The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 3

Homer's Odyssey

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1990 on FOX

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  • Homer gets fired from his job, feeling sad and suicidal, but when his family tells him they love him, he reconsiders, then he helps clean up his town, Springfield, and everyone around town starts to really like him, he gets rehired, and people are happy.

    I think The Simpsons, is a Good, Grade A, World Champion show around the world and this is the best episode. It's funny, teaches you that there are always people there for you, and you can always help. I think Matt Groening did a good job thinking of the title, too. I thought it was a clever name. I thought it was funny that Homer wanted to use Bart's money to buy a beer, and when Homer crashed into the wall when he looked to say "hi" to Bart. All in all, I thought it was a good episode and I rate it 10 out of 10.
  • Safety comes first

    Great episode here's my Classic Quote section:

    (Mr. Burns offers Homer the new job of safety inspector)
    Mr. Burns: The generous offer I'm making is good for exactly…30 seconds, Simpson.
    Homer's Brain: Me, in charge of safety? This place could blow sky high. Nah. I'll concentrate on my work now. Gee, this guy's desk sure is big. I can't let Marge support the family. This guy's got the cleanest shirt I've ever seen. What should I--.
    Mr. Burns: Simpson, time's up.
    Homer: Mmm, what the hey. I'll take the job.
    Mr. Burns: Excellent.

    My Why i loved this episode:
    Homer shows emotion at the loss of a job he actually shows emotion thats a great thing for the simpsons to do.

    Better Or Worse then the last episode:
    Equal to Bart the Genius a little worse story telling but the jokes were just as good.

    Ahh Goobras

    Screw Flanders Screw flanders screw flanders
  • Stop crowd surfing and get back to work! Warning: Contains spoilers!

    I have no clue why I don't remember much about watching this episode until I saw it. Maybe I do have a clue. Anyways, this episode is probably the best episode of the first season of the Simpsons. Although, the humor wasn't the best and this is one of those Simpsons episodes like most of the first season is.. without the idiot Homer, this still was a great episode to watch. I can't wait to see Homer develop more in to an idiot in the series as I'm watching.

    I enjoyed this episode, and I found it hilarious. My favorite scene in this episode could be when Homer fell but fell onto a crowd who liked him.

    In this episode, Homer gets fired from the nuclear plant as a technical supervisor or supervisor technical guy after an accident. After this, he attempts suicide until his family almost gets hit by a car. After this, he vows to have stop signs and others on the road. Soon, he realizes the biggest danger is the nuclear plant. But, he is taken in to work as a safety inspector, and he takes the job. The crowd of people who were with him seems to like his speech after he accepts the job, and they are with him.

    This episode was very entertaining, and I enjoyed it.
  • He's Done It again lol.

    Once again homer has caused havoc in the nuclear power plant but this time it costs him his job and all because of Bart. Even though its a tough time for the simpsons its a funny time for viewers seing what will happen next because as we all know this is the first season and one of the first episodes so we stil hadn't experienced the full simpsons at that time. My favorite part of this episode is when homer crashes into the pipe full of nuclear gases, lol. well anyway we are now coming into the 18th season and all i have to say is GJ Matt Groening for all the fun times and laughs you have brought us. :D
  • Homers Odyssey

    This is another great episode. Bart and his class are on a school trip to the nuclear power plant when Bart says hi to Homer Bart costs him the job but he obviously returns to his work place but before he did that was trying to kill himself and protesting.
  • there's a temporary solution.

    Springfield Elementary is on a field trip to Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer's workplace. Mrs. Krabappel warns Bart to behave and not make this trip a repeat of their trip to the state prison. Otto shows up late and drives the kids to the plant. Bart has to sit next to Wendell, who throws up on every bus ride. He gets in trouble on the bus ride and Mrs. Krabappel makes him sing "John Henry Was A Steel Driving Man". When they arrive at SNPP, Smithers shows the class a very cheesy old-timey film about nuclear energy, then takes them on a tour of the plant. Homer knows the kids are at the plant and drives off in his cart to go see the kids. When Bart sees Homer and waves to him, Homer waves to him, only to crash into a pipe. He is immediately fired. Homer doesn't think he can find another job, but Bart and Lisa encourage him to start looking. However, no one wants to hire Homer. Frustrated, he goes to Moe's Tavern to drown his sorrows with alcohol, but he has no money for the beer and Moe won't run a tab for Homer because he doesn't think Homer will ever get another job. That night, Marge decides to go get her old job back as a waitress at a burger joint so that there will be money coming in. Depressed, Homer lies on his couch, not moving, while Bart gets him to sign his very poor report card. Homer sees a commercial for Duff Beer and decides that beer can get him through his unemployment, but he finds no beer in the fridge. He decides to break open Bart's piggy bank for beer money, but when he does it, he realizes he hates what he's becoming. He decides to kill himself. He leaves a suicide note, takes a big boulder and ties it around his waist, and heads off to a bridge to go jump off of. However, Marge and the kids discover Homer's suicide note and rush out to save Homer. They find him at the bridge just as he is about to jump. As they rush over to stop him, they are almost hit by a speeding car and Homer barely saves them in time. Homer realizes he cares about public safety and vows to have a stop sign put up at the bridge. He lobbies for it at City Hall, and they agree to put the stop sign in. Homer decides that he's not going to stop at the stop sign and decides he will be a safety crusader. Soon, signs are everywhere thanks to Homer and Homer has a huge rallying behind him. However, he has to take on his biggest challenge yet: His old employers, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer holds a protest outside the plant lobbying for the plant to be shut down. Mr. Burns watches this from his office up above and orders Smithers to bring Homer to his office. When Homer steps into Burns's office, he offers Homer a new job as the plant's safety inspector. Homer agrees to take the job, but his first duty is to step outside and tell everyone the plant is safe. Homer has trouble doing this, but Burns convinces him he has made the right decision. Homer tells everybody he can no longer be their safety crusader, but they don't need to worry as he will be the plant's new safety inspector. Everybody cheers Homer.

    This episode introduces Otto, Sherri and Terri, Wendell, Jasper, the Winfields, Chief Wiggum, and properly introduces Waylon Smithers and Mr. Burns. We also to get to see the first Duff Beer commercial and Bart's first prank call to Moe (I. P. Freely) in the series. Mr. Burns here is voiced by a different voice actor than normal (the late Christopher Collins, instead of Harry Shearer). Homer in this episode is quite out of character (Homer attempting to commit suicide?! The Homer Simpson we know and love would never do that) and he seems more responsible than normal. This is forgiveable as it is one of the first episodes and they hadn't fully developed the characters yet. Overall this is a good episode. The only problems I had with it was that it was a bit lacking in humor (it still had a good storyline), Smithers was black in this episode (an animation error), and Homer's suicide attempt (which wasn't that funny).
  • Homer gets fired and trys to make a differance in safety.

    Mrs. Krabappel takes Bart's class on a trip to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. While riding through the plant in an electric cart Homer crashes into a radioactive pipe, causing him to be fired for repeated safety violations. Depressed and unable to find a new job, Homer writes a good-bye note and goes to jump of a bridge. Lisa finds the note and alerts the family. Rushing to stop Homer the family is almost ran over by a speeding truck, but Homer gets them out of the way just in time. Homer enbarks on a public safety erusade to make Springfield a safer place to live. Speed bumps, warning signs, and public awareness posters are placed throughout the city. Wehn he becomes bored with traffic safety, Homer takes on the nuclear power plant, rallying to the people of Springfield. To stop Homer, Mr. Burns offers Homer a new job with more pay. Homer accepts the job which is Safety Supervisor.
  • Homer has lost his job in ther nuclear power plant for causing an accident.

    I can't believe it. Homer lost his job in the nuclear power plant for causing an accident. He tried some other jobs but fails as shown that the doors in front of him closes.

    Here's something funny. Bart asks Moe for an I.P. Freely. It means "I pee freely". After Moe says "I.P. Freely!", the customers laughed at him. Realizing it is a prank call, Moe says "Listen to me, you lousy bum, if I ever get a hold of you, you're dead. I swear I'm gonna slice your heart in half!" Homer tells him that he will get the prank caller someday. Moe claims that the prank caller is tough to catch because he changed his name.
  • Chris Latta was a Good Mr.Burns

    One day When Homer's Son Bart has a Class Trip to the Nuclear Power Plant and Everyone is ashamed of Homer's behavoiur and Burns fires Him and just before Homer was going to the do Suicide Homer Nearly gets run over by a Car and he wants a Stop sign and he was going to shut down The Plant until Burns gives Him a Promotion
  • This is the episode where we see homers old job at the power plant.

    When people look at this episode..i dont get it why people overlook it, this is where homer gets the safety inspecter.. a IMPORTANT part of the series. Anyway, as we go on we see a black smithiers. This is his (unoffical) first apperance in this episode. And we meet blinky, the 3 eyed fish. But the fish takes a bigger role in season 2. So it is safe to say that this episode,we are introduced to a lot of different characters who take bigger roles in the series. But now back to the episode,it shows homer about to kill himself, but the family saves him and makes the town put up a lot of street signs. Not even i could do stuff like that. But on a wrap-up note.This episode is just like a introduction to different characters. But mostly homer because it shows how he got the saftey inspector job.
    Overall i give it a 9.0
  • Lame episode

    Of all the season 1 episodes, this ranks as one of the worst simpsons episodes right next to Saddlesore Galatica.

    Homer loses his job, and decides to waste his life, but goes political afterwards to complain about safety. Nothing else pretty much happens. That and Smithers wasn't colored correctly.

    This is one of the worst episodes of the show. But it's still much more tolerable than newer Family Guy or Simpsons episodes.
  • homer gets fired goes tries to kill himself and get rehired

    in this ep homer gets fired from the powerplant he feels sad and tries to kill himself his family comes to him and they tell him they love him. and he gets better and goes and starts to clean up the town and help the people during that time the plant decides to hire homer and he gets rehired again. this to me was good ep becasue it was still in the simpsons glory days and it still drew in the millions of people that watched the show so i think this was a really good ep and i gave it a 9 for these reasons.
  • An episode filed with trills and excitement and a below average human losing his job.

    Fired from his work, resident Homer becomes caught in a grid of nuclear hazards and public safety. An action - adventure tale aflame with danger and public code violations. My favourite quote in this episode is a prank phone call to Moe I.P Freely. When Homer almost kills himself by jumping over a bridge his family try to stop him when a car nearly runs them over so Homer decides to become a man of safety and Mr Burns gives Homer a new job at the plant ; A safety technician. An episode filed with trills and excitement and a below average human losing his job.
  • Homer searches for his meaning.

    Homer's job at the nuclear plant is pretty much full of donuts and sleep. That turns into anugish when Homer causes another mishap and loses his job becoming a bum who never moves a muscle, come to think of it, didn't he already did that? Homer attempting suicide was as funny as Homer's seniors comment, but Homer sees the light and campaigns for the little guy with signs. OK, dozens of signs are OK but they can be a pain to watch, everywhere you look, there's a sign, that actually gets the attention of Burns who wants Homer to work for him to prevent secrets about the plant to be revealed.
  • Homer got fired and he actually looked disappointed!

    This was the very first episode Homer got fired.

    Its weird watching these episodes because Homer seem much less of a slob than he does in the present.

    The Ironic thing is he got fired when he was trying to do some work. (and impress Bart) In the future he seemed to slide under the radar and sleep a fair bit and so he hardly eer got in trouble. Although when he slept sometimes there would be a meltdown alert.

    In the 1st season it was like Homer was a completely different person. I know all the characters have evolved in some way, but he has changed an incredible amount from the start.

    This episode he is completely out of character. He becomes obsessed with safety! Thats right this is how he became safety inspector. You got the impression that after this episode he would be extra good at his job, but instead he went in the opposite direction.
  • Homer the safety watch dog

    Homer got fired for the first time for gross incompetence or we can say accident and being promoted as the Safety Inspector...until now. It's really ridiculous because of the reason he got fired,(there will be a meltdown alert every now and then in the future). The riveting moment is when Homer tries to commit suicide and the Simpsons reunited at the intersection. When Homer's proposal for a stop sign is approved, Homer just doesn't stop there, he became very safety conscious for Springfielders putting safety signs everywhere since he got nothing to do. When Homer leads a group of protesters outside the nuclear power plant,Burns sees Homer as a people person and offers him the Safety Inspector job and vows to concentrate on his work (yeah right, we all know that's not going to happen). This episode lacks some laughter and Burnies room looks awful
  • A classic.

    This is another great episode. Bart and his class are on a school trip to the nuclear power plant when Bart says hi to Homer. Homer was distracted and ended up breaking something. Bart costed him the job. Homer was about to kill himself but he becomes the public safety. He rallied the workers at the power plant to install speed bumps on the road from Mr.Burns. Homer gets rehired with a raise if he abandoned his cause and he did.
  • One word... Idiotic

    I remember watching this episode and all I can say is that it wasn't the best in the series. But it wasnt the worse. I didn't quite get the point why Homer would commit suicide just because he cant find a job doesnt mean he needs to kill himself. And I think the producers went just a little bit over the top with how many signs Homer put. Now, I've been moaning an awful lot about this episode haven't I. But let me just remind you it still delivers laughs. So in conclusion I would so good efforts but I think you tries too hard and aimed too high.
  • A really good episode.

    This episode was pretty cool, apart from Homer getting fired and all...and he tries to kill himself, but he becomes a public safety avdocate. Not much I can say about this episode apart from that the fact it wasn't all that bad but it could have been better, in my opinion.
  • homer gets fired for the first of many times

    this episode is a very important episode of the simpsons which actually shows homer can be competent at something, not his actual job but a short time of making springfield a safe town. after 2 episodes of being a worker at the nuclear power plant, he gets fired and later promoted to the nuclear power plant safety inspector of sector 7G that he does to this day (except for most episodes where he gets fired or gets another job). homer attempting to kill himself was a bit of a stretch on an early episode but finding the boulder/rock next to the bridge after carrying one from home was humourous so that scene was saved and everything went uphill for homer then. not the best early episode but homer getting promoted was an important aspect of the series which would bring many jokes later on in the series.
  • this show is cool

    i like this episode because its the first time that homer has actually got fired from his lame "sector 7g " job. as smithers would say "its the shmo from sector 7g sir" anyway moving on this is a gr8 episode because it shows that when an stupid person like homer simpson gets fired, then its possible to rebuild your life again.
  • Homer sad about being fired?

    Homer reevaluates his life after getting fired from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant for causing a meltdown. He becomes a public safety advocate and rallies to have speed bumps installed on roads and fights against his old boss. Eventually, he abandons his cause and gets rehired at the plant with a raise. I have one thing to say to you Homer Simpsons get used to getting fired because boy are you going to be surprised after you get fired so many times in the series. The Simpsons by now are just getting their sea legs for comedy, and they will get much better so not to worry fans it will get better, but it is not horrible so far.
  • A little too emotional.


    The episode begins in front of Springfield Elementary, as Mrs. Krabappel rounds up her class, including Bart, and prepares them for a field trip to the nuclear power plant. Otto, the bus driver, pulls up to the curb, and Bart chats with him outside of the bus, as the other kids find their seats. Mrs. Krabappel yells at Bart to get on the bus. When he scurries to find a seat, he is bummed to see the only one left is right next to Wendell, who is always queasy and pukes on every bus ride. As Otto takes the long way to the power plant, Bart struggles to behave on the bus ride. Mrs. Krabappel warns Bart that one more outburst will result in him singing to the class in the front of the bus. Sherri and Terri, who are sitting behind Bart, decide to get him in some more trouble. At the same time, they both kiss Bart on the cheek, causing him to yell out. Mrs. Krabappel makes good on her threat and forces Bart to sing in front of the class. The bus finally arrives at the power plant, and Bart congratulates Wendell for making the whole bus ride without puking, by slapping him on the back, which results in Wendell vomiting anyway.

    Overall, a very emotional episode, but an okay/decent one.

    7.5 out of 10

  • Homer is fired from the nuclear plant and tries to kill himself.

    Bart's class goes on a field trip to the Nuclear Power Plant. While riding through the plant in an electric cart, he spots Bart and waves to him, sending him crashing into a radioactive pipe causing the plant to shut down. Homer is fired for safety violations. Depressed and unable to find a new job, he sets off in the middle of the night to jump off a bridge. The family gets there just in time but almost gets hit by a truck. Homer pulls them out of the way in time. Homer embarks on a public safety crusade to make the town a safe place, putting road signs up everywhere. Mr. Burns recognizes his work and invites him back to the power plant.

    This was a below average episode. I just plain didnt like the episode as I usually like the Simpsons. I just found this episode boring. Give it a watch if you want but I wouldnt recommend it.
  • Homer fights for improved safety at the nuclear energy plant

    Like the 3 first full lenght simpsons episodes, this one again feels more like a soap opera than the simpsons show we all have come to love. Not a very funny episode but still, it has that very good story telling that keeps you glued to the tv to find out what is going to happen next.

    I loved the good messages these first episodes want to express to the public, like: safety in radioactive energy plants. I didnt like the fact that Homer changes his mind in the end.

    An ok episode with not enough jokes but with a great message for the family.
  • I liked this episode very much, it\\\'s a classic simpsons\\\' episode

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  • Homer loses his job. He tries to looks for a new job but couldnt so he attemped suicide but as soon as his family shows up he sees dangerous and bes the saftey man of the city. He is later invited to join the plant again with a raise in which he accept.

    Homer's Odyssey: "This episode was fair. It had a cliche plot. Someone loses there job so they look for a new one but they get there old job back later on. This episode had one big mistake in it. Smithers was black in this episode. Thats the biggest mistake in the History of the Simpsons. This episode was one of the first episodes i saw growing up. It debuts the Springfield's power plant mascot smiling joe fisson. It also marks the debut of Otto the bus driver. This episode marks the first time bart prank calls moe's Tavern."

    Favorite Quote. " Is mr freely there? Freely first name I.P."
  • Homer plays it safe

    This episode is somewhat dark with Homer getting fired from the nuclear plant and contemplating suicide until he finds his new calling - 'safety guy'. The story isn't great but it fulfills its purpose, which is to establish Homer's vocation. It's been a while since I'd seen this one; as a result I had completely forgotten that there was actually a story behind Homer's position at the plant.

    The episode is mostly notable for having a number of first appearances, including Otto, Smithers & Chief Wiggum. Smithers is oddly colored due to what I assume must have been a slip-up in overseas animation. It's not that much of a distraction, though, considering that the entire show's animation style has changed dramatically since these early episodes.
  • One of the weaker episodes of the first season. We do get to see Homer in his old job, and recieving his new job at the power plant.

    Originally airing on January 21, 1990, "Homer's Odyssey" featured a more in depth introduction of Burns and Smithers. This episode was one of the weaker ones of the first season. It did have some of the first season animation glitches that we have gotten used to. But, it did have a few great animation tricks for the first season (Maggie's finger in Homer's eye, high angle shots). Overall, it was an average episode, with some good jokes. It just wasn't a very strong episode. It was more about character development (Homer's old job, and his new job) than previous episodes.
  • Homer Simpson gets fired and becomes the phenomenon for safety in Springfield.

    In this episode we again see the hole family of the simpsons. The show starts in bart's school. The school has an education day. They are going to visit the power plant and when they get there, they first see some material about rhe "How nuclear energy is not what you think" topics. Then they go arround the facility. Bart sees Homer while he's working and he shouts loud. Homer does a mistake and he gets fired. He tries to find a job in almost every peace of Springfield, but he cant. Then he gets an idea to become the safety-man in springfield by turning against the Power Plant... Will he be able to stand on his own or he's gonna get the higher position in the facility that Mr. Burns offers him. The answer is: both. He'll become a safety manager in the facility. This episode doesn't impressed me a lot but it was actually funny like every simpson episode...
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