The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 2

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on FOX

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  • could've been better

    what i liked- homer on the taxicab show, homer being so drunk he throws his keys in the sewer, thinks moe, lenny and carl are chasing his car that he pretends to drive, and then him getting in a taxi, and upon being asked where he would like to go he says "Moe's", "We're here for one reason and one reason only!" "To Rock!" "Who said that?" (Homer points to Otto) "That's right Otto, to rock!" This episode was overall OK, but I think it could've been better. A lot of the humor is from the guest stars themselves and there is not a whole lot else besides what I listed that I found particularly funny. 2.5/5 or so.
  • Homer goes to Rock and Roll camp.

    FOr this being the first episode of season 14, I thought that the show got off on the right foot for sure. The whole first act was funny with Homer confessing in the cab was funny, and just the whole idea of Homer going to rock and roll camp was just hilarious and a good idea. Especially the end of the episode where Homer drives Bart and Lisa to school in the that huge devil head that breathes fire. I felt that it was a fitting way to end the episode. My favorite part of the episode was when the people at the camp where making out with the cardboard cut outs of fans haha. Anyway it was a great episode. Watch it.
  • Rock and Roll Homer

    When Homer is secretly videotaped complaining about his family during an episode of "Taxicab Conversations," they send him off to a rock and roll fantasy camp so that he can regroup and try to live his dream.

    Once there, he lives the life of a rock star, as taught to him by the likes of Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, Keith Richards, Brian Setzer, Tom Petty and Lenny Kravitz. When the camp ends after a week, Homer doesn't want to leave. He just wants to rock.

    Mick Jagger then invites Homer to come on stage for a benefit concert they're giving. Once on stage, Homer realizes that he's not a star, but just the groups Roadie. Homer decides to then wail on a guitar and introduce the band with a musical number of his own. Mick, Elvis, Keith, Tom, Lenny and Brian try to run Homer off stage and a riot breaks out at the venue. In the end, the rockers apologize to Homer for their behavior and ask him to come on stage for another benefit concert. Homer declines however, saying that he's already the rock star of the Simpson family, so there's no need to go on stage any longer.
  • Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp

    the episode was side splitting from the beggining to the end. the start was hlarious with homer trying to get drunk through ways such as inhaling thin air and trying to drive away after he throws his keys in the drain ("oh, running up to the car, eh?) the fantasy camp scenes were hilarious especially homer eating pills he found on the floor and the secret that no matter what town you go to you say it's the best damn town in the world:
    "so when you said it in springfield last year you didn't mean it?"
    "uh, yes, but that's only because sprinfield really is the best damn town in the whole wide world"

    there are no bad scenes in this episode and it is guaranteed to have you in stiyches every time you watch it from the opening credits to homer's "test" song
  • A music episode-Sweet idea.

    The famous Mick Jagger and a bunch of other muscians guest star in an episode starring Homer when he gets sent to a music camp where he learns how to rock. And he becomes a real rock star. It's like taht film, The School of Rock, and it's a really cool episode. Homer is great when he plays that 'Testing' song in the end!
  • Another great episode.

    Another good episode. The first few minutes were hilarious, Homer drunk (and trying to get drunk) is always good. Then Homer tries to drive home, even though he's thrown his keys down the drain. I was expecting him to realize sooner or later, but he didn't.

    Anyway, next we have a lovely scene of Homer being nice to his family (makes a change!) - but it doesn't last long, as he is on TV, telling a taxi driver that he hates his family for crushing his dreams. So Marge packs him off to Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. Everything here was funny, such as Homer swinging his guitar above his head, taking some dodgy pills, and the 'writing lyrics' bit, around the campfire.

    Homer's dream comes to an end, so Mick & co tell Homer he can go on stage, but he ends up only being a roadie. The episode ends nicely as well, with Homer dropping the kids off at school in the devil car thing. The whole episode progresses well from start to finish.
  • My personal favorite quotes and moments from this episode.

    "Rule number one, there are no rules. Rule number two, no outside foods."

    "He's just like you or me or Jesus over there."

    "I'm entitled to a private lunch, I'm not a role model and so forth!"

    Homer using the all acess pass.

    "You misspelled guitar hero."

    "Did they ever find Tom Petty's toe?"

    "We're doing a gig tomorrow night to benefit the victims of tonight's gig."