fifth season begins with Homer revealing to Bart and Lisa that in the mid-eighties he was a member of a barber shop quartet named the Be Sharps. The story of the group's short lifespan is told in flashback.

    Since it is painfully obvious who the story of the Be Sharps is modeled after, this episode does suffer from being a bit predictable. Despite that I have given the episode a high score because it's very clever dialouge and funny scenes (I laughed like crazy when the Simpsons had a flat tire. I laughed even harder watching Marge disappear over the horizon to get a spare) help overcome its predictability flaw. Another high point of the episode is the scnes of Homer writing music for the group and the clever sight gags ("US" magazine cover photo.). Very good episode.
  • We learn about Homer's past talent.

    So after this Springfield Swamp Meeting where everyone sells stuff, Lisa and Bart come across an album featuring their dad, Principal Skinner, Apu, Chief Wiggum(who gets removed), and Barney (who replaces Chief Wiggum). Then they go through a series of flashbacks where they learn about how succesful the group was and named themselves the B sharps, and won a Grammy and etc. But then the group had a falling out, and it was all over. Now in present time Homer re-unites them one more time on top the to pof Moe's bar, where they sing together once again. I thought this episode is another classic that I'll never forget, and overall it was pretty good. Lacking some comedy and some emotion though, but still pretty good.
  • Extra! Extra! B Sharps sing on rooftop!

    During a trip to the swap meet, Bart and Lisa stumble on a record with Homer's picture on it. This prompt Homer to tell the story of when he was in a barbershop quartet.

    The original foursome was Homer, Principal Skinner, Apu, and Chief Wiggum. As they start to get popular, they attract the attention of a record producer who wants them to get rid of Wiggum. They do and replace him with Barney and become the B Sharps. Homer writes their first hit, "Baby on Board" based on the yellow signs people used to hang in their cars. They achieve world-wide fame and even win a Grammy. The touring puts a strain on Homer and his family and Barney starts dressing and acting like John Lennon did towards the end of The Beatles run, even dating a Japanese conceptual artists a la Yoko Ono.

    Struggling to write more hits, the B Sharps break up and go their separate ways. After he finishes telling the story, Homer calls the guys up. They reunite and sing on the Moe's Tavern rooftop, again like The Beatles.
  • Homer has a talent!

    Yes Homer is talented. I was as shocked as anyone who saw it! Not only has he got the perfect voice for a barbershop quartet, but also he is quite the songwriter. (This is seen later when he writes songs for Lisa in her singing competition)

    The story of the B-sharps is anything but dull. This is probably my favourite flashback episode. The ones with Homer and Marge in their early days are alright, but I like it better when their relationship is more established and less of an issue like in this episode.

    Homer's meeting with George Harrison was just priceless! Highlight of this great episode.
  • Good episode from the stand point of backround history of Homer, Barney, Moe, and Skinner, but didn't have me needing oxygen because it was so funny like the Simpsons normally do...

    While flipping through records at a flea market, Bart and Lisa discover an album by the Be Sharps, a barbershop quartet comprised of Homer, Barney, Apu and Principal Skinner. As Homer recounts the story, it is clear that the Be Sharps saga is a classic tale of four men who rise to the top of the entertainment business, only to find that the demands of fame and success destroy their friendships and strain their love for their art. After telling his kids all about the band, Homer gets nostalgic and the Be Sharps reunite for one last concert on the roof of Moe's Tavern.
  • Season 5 Premiere!!!!!!!!!

    In this season 5 premiere, The simpsons are at a flea market. Bart and Lisa come across a record titled: Meet The Be sharps. On the cover, they see Homer, Apu, Cheif Wiggum and Principal Skinner. On the ride home, Homer tells them how for 5 weeks, The Be Sharps were bigger than Jesus.

    Their agent, Nigel, tells them to get rid of Cheif Wiggum. After holding auditions, only Grampa, Jasper, Willie, and Clancy Wiggum dressed as Doctor dolittle audition. And they all stink. Then they hear Barney singing. He becomes the new 4th member. The Be sharps are now extremely popular, until the day they run out of ideas.

    At the end of the episode, they all get together on the top of Moes to sing Baby on board for old times sake.

    I think this is a very funny episode. I love all of the songs, and the part where the guy jumps in the water when Homer describes Lady liberty as a 200 ton woman.

    Overall Grade:/B+/87%
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons the family goes to the flee market and they come acrosss a old album and it shows homer on the cover with others and homer starts to tell the story of how him and skinner and apo came togeather to become aband like the beatles and like the same type of story like the beatles and how they sold so many albums and did alot of things like the beatles and at the end of the ep they go and sing on the roof this was a good ep and i really enjoyed the start of season 5 years ago
  • Homer tells Bart and Lisa how he was in a barbershop quartet with Principal Skinner, Apu and Barney and about his 'five weeks at the top'.

    I liked this episode a lot, however, I didn't find it was as funny as most other Simpsons episodes. I think that the writers were probably concentrating so much on the allusion of the Beatles that they sort of forgot to incorporate the usual funny material, which is a shame because this was one of the best Simpsons storylines ever. Most of the funny stuff was at the beginning at the Springfield swap meet, especially when Homer didn't recognise all of those priceless items! I also liked when Lisa and Bart questioned Homer at the end, because it was funny and the show was poking fun at its own bad continuity. Well-writen with a clever storyline.