The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 23

Homer's Enemy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 1997 on FOX

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  • Best episode ever.

    Production code: 4F19

    Writer: John Swartzwelder

    Director: Jim Reardon

    Summary: A hard working employee (Frank Grimes) got hired at the Necular Power Plant. Unfortunately his cubicle is next to Homer Simpson. Frank is annoyed at Homer because he almost drank sulfuric acid which Frank got in trouble. Homer chewed up Frank's pencils just to name a few. Finally Grimey sees a “make your own Power Plant” flyer and sends it to Homer. Homer, not knowing it's a contest for children starts to work on the project. On the day of the contest, Homer won first prize. Frank Grimes goes berserk and ends up killing himself.

    Reaction: This was an amazing episode.

    Favourite quote: Grimes: Oh, that's my degree in nuclear physics. I'm sure you all have one.
    Lenny: Oh yeah, Carl and I each have a masters. Of course, old Homer, he didn't need a degree. He just showed up the day they opened the plant.
    Homer: I didn't even know what a nuclear panner plant was.


    Grimes: Simpson, you've got a 513.
    (Homer looks at his watch)
    Grimes: No, a 513. In your procedures manual - a 513?
    (Homer looks at his watch again)
    Grimes: Look at your control panel.
    Homer: Oh, a five THIR-teen. I'll handle it. (He calmly takes out a bucket of water and pours it on the console. Causing it to short out and silences the alarms) that got it.
    (Grimes look on in horror)

    The moral of the story do not work with a guy like Homer.