The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 23

Homer's Enemy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 1997 on FOX
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Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes, a by-the-book perfect employee, who just doesn't fit in. He quickly takes a disliking to Homer, who despite his ineptness as a nuclear plant safety inspector and overall stupidity, remains everyone's favorite co-worker and manages to stay employed. Frank sets out to expose Homer as the safety hazard and dimwit that he is.moreless

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  • A near perfect episode that points out nearly all that is wrong with Homer, but still leaves you loving him.

    Homer, a man whose life has been filled with unfathomable success, given his sloth, meets his polar opposite in Frank Grimes, a new employee at the power plant, whose life of hard work has given him nearly no rewards. Life continues to beat Frank down, as he get reprimanded for spilling Mr. Burns' "priceless acid," though he only did it by way of preventing Homer from drinking it. Homer even tries to smooth things over by having him over to dinner, where Frank sees Homer's home life is just as wonderfully perfect as his work life. Seeing Frank's agitation over Homer's many past accomplishments, and berating him over his ignorance and laziness, is pure joy, because even though he's 100% correct, you still love Homer.

    Driven irate that Homer's continued buffoonery has done nothing but earn him the admiration of Lenny and Carl, and Homer's pathetic attempt at becoming a model employee, he sets about a plan to discredit Homer by tricking him into entering a child's contest. Homer ends up winning, earning more praise from his co-workers, and sending Frank insane. In a final fit, Frank hilariously mimics Homer's work habits, finally electrocuting himself in the process. Even at his funeral, he can't catch a break as Homer steals the show, falling asleep and asking Marge to "change the channel."moreless
  • Homer's enemy.

    Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes, a by-the-book perfect employee, who just doesn't fit in. He quickly takes a disliking to Homer, who despite his ineptness as a nuclear plant safety inspector and overall stupidity, remains everyone's favorite co-worker and manages to stay employed. Frank sets out to expose Homer as the safety hazard and dimwit that he is.

    What I liked:

    * Homer is actually everyone's favorite employee despite the fact that he is really lazy and stupid.

    * Homer's enemy. He is the complete opposite of Homer and sets out to expose Homer as a safety hazard.

    * The old factory that Bart bought. He and Milhouse play there until it falls down one night.

    * Homer entering the model building contest. Even though it was for the kids, Homer still managed to win first place, which in turn, set Frank Grimes off.

    * The ending. Frank Grimes, upset with Homer winning first place in a childeren's model building contest, grabs some high voltage wires which ends his life.

    * The funeral part. Homer, who is asleep and snoring, cracks a "wrong place, wrong time" joke in his sleep. Everyone starts laughing and they all have a laugh when they are lowering the casket into the ground.

    This was a really good episode and I think that this is one of the best eps of season 8.moreless
  • Second favorite of the series

    In this episode, Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes, a by the books employee, not too far away from our reality. He immediately hates Homer, for being incompetent and too stupid for his own job. Homer tries to be nice to "Grimey", but ultimately it doesn't help him out. I like to think of this episode as South Park before South Park. It has a serious approach with Grimes' past all the way to the tragic end. Homer of course didn't want that to happen to Grimes, but he just couldn't help it. There a couple of lol moments, like Homer showing Frank his house, but for the most part there was a dark humored theme. The ending, with Grimes' mental deterrioration(blah) was a great example of this approach, and for the most part it was very enjoyable. Overall, this is an amazing episode that shows how The Simpsons can pull off some amazingly hard risks with success. 10/10 A+moreless
  • Homer's Enemy

    Average man Frank Grimes gets a job at the plant and has to deal with Homer's idiotic attitude. Homer tries to make friends with Grimey, but it fails. Grimey tries to show the plant how stupid Homer is, but nobody can see it. So Grimey goes insane, and eventually ends up killing himself, acting "like Homer Simpson."

    This is one of the darkest {ending}, and funniest episodes of the series. Homer's behavior was funny, I do not know why, but it was. As was the whole episode. One of the funniest ever, an A+ is easily what it gets from memoreless
  • Meh. Good, but not as good as the rest of season 8

    A new employee named Frank Grimes comes to work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Grimes has a huge chip on his shoulder after a life of bad luck and hard work: He was blown up in a silo explosion as a teenager, had to teach himself to hear and feel pain, got a degree in nuclear physics through correspondence courses, and now lives in an apartment over a bowling alley. The only thing that makes sense in his hard, hard life is hustle and determination. When he meets Homer, he is incensed that someone can live so well without doing anything at all. After one of Homer's particularly excessive displays of idiocy, Grimes imitates his coworker by purposely acting foolish. During the outburst, Grimes electrocutes himself and is killed instantly. Even at Grimes' funeral, the dead man is overshadowed by Homer, who makes the mourners break out in laughter when he falls asleep and asks Marge to turn off the TV.moreless
Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and others

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Lou, and others

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Santa's Little Helper and Additional Animal Voices

Recurring Role

Pamela Hayden

Pamela Hayden

Milhouse Van Houten, Rod Flanders, Jimbo Jones, and others

Recurring Role

Russi Taylor

Russi Taylor

Martin Prince, Sherri, Terri and others

Recurring Role

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    • Grimes: I can't stand it any longer; this whole plant is insane! (waves his arms) Insane I tell you! Uh, AAAAAH! AAAAAH!
      (Frank Grimes runs out of the auditorium and through the hall, waving his arms wildly...)
      Grimes: I can be lazy too! Look at me! (throws off his tie and moons another employee) I am a worthless employee just like Homer Simpson! Give me a promotion! (he stiffly walks into the break room towards the donut box) Ooh I eat like a slob, but nobody minds...
      (He messily devours a bunch of donuts from the box as Homer and Smithers enter. Then Grimes runs into the mens' restroom...)
      Grimes: I'm peeing on the seat. Give me a raise! (comes out and waves his hands in Homer's face) Now I'm returning to work without washing my hands. BUT it doesn't matter, because I'm Homer Simpson! (he runs to the Sector 7G console and leaps into Homer's chair, spinning around) I don't need to do my work, cause someone else will do it for me! D'oh, d'oh, d'oh! (facepalms at each "d'oh")
      Homer: Hey, you OK, Grimey?
      Grimes: I'm better than OK. I'm Homer Simpson!
      Homer: (chuckles) You wish!
      Grimes: (walks up to Burns) Oh hi, Mr. Burns! I'm the worst worker in the world. Time to go home to my mansion and eat my lobster! (walks up to an open box of electrical cables with a "danger" sign above it) What's this? "Extremely high voltage." Well I don't need safety gloves, because I'm Homer Simp- (he touches the wires and is electrocuted to death)

    • (Ralph submits a Malibu Stacy Dream House to the nuclear model contest)
      Mr. Burns: Hot tub? Media room? It's supposed to be a power plant, not Aunt Beulah's Bordello!

    • (At Grimes' funeral, Homer is sleeping.)
      Homer: Change the channel, Marge!
      (Everyone laughs)
      Lenny: That's our Homer!

    • (At the children's nuclear power plant contest)
      Mr. Burns: (to Homer) Could you explain your model, young man?
      Grimes: (from audience) What's to explain? He's an idiot!
      Lenny: Pipe down!
      Homer: Well basically, I just copied the plant we have now.
      Mr. Burns: Hmmm.
      Homer: Then, I added some fins to lower wind resistance. And this racing stripe here I feel is pretty sharp.
      Mr. Burns: Agreed. First prize. (gives Homer a blue ribbon)
      Grimes: What?!
      Carl: Way to go, Homer!
      Lenny: You're number one, Homer!
      Grimes: But it, it was a contest for children!!
      Lenny: Yeah! And Homer beat their brains out!
      (audience applauds Homer)

    • Martin: Behold, the power plant of the future, today!
      Mr. Burns: Yuck! Too cold and sterile. Where's the heart?
      Martin: But it really generates power. It's lighting this room right now.
      (turns a knob on his model, causing the auditorium lights to dim)
      Mr. Burns: You lose, get off my property!

    • Lisa: Can I go downstairs and see what Dad's doing?
      Marge: I wouldn't bother him, honey. He's making some sort of model for a contest. He says it's really high-tech stuff that we wouldn't understand.
      Homer: (opens basement door) Marge, do we have any elbow macaroni and glue-on sparkles?

    • Marge: Homer, why aren't you at work?
      Homer: The car won't start. I don't feel very good today. I am at work.
      Marge: You're afraid to go to work because Frank Grimes will be there, aren't you?
      Homer: That's crazy talk. You're crazy, Marge. Get off the road!

    • Grimes: I'm sorry, isn't that …
      Homer: Yes, that's me, and the guy standing next to me is President Gerald Ford…..And this is when I was on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins…..Oh! And here's a picture of me in outer space.
      Grimes: You? Went into outer space? You?
      Homer: Sure. You've never been? Would you like to see my Grammy award?
      Grimes: No! I wouldn't!

    • Homer: Oh, what am I going to do?
      Moe: Uh, why don't you invite him over. Turn him from an enemy to a friend. Then when he's not expecting it … bam! … the ol' fork in the eye.
      Homer: Do you think it might work without the fork in the eye?
      Moe: There's always a first time.

    • Grimes: (talking about Homer) God, he eats like a pig!
      Lenny: I dunno. Pigs tend to chew. I'd say he eats more like a duck.

    • Grimes: Simpson, you've got a 513.
      (Homer looks at his watch)
      Grimes: No, a 513. In your procedures manual - a 513?
      (Homer looks at his watch again)
      Grimes: Look at your control panel.
      Homer: Oh, a five THIR-teen. I'll handle it. ( He calmly takes out a bucket of water and pours it on the console. Causing it to short out and silences the alarms) That got it.
      (Grimes looks on in horror)

    • Homer: (to Grimes, who's walking by) Hiya Stretch, what's the good word?
      Grimes: My name is Grimes, uh, Simpson, Frank Grimes. I took the trouble to learn your name, so the least you could do is learn mine.
      Homer: Okay, Grimey.

    • Grimes: Oh, that's my degree in nuclear physics. I'm sure you all have one.
      Lenny: Oh yeah, Carl and I each have a masters. Of course, old Homer, he didn't need a degree. He just showed up the day they opened the plant.
      Homer: I didn't even know what a nuclear panner plant was.

    • Burns: Smithers, I've just seen the most heroic dog on television. He pulled a toddler from the path of a speeding car, then pushed a criminal in front of it. Find this dog. I want to make him my executive vice president.
      Smithers: Uh, yes sir. In the meantime, here's Frank Grimes. (Grimes offers his hand, but Burns just stares at him blankly) The, the self-made man?
      Burns: What? Oh, yes, that fellow. Mmmm, put him somewhere out of the way, and find that dog!

    • Frank Grimes: (at the Simpson home) Look at this place! I live in a single room above a bowling alley and below another bowling alley!

    • Frank Grimes: (points at Homer) That's the man who's in charge of our safety? It boggles the mind!
      Carl: It's best not to think about it.

    • Moe: As hard as it is to believe, some people don't care for me, neither.
      Homer: (shakes head) No, I won't accept that.
      Moe: No, it's true. I got their names written down right here, in what I call my, uh, "enemies list".
      Barney: (takes the list from Moe and reads it) Jane Fonda, Daniel Schorr, Jack Anderson... Hey, this is Richard Nixon's enemies list! You just crossed out his name and put yours.
      Moe: Oh, (writes down) Barney Gumble.

    • Frank Grimes: I saw him asleep inside a radiation suit! Can you imagine that? He was hanging from a coat hook!
      Lenny: He had three beers at lunch. That would make anybody sleepy.

    • (Homer is about to unwittingly drink a beaker of sulfuric acid when Grimes smashes it out of his hand, causing it to dissolve a wall)
      Grimes: You idiot! You almost drank a beaker full of sulfuric acid!
      Homer: Acid, eh? Jeez, that would have been stupid! (laughs) Wow, would my face have been red! (laughs again)
      Grimes: Stop laughing, you imbecile!! Don't you realize how close you just came to killing yourself?!
      (Mr. Burns, walking by, notices the damaged wall)
      Mr. Burns: Who did this to my wall?
      Homer: (points at Grimes) He did.
      Mr. Burns: Is this true?
      Grimes: Well, uh, technically it is true, sir, but...
      Mr. Burns: (coldly) Come with me.
      Homer: (whispering to Grimes) He likes you.

    • (Bart notices that the factory has collapsed)
      Bart: Ah, jeez. Milhouse, how could you let this happen? You were supposed to be the night watchman!
      Milhouse: I was watching. I saw the whole thing. First it started falling over, then it fell over.
      Bart: Wow. Wonder where all the rats are gonna go?
      (Dozens of rats run out from under the rubble and into Moe's Tavern)
      Moe: Okay, everybody tuck your pants into your socks!

    • Homer: I'll do it! To professionalism!
      (He drinks a bottle of beer.)

    • Grimes: I have had to work hard everyday of my life and what do I have to show for it? This briefcase and this haircut! And what do you have to show for you lifetime of sloth and ignorance?
      Homer: What?
      Grimes: Everything! A dream house, two cars, a beautiful wife, a son who owns a factory, fancy clothes, and (sniffs) lobsters for dinner!

    • Frank Grimes: If this were any other country, you'd have starved to death long ago.
      Bart: He's got you there, Dad.
      Frank Grimes: You're a fraud, a total fraud. (To Marge and the kids) It was nice meeting you.

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