The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 23

Homer's Enemy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 1997 on FOX

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  • A near perfect episode that points out nearly all that is wrong with Homer, but still leaves you loving him.

    Homer, a man whose life has been filled with unfathomable success, given his sloth, meets his polar opposite in Frank Grimes, a new employee at the power plant, whose life of hard work has given him nearly no rewards. Life continues to beat Frank down, as he get reprimanded for spilling Mr. Burns' "priceless acid," though he only did it by way of preventing Homer from drinking it. Homer even tries to smooth things over by having him over to dinner, where Frank sees Homer's home life is just as wonderfully perfect as his work life. Seeing Frank's agitation over Homer's many past accomplishments, and berating him over his ignorance and laziness, is pure joy, because even though he's 100% correct, you still love Homer.
    Driven irate that Homer's continued buffoonery has done nothing but earn him the admiration of Lenny and Carl, and Homer's pathetic attempt at becoming a model employee, he sets about a plan to discredit Homer by tricking him into entering a child's contest. Homer ends up winning, earning more praise from his co-workers, and sending Frank insane. In a final fit, Frank hilariously mimics Homer's work habits, finally electrocuting himself in the process. Even at his funeral, he can't catch a break as Homer steals the show, falling asleep and asking Marge to "change the channel."
  • Homer's enemy.

    Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes, a by-the-book perfect employee, who just doesn't fit in. He quickly takes a disliking to Homer, who despite his ineptness as a nuclear plant safety inspector and overall stupidity, remains everyone's favorite co-worker and manages to stay employed. Frank sets out to expose Homer as the safety hazard and dimwit that he is.

    What I liked:
    * Homer is actually everyone's favorite employee despite the fact that he is really lazy and stupid.
    * Homer's enemy. He is the complete opposite of Homer and sets out to expose Homer as a safety hazard.
    * The old factory that Bart bought. He and Milhouse play there until it falls down one night.
    * Homer entering the model building contest. Even though it was for the kids, Homer still managed to win first place, which in turn, set Frank Grimes off.
    * The ending. Frank Grimes, upset with Homer winning first place in a childeren's model building contest, grabs some high voltage wires which ends his life.
    * The funeral part. Homer, who is asleep and snoring, cracks a "wrong place, wrong time" joke in his sleep. Everyone starts laughing and they all have a laugh when they are lowering the casket into the ground.

    This was a really good episode and I think that this is one of the best eps of season 8.
  • Second favorite of the series

    In this episode, Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes, a by the books employee, not too far away from our reality. He immediately hates Homer, for being incompetent and too stupid for his own job. Homer tries to be nice to "Grimey", but ultimately it doesn't help him out. I like to think of this episode as South Park before South Park. It has a serious approach with Grimes' past all the way to the tragic end. Homer of course didn't want that to happen to Grimes, but he just couldn't help it. There a couple of lol moments, like Homer showing Frank his house, but for the most part there was a dark humored theme. The ending, with Grimes' mental deterrioration(blah) was a great example of this approach, and for the most part it was very enjoyable. Overall, this is an amazing episode that shows how The Simpsons can pull off some amazingly hard risks with success. 10/10 A+
  • Homer's Enemy

    Average man Frank Grimes gets a job at the plant and has to deal with Homer's idiotic attitude. Homer tries to make friends with Grimey, but it fails. Grimey tries to show the plant how stupid Homer is, but nobody can see it. So Grimey goes insane, and eventually ends up killing himself, acting "like Homer Simpson."

    This is one of the darkest {ending}, and funniest episodes of the series. Homer's behavior was funny, I do not know why, but it was. As was the whole episode. One of the funniest ever, an A+ is easily what it gets from me
  • Meh. Good, but not as good as the rest of season 8

    A new employee named Frank Grimes comes to work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Grimes has a huge chip on his shoulder after a life of bad luck and hard work: He was blown up in a silo explosion as a teenager, had to teach himself to hear and feel pain, got a degree in nuclear physics through correspondence courses, and now lives in an apartment over a bowling alley. The only thing that makes sense in his hard, hard life is hustle and determination. When he meets Homer, he is incensed that someone can live so well without doing anything at all. After one of Homer's particularly excessive displays of idiocy, Grimes imitates his coworker by purposely acting foolish. During the outburst, Grimes electrocutes himself and is killed instantly. Even at Grimes' funeral, the dead man is overshadowed by Homer, who makes the mourners break out in laughter when he falls asleep and asks Marge to turn off the TV.
  • one of the funniest episodes of season 8

    although i saw the sequel (the great louse detective) where frank grimes jr gets revenge on homer before this episode, homer's enemy and therefore knew what was coming, i still found it hilarious with great gags such as homer saying he was in space as if everyone's been there and homer almost drinking acid and of course everyone praising homer for his redesign of the nuclear plant in a children's contest. the b story with bart and his factory that he unrealistically bought at an auction for a dollar was a great storyline aswell but what takes the cake is that homer drove frank crazy. this episode never stops being funny the whole way through.
  • Ahead of It's Time

    A more real life, average, non cartoon, everyman comes to Springfield and is amazed that Homer Simpsons is able to do so well in life. Homer's Enemy is a character piece, opting for observations made my the Frank Grimes characters then on really out there set ups and gags. The whole episode is pretty flawless including a very nice Bart sub plot about him owning a factory. Milhouse and Bart scenes seem to work no matter what the context. The ending is pretty shocking Frank Grimes being electrocuted is a surprise considering it's a cartoon but it fits as he is suppose to represent a real life person (had it been anyone else from the Simpsons universe they would be fine). Homer's genuine attempt to make friends with Frank is very cute but is under cut by a very insensitive ending that leaves you feeling like Homer is a giant jerk. Homer Enemy came out long before subtle observational humor was the norm in prime time comedy and is a great example of the genius of the show.
  • Two stupid men.

    Yuck, in this episode we get to see once again that Homer Simpson is such a jerk. I am really dissapointed in his horrible personality. The way he treats others and his recklesness are immense. On the other hand, we find Grimey who is an idiot in his own way, too. he is the kind of person who has chip in his shoulders and thinks that everyone owes him something.

    These two detestable characters start to mistreat each other in different ways and that's probably the whole of this show.

    Once again, not many laughs and yet I watched it very happily.
  • Best episode of The Simpsons!


    GRADE: A*

    A new hard working employee named Frank Grimes goes insane after seeing success from Homer's stupidity. Grimes is pushed to the edge when Homer wins 1st prize on a children's contest, with everyone praising him except Grimes, quoting "This whole plant is insane, insane I tell you!"

    In a terrifying (yet satisfying) conclusion, we see Grimes wander around the plant acting like Homer while others follow him continue on his rampage of insanity. As a last resort he grabs some electrical wires, which kills him instantly to prove a point to the workers that "Homer Simpson has the intelligence of a six year old".

    He ultimatly fails and continues to be beaten by Homer at his funeral, by grabbing all the attention away from his coffin. While he is sleeping he says "Change The Channel Marge!" as it is being laid to rest underground and everyone laughs as Lenny ends the episode with "That's our Homer!" before finishing with the credits.

    This is definatly one of the darkest and best written episodes of The Simpsons. The Bart and Milhouse subplot was decent as well. Best episode ever!
  • This was a disgusting, and terrible episode. If you're going to make an episode "dark", then do it well. Don't insult the audience.

    Whoever wrote this episode has a sick mind.

    This episode was strongly unsettling - especially the ending.
    Apart from "G I D'oh", I have never seen something so blatantly unfunny. Not only that, it's just plain ridiculous.

    "Homer's Enemy" makes me regret ever purchasing season 8 on DVD. But hopefully, there will be episodes to lighten my mood.

    This episode was as bad as "Homer's Phobia".
    Why is Homer such an arrogant Jacka** in this season?

    If you love The Simpsons, and you especially love seasons like 4, 5, 6, and 7, then I feel you might be disappointed by this episode. But then again, I don't know you, and I don't know what your tastes are. So I'll finish by saying, this is one of the worst Simpsons episodes in history.

    ps. Yay, 100th review!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons the power plant gets a new employee to work there and his name is frank grims thing is he gets really mad at everyone one mostly homer becasue how much he gets away with and how lazy and stupid homer is . and so it goes to far but the thing is frank goes and shows what homer gets away with and he dies by getting electricuted by not wearing safty gloves . this ep was really funny because he was mad about how much most people did not really care how lazy and dum homer was and how he still had a job. that was the funny part . and he died.
  • Homer vs Frank Grimes.

    A hard-working man named Frank Grimes is hired at the Power Plant and instantly dislikes Homer's poor performance and attitude. Grimes declares that he and Homer are enemies. At City Hall, Bart steps into an auction and buys an abandoned factory for a dollar. He hires Milhouse and the two spend their days wreaking havoc at the factory until is collapses. Grimes is invited to the Simpsons house for dinner, which only strengthens his dislike for Homer. To expose his stupidity, Grimes enters Homer into a children's contest to design a nuclear power plant. Homer wins the contest and is applauded by his peers. Grimes goes insane. Imitating Homer's behavior, he runs amok through the plant and electrocutes himself. As he is laid to rest, Homer sleeps through the funeral. I never understood why this is aclaimed as the greatest episode ever. It was funny, but definately no were near my top 10. It was a B at best. Give it a watch.
  • If you were to create a new show and needed inspiration this is the episode you would turn to.

    There is no greater episode than this one. Vintage Simpsons. Bart buying a factory is hilarious, yet only a sub-plot. Frank Grimes or Grimey as he liked to be called is great in this role, but it is the way in which Homer acts in response to this hate which makes it such a classic episode.
    There are so many memorable one liners in this episode that could be repeated for a life time.
    Grimey: You went to outerspace?
    Homer: Sure, you've never been. And here's when I won a grammy.
    Rev Lovejoy: Frank Grimes, or Grimey as he liked to be called.
    Homer: Change the channel Marge.
    Lenny: Haha, that's our Homer.
    There is also the part where he wins a contest for kids and the list goes on and on.
    There is never a moment where you don't laugh in this episode. Absolutely brilliant.
  • I admit, I didn't laugh much at this episode. Not because of the lack of humor, but at the realization that this episode is not far off the mark.

    You can't help but feel sorry for Frank Grimes; he's worked hard all his life with nothing to show for it, and Homer lives a life of luxury in spite of his stupidity. To be honest, I really like dark humor. Burns also shoves him to a place out of the way in spite of the fact he wanted to make him Vice President. Grimes isn't a humerous man, and wasn't much good at small talk. Homer's various acts of stupidity was great, not to mention quite typical, although Grimes is absolutely horrified. After having his pay reduced, he tries to get revenge by humilating Homer in a children's competition. He laughs manically until Homer smashes into his car. (He can't catch a break, can he?) Unfortunately, his attempts to do so only earn him praise with his coworkers, which ultimately drives him insane. He acts like Homer Simpson, and ends up killing himself. It goes to show that there are times it doesn't end happily. The humor was well-placed, though I could see parallels between that and my life. However, I didn't like the subplot as much, though it was somewhat amusing. Seriously, Milhouse as a night watchman tells you that you can't get good help these days. (or ever, really)

    Back to the main plot. I can honestly relate to Frank Grimes, since I have been constantly screwed over by jerks that seem to be loves by everybody. My classmates act mature and stupid, and most people find it funny. I stick a toe out of line, and they're right on me. Grimes was considered different, and thus did not get along with people at the plant; I've been in the same boat. It's why I find it funny; it's very true. Therefore, decent people often get screwed over in this world, while the jerks and kiss-ups rise to the top.
  • best episode ever you have to be crazy to not like this episode

    it recieved poor reviews when it was aired but later to become one of the greatest episodes not only was it funny icluding frank grimes's accidental suicide it was entertaining those two formulas make a simpsons episode pure that bleeds and erupts humor this is a must see and trust me it's an episode worth seeing in fact its more than that its a legacy now 100 words minimum best episode best episdoe best episdoe a must see a must see wait thought of something how can you hate this episode how millions of simpsons fans will fight you for saying that and leader is me
  • Definitely another great installment.

    One thing I've always loved about the Simpsons is their modest income compared to their luxurious actions and home. We finally get to see someone realize just how good Homer has it compared to just how incompetent he is.

    Enter Frank Grimes (AKA 'Grimey'), one of my all-time favorite one episode characters. He's the polar opposite of Homer. He lives in an apartment, has no wife, kids, and has a college degree. His annoyance with Homer leads to one of the best and worst moments in the Simpsons history.

    Frank Grimes could have been even more of a great character, but I guess the 'less is more' thing is perfect here (greased up deaf guy...hello?). It's still one of the best to this day.
  • My favorite No.1 episode of all time you go Simpsons

    The Simpsons has always been my favorite show of all time but this was my favorite episode of the simpsons it was so funny Grimey was jealous of homer because homer can afford 5 lobsters, a beatiful wife, a two story house with a basement, meeting president Gerald Ford, winning a grammy, and going into outer space while Grimey lives above and below a bowling alley he gets mad because homer is lazy and stupid and nobody cares while Grimey says ooh what's this extremely high voltage i dont need safety gloves because i am homer simp and then he's dead
  • Classic Simpsons episode which i'm able to watch over and over again.

    The very first line of this episode "Which if true, means death for us all" by Kent Brockman had me laughing out loud. Throughout this episode i found my self giggling to myself thinking "wow, this is a really funny episode". The simplistic story line and the extremley witty jokes make this a classic Simpson episode for me which i am able to watch over and over again when i'm in the need for a good chuckle.
  • Definitely my No.1 Simpsons Episode of all time, with a great new character who brings a new point of view to Homer Simpson.

    This has to be my favourite episode of The Simpsons in all the years it's churned out. The best part is the fact that they take a character from the real world and then throw into the Simpsons universe where, after meeting Homer, he just breaks down. Frank "Grimey" Grimes was a great character and quite funny for the fact he kept pointing out all Homers faults but no one was really concerned with anything he had to say. I thought the majority of the humour in this episode was Observational humour, Homer didn't have to say a word but the situation would be utterly hilarious. I just loved this episode, it just shows why John Swartzwelder has had such a successful career with The Simpsons. A great episode I would recommend EVERYONE to watch.
  • Best episode ever.

    Production code: 4F19

    Writer: John Swartzwelder

    Director: Jim Reardon

    Summary: A hard working employee (Frank Grimes) got hired at the Necular Power Plant. Unfortunately his cubicle is next to Homer Simpson. Frank is annoyed at Homer because he almost drank sulfuric acid which Frank got in trouble. Homer chewed up Frank's pencils just to name a few. Finally Grimey sees a “make your own Power Plant” flyer and sends it to Homer. Homer, not knowing it's a contest for children starts to work on the project. On the day of the contest, Homer won first prize. Frank Grimes goes berserk and ends up killing himself.

    Reaction: This was an amazing episode.

    Favourite quote: Grimes: Oh, that's my degree in nuclear physics. I'm sure you all have one.
    Lenny: Oh yeah, Carl and I each have a masters. Of course, old Homer, he didn't need a degree. He just showed up the day they opened the plant.
    Homer: I didn't even know what a nuclear panner plant was.


    Grimes: Simpson, you've got a 513.
    (Homer looks at his watch)
    Grimes: No, a 513. In your procedures manual - a 513?
    (Homer looks at his watch again)
    Grimes: Look at your control panel.
    Homer: Oh, a five THIR-teen. I'll handle it. (He calmly takes out a bucket of water and pours it on the console. Causing it to short out and silences the alarms) that got it.
    (Grimes look on in horror)

    The moral of the story do not work with a guy like Homer.
  • Hard-Knock Life!

    the episode began with the story of Frank Gines and his troubled life. that impressed Mr. burns so he been hired a the nuclear power plant. Frank patients has been teat, not by Lenny and Carl, but by Homer, his emeny. Frank tries to be a hard working man, but Homer goofs off and makes Mr. Grines furious. This epsiode is about the character who work hard to achieve life, but runnin g into that goofball like Homer, well turn his life around, even it proves costly at the end. Homer is one of my favorite Simpson characters, and this episide proves it.
  • Frank Grimes gets a job at the power plant. Unfortunately for him, he works next to Homer, who gives him the nickname "Grimey". Homer eventually drives Grimey mad, so he goes on a rampage, "being" Homer. But, bad idea led to his demise

    This episode showed us Homers flaws from a different point of view, and how dangerous his antics can really be. But even after this, nobody in Springfield cares. Grimey hated Homer, because he was obnoxious, loud and annoying, the same reasons we love him. This episode make the Simpsons a little bit more real, in the sense that if Homer was real, we'd all be dead. This episode is unlike any other episodes, and is probobly one of, if not THE best episode made so far. It was funny, really witty and just so right. A personal favorite of mine.
  • Ah, Homer's Enemy. My favorite episode!

    This was the episode that got me hooked onto the Simpsons.

    This episode shows how a real person from our universe wouldn't survive in the Simpsons Universe. If we were to be in the Simpsons universe and saw how Carl, Lenny, and especially Homer live we would act the same way as Frank Grimes. We would all be shocked at how these lazy people have great lives with 3 kids, a wife, 2 cars, and a house. Grimes eventually starts to act at like Homer and that leads to his demise which I enjoyed very much even though I am big fan of Frank Grimes.
  • If Homer Simpson was real, everyone would feel the Frank Grimes felt in the episode.

    Grimes was right to hate Homer realistically, but Homer's my favorite character. This episode shows how stupid everyone in Springfield is, which made it really funny. In the Power Plant building competition, Homer won it when it was a contest for kids, Grimes was right to be upset. It also was pretty funny when Grimes went crazy and eventually got himself killed. I have this episode on DVD, and I watch it more than many of the episodes. This is one of my favorite episodes from one of my favorite seasons. Homer also tried to be friends with "Grimey" as he calls him, and it just wasn't gonna work out. The "Change the Channel" quote towards the end at the funeral was great timing and brilliant! Way to go writers!
  • Mr. Burns hires Frank Grimes at the Power Plant. Grimes has struggled through his entrie life and it gets worse when he meets Homer Simpson, ultimately driving him to his death.

    This is my favorite episode of the series. i laughed so hard when seeing how stupid Homer can really be. This was by far his dumbest display yet. This is also my favorite episode in television history, nothing else can replace it. It's pure Shwartzwelder. I love it when a character acts dumber than they usually are in a rare episode, such as this one. "Boy would i have been red." Homer said after Grimes knocked the acid out of his hands when Homer picked up that, rather than his normal choice for a drink. and Grimes said "You almost drank acid. You could have been killed."
  • A new guy at the plant, Frank Grimes, hates Homer because he does nothing and has everything.

    A new guy joins the plant. His name is Frank Grimes. Homer tries to be nice, but Grimes just winds up hating him. Meanwhile, Bart buys a abandoned factry for $1 and hires Milhouse to work their. Homer invites Grimes to dinner and he sees how Homer has a family nice house, and lobster. Then he hates Homer even more. Bart makes Milhouse the security guard and the next morning, the factory has been reduce to rubble. Meanwhile at the plant, Grimes enters Homer in a kid contest which he wins. Grimes goes crazy and runs around the plant pretending to be Homer. He grabs eletrical wires without gloves which shock and kill him. The Simpsons and other people go to his funeral.
  • Best episode in this season!

    This episode hits the mark at just about every moment. This episode is a "series classic" because it points out everything that is wrong with Homer and everybody else in the Simpson universe and yet, it leaves you still tolerating it. Frank Grimes comes to work at the power plant to do honest hard work (unlike anybody else there) and yet, he's the one who dies at the end! I like the scene where "Grimey" is at the Simpson's House and sees the awards Homer has gotten through slothfulness. The funeral scene was possibly the best scene in the entire series and it just went ot show that Homer is there to steal the show, even at a funeral. This episode is a must-see to any Simpsons fan.
  • it's hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha funy...

    I think it's just me but when i see over and over again this episode i keeep seeing myself as homer, not doing much with my life but having a roof over my head...
    I think what makes this episode memorabile, is that all of us can relate to it...
    Now what makes this episode excelent is that it's a show from The Simpsons, and that it's one of my favourites :P
  • THE best episode in season 8!

    It's hard to imagine that there are people who don't like this classic episode! The one and only appearance of Frank Grimes. The whole Homer/Frank Grimes rivalry thing was also awesome! The end part was also hilarious when Frank Grimes electricuted himself!
    Classic, excellent episode! All I have to say!
  • The best Simpsons episode ever, plain and simple.

    Ok, so why exactly is this episode so great? Plenty of reasons. First off, it was an interesting view on what it might be like if a real person happened to enter The Simpsons world. Secondly, the stupid things that Homer did that annoyed Grimes were all hilarious. I couldn't help but feel Grimes was a little too mean to Homer, but that's about it. It was also nice of Homer to try befriend him. And the scene where Grimes imitated Homer's laziness and stupidity was easily the most hilarious moment in the history of the show.

    Simply put, a fantastic episode, with plenty of good laughs, and much more. Easily the best Simpsons episode ever.
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