The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 2

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Rolling Stones welcome everyone to Rock 'n' Roll Camp by playing the opening chords of their song "Start Me Up."

    • when Elvis Costello takes homers guitar and drives back to get the pick the guitar changes color from red to a mustard sort of color

    • After Homer and his gang get their instruments (all guitars)... and started singing, Homer's guitar changes form and colour.

  • Quotes

    • Lenny Kravitz: Couldn't you find a more energy-efficient Satan?
      Mick Jagger: Lenny, don't you have a crotch to stuff?

    • Homer: My dream has been shattered into shards of a broken dream!

    • Brian Setzer: We'll start with the fundamentals -- playing a burning guitar with your teeth.

    • Homer: Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp? But I thought you guys were mad at me. For once in my life, I'm confused.

    • Homer: Hey Moe, you got any beer?
      Moe: Check the fridge.
      (Homer takes a beer out of the fridge)
      Moe: Wait a minute, I'm at work. You gotta pay for it!

    • (after Homer's rock star friends give him his "Honorary Roadie" jacket)
      Homer: You misspelled "Guitar Hero"!

    • Mick Jagger: And no matter where you are, you always say 'It's the wildest town in the whole damn world.'
      Wiggum: So when you said it in Springfield last year you didn't mean it?
      Mick Jagger: Yeah sure I did, but only because Springfield really is the wildest town in the whole damn world.
      (everyone cheers

    • Homer: What the, where's my money?
      Marge: Dear Homie, had to buy diapers for Maggie, love Marge.
      Homer: huh?
      Marge: Simpson.
      Homer: Oh.

    • (Homer and the gang are at "Lyrics Workshop With Tom Petty")
      Homer: But rock stars are supposed to be about drinking, and getting drunk and boozing it up.
      Apu: And girls that have legs and know how to use them.
      Otto: And why I can't drive 55.
      Tom Petty: You just want mindless, generic rock?
      Homer: Precisely.

    • (After taking some pills he found on the floor)
      Homer (talking fast): Isn't Mick cool? I thought he'd be all like, "I'm a rock star, aren't I great?", but he's just like you or me or Jesus over there. (points to an empty corner)

    • Mick Jagger: Simpsoooooonnnnnn!!!

    • Homer: I don't remember anybody telling me I was gonna to be on TV. (Drinks from a cup that says "I was on Taxi Cab Conversations")

    • Homer: You see, marriage is like a coffin, and each kid is another nail.

    • Homer: I can't believe they cancelled Monkey Trauma Center for this!

    • Mick Jagger: Rule number one: There are no rules! Rule number two: No outside food.

    • (After Homer escapes Lenny, Carl and Moe)
      Taxi Driver: Where to?
      Homer: Moe's Tavern.

    • Mick Jagger: Welcome to Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp, where you'll experience the complete rock n' roll lifestyle, without the lawsuits and STDs.
      Homer: Wooo! STDs!

    • Homer: No! Don't go! I wanna keep on rocking! A-one, a-two-
      (Elvis Costello drives by and takes the guitar)
      Elvis Costello: I'll take that.
      Homer: Noooooooooooo!
      (Elvis Costello drives back)
      Elvis Costello: It came with a pick.
      (Homer hands Elvis the pick and he drives off)

    • Marge: I had to tell Mr. Burns that you had violent diarrhea.
      Homer: Oh couldn't you come up with a less embarrassing lie?
      Marge: But you did have violent diarrhea. Nobody open the hallway closet until I say so.
      (Bart and Lisa shudder.)

    • (Homer walks into the girls' bathroom and they scream)
      Homer: All access.
      (They ooh and ahh)

    • Lisa: Dad, you knew this day was coming!
      Homer: I knew nothing!

  • Notes

    • The Gracie Sound is Mick Jagger shouting "Simpsoooon!"

    • As the end credits roll, behind the scenes of the rock stars recording their voices are shown.

    • Blackboard Joke: None.
      Couch Gag: The family water-skis into the living room and everyone else is perched on Homer's back as he hits a ski jump. When they are airborne, each family member lands on their appropriate place on the couch. Two sharks (each with one of Homer's legs in their mouth) join the family in watching television.

    • It was intially reported that Robbie Williams would be appearing in this episode; when it did air, he was nowhere to be seen.

  • Allusions

    • Homer (singing): I'm so hot for me, I'm so hot for me, I'm so hot for me and I'm so cold!

      Homer is attempting to sing the Rolling Stones song "She's So Cold" but he has the lyrics wrong. The real line is, "I'm so hot for her and she's so cold."

    • Jimi Hendrix: Homer playing a burning guitar with his teeth is a reference to Hendrix the extremely talented guitarist. Hendrix was known for setting his guitars on fire and then playing them with his hands, feet, and teeth.

    • Mick Jagger: Cheer up Homer; it's only Rock 'n Roll Camp.
      Homer: But I like it.

      "It's only Rock 'n Roll But I Like It" is a classic song by The Rolling Stones.

    • Mick Jagger: SIMPSOOON!!
      Mick Jagger yells at Homer in the same way Mr. Spacely (voice of Mel Blanc) yelled at George on "The Jetsons."