The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2001 on FOX

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  • i did enjoy the episode

    I really enjoyed this episode. It stuck to the storyline and didn't go way off track. I was surprised to find Homer even funnier as a genius. I loved the excessive use of pop cultural references, too, such as Japanimation, smoking, pipe bombs and planned parenthood, ebay, and more that I can't remember. Also, I thought the jokes were clever, just like the old days. The only thing I had trouble swallowing was that Moe is suddenly an unlicensed physician. That was the perfect opportunity for ol' Dr. Nick to pop into the show and they wasted it. Still, I really like this episode.
  • Hilarious, sad, and touching the whole time

    In this episode, when Homer and his family go to an animation festival, Homer ends up loving an Animotion device, which detects the movements of a person, and then animates them. Homer then uses his life savings to buy 500 shares of Animotion, and eventually he loses it all. He then becomes a human test subject, and there it is discovered that there is a crayon lodged up his brain. They remove it and his IQ skyrockets. Then, he and Lisa begin bonding with each other, but while this is happening, everything else is going horrible. The idea that Homer's intellect went down because he stuck a crayon up his nose was and still is extremely convincing because it's something that he totally would do. Overall, one the best in long time, maybe even ever. 10/10 A+
  • Homer is smart

    Homer learns from doctors that the reason he is stupid is because he has had a crayon in his brain from a game he played when he was younger. So it is removed and he becomes smarter. A little too smart perhaps, and people soon start hating Homer... or at least his smart version. He then changes to the "Blissful boob I was."

    A pretty decent episode by season 12 standards, which is arguably Scully's best season. Yes, it is mostly all about Homer, but he isn't as annoying as usual and he doesn't get a stupid job or anything, so I can look past this.
  • Homer becomes smart after a crayon is removed from his brain.

    An x-ray reveals that Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain that has been there since childhood. Upon removal of the crayon, Homer's IQ suddenly jumps to a very high level; he and Lisa form a great new bond, but when his way of life changes drastically he wonders if removing the crayon was a good idea.

    This has to be another one of my favorite episodes of the series. I love the whole plot of this episode, and all the jokes were hilarious and spot on. This is without a doubt a must see episode for any Simpsons fan.
  • Without a doubt one of the most hilarious episodes in the series. Homer suddenly becomes smart because a crayon is removed from his brain.

    After Homer loses all of the family's savings on the stocks, he has doctors begin testing on him to make money. After an x-ray is taken of Homer's brain, it appears that something is stuck in it. They remove and learn that this is the reason for Homer's stupidity because he becomes much smarter without the crayon in his brain. Once everyone in the family learns that Homer has become smart he is able to build a strong relationship with Lisa. However, Homer's new found competence destroys his relationship with others because of closure to the Nuclear Power Plant. Homer must choose does he shove another crayon into his brain or does he keep his strong relationship with Lisa. Check out this episode you will not be disappointed!
  • "Dad, as intelligence goes up, happiness often goes down. In fact, I made a graph! I make a lot of graphs".

    "HOMR" is one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons, especially of the later seasons. It shows how Homer would be like if he had never put a crayon up his nose when he was younger. When he gets the crayon removed, he becomes smarter, causing him to bond with Lisa. This episode definitely had its funny moments, such as when the scientist explains that removing the crayon could either increase Homer's brain power, or kill him, and Homer responds, "Increase my killing power, eh?" I also laughed at the scene when Homer was at the bank, and he pretended to be him, Marge, and Lisa, all behind a plant. That was a classic, hilarious Simpsons moment. My absolute favorite moment of this episode, and of the entire series, was when Lisa presents her chart, showing how when intelligence goes up, happiness generally goes down. She states, "Dad, as intelligence goes up, happiness often goes down. In fact, I made a graph! I make a lot of graphs". I could not agree with that statement or that chart more. In writing this, the writers of this episode show the depth they and The Simpsons are able to attain. This mixture of humor, truth, and life lessons renders The Simpsons a truly classic television show. "HOMR" is definitely one of the most underrated episodes of the series; if you are looking for a quality episode in some of the later seasons that is still on par with the earlier seasons, look no further. 9.8/10.
  • A chance to see Homer as he could have been.

    This episode follows the classic simpsons style - the first part of the show not having much to do with the bulk of the story, only setting up the real reason for the episode.

    Homer invests in an animation company and loses all his money. Becoming a guinea pig in lab tests, he finds there is a crayon stuck in his brain from when he was young. Having it removed, he becomes more intelligent, and develops a strong bond with Lisa. Finding the world has no room for an intelligent Homer, he re-inserts the crayon, much to Lisa's dismay. Classic line of the episode - When Homer is trying to find out how his stock in "animotion" is going, he phones up, having the following experience:

    Computer voice: For automated stock prices, please state the company name.
    Homer: Animotion
    Computer voice: Animotion. Up one and one half.
    Homer: Yahoo!
    Computer voice: Yahoo. Up 6 and a quarter.
    Homer: Huh? What is this crap?
    Computer voice: Fox Broadcasting. Down 8.
    (Homer smiles)

    This episode is one of the gems of Season 12, my overall favourite season. Love it!
  • One of the best later episodes of this classic series...

    Being a huge simpsons fan myself, I find the progression of this show through the seasons (mainly after 10) showed a decrease in the amount of wit and ingenuity used (still a good show tho) This episode is one of the few newer episodes of the simpsons that shows excellent writing and many of the gags work well. I would go as far as to call it a classic, and thats a lot coming from me.


    A quick review of this episode:

    The simpsons go to an animation festival, where Homer sees a live animation suit created by a company called Animotion. Homer then invests their life savings into the company, only to have it declare bankrupcy the very next day. Needing to make mone quickly, Barney suggests doing medical testing. During the testing, x-rays reveal Homer has had a crayon stuck in his brain since he was a child, causing his stupidity. After removing the crayon, Homer becomes extremely smart and him and Lisa develop a new appreciation for each other. Homer then compiles a safety report of the power plant and mails it directly to the Nuclear Regulation Commitee. Having to pay enourmous amounts of money to repair the plant, Mr. Burns lays off everyone and everyone now hates Homer. He begins to realize how intelligence often alienates people. Homer realizes how dumb most entertainment is and then decdies to have the crayon reinserted by Moe (thats right, im a surgeon) Before doing this, he writes a note to Lisa saying how much he appreciated their time. Homer is then back to his normal dumb self.
  • Ever wondered what Homer would be like smar?

    In this episode we get a glimpse of a much more intelligent Homer Simpson. The explination for his lack of brains over the years all comes down to one single crayon. Which happened to be lodged into his brain.

    Its a great idea! Although he isn't his usual self there are still a few very humerous moments involving Homer.

    As a smart man he connected well with Lisa (obviously) but after he was tormented by the dumb folk of Springfield (his friends) he decides that putting the crayon back is for the best.

    Lisa is crushed but when she finds a note attached to Homer's head (By Homer whe he was much smarter) which explains why he had to change back she is happy!

    A memorable episode that centred around Homer and Lisa which are usually among my favourites because their characters are completely different.
  • hilarious episode from start to finish

    the animotion was a great introduction to the episode with homer scratching his ear with his head and going to the toilet without taking off the suit. from there, it just got better with the stockmarket hotline (homer: huh? what is this crap/telephone: fox network, down 6) and the hamster that homer actually brought into the room with him when being tested. the fact that homer had a crayon stuck in his brain was a hilarious concept and still is. as a kid he must have been stupid to actually put the crayons in his nose in the first place but i think he was destined to become smart. proving god doesn't exist, complaining that the movie was obvious and insulting his friends showed just how different a smart homer is but fortunately he returned to the bumbling fool we know, still with a trace of stupidity since he actually voluntarily put another crayon in his nose. a classic episode.
  • Just seen it. It's very, very good.

    I loved it because of the start, wehn they watch all those different animated videos of things. I loved that, one was in 3-D as well. Another great thing is that Animotion thing-Whenever Homer does somethng the dog does it. That's very clever and cool. Homer wants to buy that product but ends up bankrupting himself, so tries to ear extra money as a human gineau pig, but ends up having to get a crayon taken out of his brain instead, and he becomes really smart, and Lisa wants to spend more time with him. I liked smart Homer, he was cool. Homer's stupidity is hysterical-But sometimes, I wish he was a lot smarter, and he became smater in this ep and it made him great. Of course no-one likes him now, so he gets the crayon put bakc in to make him stupid again.

    I truly loved this ep, I just watched it five minutes ago from writing this review! It was full of laughs and great moments. One of the greatest of all time.
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