The Simpsons

Season 17 Episode 10

Homer's Paternity Coot

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on FOX

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  • i dident make any sense

    the simspons has just completley run out of plot lines this episode made absolutly no sense for no reason marge goes insane and causes a multi car pileup (well ok she just destroys everybodys tires) they burn them and the polution uncoveres and old mailman who was frozen on his daily route to the highest mountain in town aperently no one in springfield moves so everybody gets their mail homer finds out his mom had an affair and he spends his time with his other father blah blah b;ah filler material unfunny joke grampa finds out dna test its the other guy blah blah filler it isent realy its grampa balah bllah stupid ending
  • The body of a Springfield mailman frozen in ice for 40 years is accidentally thawed out. The postal service delivers all of the mail the frozen mailman has to its recipients. Homer's father Abraham recives a letter from his wife containing shocking news


    There is just one word to descibe this episode: predictable. I knew right from the beginning that initially Homer would find out that Mason Adams (voiced by Michael York) was his father but later in the episode it would be revealed that it's actually Abraham who is Homer's father and that the mix-up was due to either a mistake by Dr. Hibbert or somebody tampering with the samples (in this case Abraham). I think the producers on this show should forget these predictable formulas and stick to the orignality and humor that makes The Simpsons great. This episode misses the mark.

  • At least they didn't pull a Skinner

    In this episode, Homer discovers that Abe might not be his father, and his real father might be a man named Mason Fairbanks. So he tracks Mason down to learn about him, and he really bonds with him. Abe sees this and so he rigs a paternity test to make Homer happy and think Mason really is his dad. In the end the truth is revealed and Abe really is Homer's Dad.

    I'm glad that Abe really is his father, otherwise the whole series up to this point would have been a lie. The episode was pretty good from what I remember
  • Good episode....

    After a road accident caused by Marge results in the height of the Springfield Tire Fire increasing, the snow on Mount Springfield begins to melt, uncovering a frozen mailman from 1966. His mail is delivered, including a letter from Mona Simpson uncovering a secret affair and putting a question mark over the identity of Homer's true father. Homer tracks down the man from the letter, Mason, who invites he and his family onto his private ship. The family love him, but Abe feels betrayed. After a DNA test it is revealed that Mason is Homer's father. Mason takes Homer on an underwater treasure hunt, but when Homer is caught in coral and comes close to death, he remembers the fun times he had with Grampa. In hospital, Grampa reveals that he is his real father because he switched the DNA samples after he saw how happy he was with Mason.
  • The Simpsons is still great!!!

    Having the full title sequence and a long couch gag is usually a good sign. This usually means that the episode itself is shorter. And instead of seeing that as a bad thing, I see it as a good thing. If an episode is shorter, it usually means that the story isn't all over the place. Which has been a problem for The Simpsons in recent years. But the story in this episode was not all over the place. On the contrary, it was a very simple yet heartfelt and funny episode. Having these two qualities in one episode is something creators of animated shows other than Matt Groening have never been able to accomplish. This is what makes The Simpsons excell above shows such as Family Guy and American Dad. The premise of "Homers Paternity Coot" is Homer desovering that Abe might not be his real father. And although this is not as good as episodes like "Grandpa vs. Sexual Inedequacy", I am glad that another Abe/Homer centric episode was created. If you liked episodes such as the aforementioned one you will also enjoy this episode.
  • Mona cheated on Abe but that's not all...

    Yet another terrific season 17 episode, Homer’s Paternity Coot has a brilliant plot that had me thinking many things after the revelation that Abe was not Homer’s father – Herb would no longer be related to Homer, the whole Simpson gene would not have affected Homer making his unintelligence a result of the crayons up his nose, however these thoughts were buried back at the end, as true Simpsons fashion brings father and son closer together.

    The humour in the episode is very well handled, with great lines from Abe, though I would have liked one of his longwinded rants and the scene with Marge apparently telling him three times that they were visiting him without biological obligation, and Homer's cover story, getting mixed up with readers, listeners and viewers.

    The start of the episode with the tire fire being very important as Marge causes tires to tear, the smoke thawing out a mailman with undelivered mail, with a great scene from Moe and overall sets the tone for a truly magnificent episode.
  • Another goodie!

    People say that this didn't make sense, but honestly I think those people are too picky!

    The Simpsons haven't always made sense (sometimes they have) but it doesn't matter as long as there are plenty of good jokes!

    There were some incredibly good jokes in this episode. Homer's lack of love for his dad was on display in this episode and they made up and everything was rosey to end!

    The flashbacks of Homer's childhood were hilarious! Especially the child's picture he drew of his dad when it was clear that Homer was an adult at the time!

    The idea of Homer having another dad was absurd, but it didn't matter as there were enough gags to keep me entertained throughout the episode!
  • Worst of the season.

    The only funny part I can think of is when Marge backs up and all the other cars get their tires wrecked because of the "severe tire warning" things.

    This reminds me of "The Principal and the Pauper," which was probably the worst episode yet. They just bring something up and never speak of it again. This episode was mildly amusing, but mostly dull and it dragged on way too long.

    I don't much care for Grampa Simpson. In past episodes, Homer says how Grampa was a bad father to him, and now there's random flashbacks out of nowhere of him being nice to him? I love this show still, but it makes me think that the new writers haven't watched a single episode because of how inconsistent it's getting.

    It will never be as good as it was 10 years ago, that's true. It is still better than most of the episodes in seasons 11-14 though. I actually prefer the episode "Bonfire of the Manatees" to this one.

    What puzzles me is how some people here gave this episode such high ratings, and yet gave the good episodes of this season such as "The Italian Bob" low ratings.
  • Ok!!!

    I thought this episode was better than some other episodes that The Simpsons have shown and was quite good. I hope all the other episodes are just as good.

    I thought this episode was better than some other episodes that The Simpsons have shown and was quite good. I hope all the other episodes are just as good. By.
  • Great Episode

    Great episode. Funny when Bart scrunches the dog's butt to make it look like Grampa. Also when Grampa puts his ame first on the heart transplant list. One of the funniest episodes of the season. How the episode went i was not suprised Mason Was Homer's fether. A must see episode.
  • A wet floor was this episode's high point.

    Although this was a rather new idea for a Simpsons episode, it wasn't executed to its fullest potential. The dialouge wasn't superbly funny, but most of it was entertaining, especially Grandpa, as always. Almost everyone stayed in character as well, which is becoming increasingly hard for the Simpsons writers. Grandpa's only moment away from tradition was his kind-hearted actions in the end: in his old age, he's almost always been a wily old coot. And I'd have to say my only complaint for Homer was that once again he used a word that was far too intelligent for him: luminescent.. how would Homer know a word like that? Oh well, the turkey through the tube was hilarious.
  • This episode was nothing great. Reasonable idea but they weren't going for all-out laughs with this one and it lacked the heart that's usually in the character driven episodes.

    Their over-use of guest stars in recent seasons is probably my major gripe with this episode. Whilst Michael York is an excellent voice-over artist I just found a lot of his dialog came across stilted. The Smokin' Joe cameo was also rather pointless to my mind.

    Still, certainly not a bad episode.
  • Another, of billions, great episode.

    It’s not the greatest episode ever, but only one was (and I have no clue to which one that would be) that’s ok, it was a great episode, and another week that was made easier because of the episodes of Simpson’s that allowed me to enjoy another 30 min of media. Homer is the man, and Bart is the girl.. er boy.. er whatever it is. Looking forward to the next episode as always.
  • Midly amusing, easily forgettable.

    Although mildly amusing and with a few twists, this episode didn't do it for me. It'll be remembered as yet another one of those forgettable episodes that will never make it into the Top100 list of episodes fans want to see in a marathon.

    It was another one of those episodes where I felt I should hit the "Play at x3 speed"-button on Media Player Classic.
  • How about when Eddie does his traffic dance session! That\\\'s tied for the most off the wall thing I\\\'ve ever seen on this show! The other being when Santa\\\'s little helper was \\\"up to something\\\" and then seen flying the plane like snoopy!

    How about when Eddie does his traffic dance session! That\\\'s tied for the most off the wall thing I\\\'ve ever seen on this show! The other being when Santa\\\'s little helper was \\\"up to something\\\" and then seen flying the plane like snoopy! I hope they keep that kind of off the wall unexpected humour coming! Things like the \\\"Fantastipotamus\\\" need to make a return as well;)
  • Finally Joel H. Cohen writes a great episode.

    After Joel's last writtin epsiode "Red Hat Mamas" I was kind of conserned; wonderining if Joel H. Cohen can write a great episode.

    Well yesterdays episode "Homer's Paternity Coot" I was happy and say now Joel diserves to be "Supervising Producer". The episode was about Homer finding out from the mail that Marge opened saying the Abe may not be Homer's farther. He thinks its true after the DNA results due to Abe changing it to make Homer happy. Homer calls him dad before he finds out the truth for real; then Abe tells Homer the truth he really is his dad.
  • Not what I expected.

    This episode was kind of decent, but there wasn't very much comedy, and it made no sense why Homer would want to know who is father was (remember, he's Homer). We thought that the right father of Homer would win the paternity test, but we were tricked. There was only one or two good parts in the episode- mainly when Homer's real father tells him what he had done. Overall, this wasn't the worst episode, but I expected it to be better.
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