The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 7

How Munched is That Birdie in the Window

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • Bart nurses a pigeon

    Bart nurses a wounded pigeon back to health, only for Santa's Little Helper to eat it, leading a therapist to suggest how to solve the problem with Bart's loss - get rid of the dog. I liked/laughed at Mr. Burns dancing at ballet, ,Moe confessing about the bird racing being a scam, Homer getting choked by the ostrich, and the ending. But the reason why my score is low is because the episode got boring after 9 minutes. I only laughed a couple times in the last two act. There were some parts that wasn't funny though. Overall, a great episode. 8.5/10
  • This was a bad episode.

    This was a bad episode. I love the Simpsons and do not think they are going downhill. This episode, the 22nd Tree house of horror, and the Fool Monty almost changed that opinion. A pigeon flies through Bart's window and breaks its wing. Bart, thinking that Lisa will help him nurse the pigeon back to help is shocked to find out Lisa doesn't like pigeons has to nurse himself. Once the pigeon is healthy Bart and the towns people start using it to send messages. Santa's Little Helper eats the bird the Simpsons decide to give away the dog. Then something with ostriches happened that i didn't understand. As you can tell the plot was kind of this and then the next thing you know it's that. A couple laughs but this episode was a failure.
  • Drags in some parts especially in the second half of the episode but it was overall great

    I thought that this was great episode of "The Simpsons". This wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great and I enjoyed it for the most part. A pigeon crashes in and Bart becomes attached to the bird very quickly and cares about it more than anything in the world... that also includes the dog. Bart names the pigeon Ray and never wants to leave its sight until Santa's little helper killed it. Bart becomes very devastated when he saw that Ray died. The family goes to a psychiatrist and the only way to heal Bart's pain was to give it away. There were too many funny parts the part I was laughing hard the most was when Homer was being choked by the ostrich which wasn't until the end of the episode. I also laughed very hard when Homer said "Why won't you support my gibberish? I'd support yours if you were stupid". The thing I didn't like in this episode was that the family was gonna give away the dog at an ostrich farm to give away the dog and Bart thinks that it is okay for birds for be dead. It was nice when Bart wanted the dog back and he realizes that he loves the dog very much. Overall, an overall great episode of "The Simpsons". 8.5/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • mediocre

    Bart finds an injured pigeon and nurses it back to health. He is then devastated when Santa's Little Helper eats it, and the family must once again make the decision of whether or not to give the dog away. The first half of this episode was great, but in the second half the quality went down. It was like, 'oh, how do we end this ep, hmm, let's throw something together with giving the dog away.' I can't help but think it could've been a lot better and funnier if Homer had actually turned it into a racing pigeon…

    Anyway, a mediocre episode, good sight gags but not a great storyline. Deciding whether to give SLH away has been done so many times (Bart's Dog Gets an F, The Canine Mutiny, Stop or my Dog will shoot, etc.) it's just lost its feeling. It was also kind of lame how Bart loved a bird more than his dog he had for 22 years. 6.5/10
  • Homer: Why won't you support my gibberish?! I'd support yours if YOU were stupid!

    Okay, so in a sotmry night, Homer is telling the kids (who are all sleeping in Bart's bed for some reason) when a pigeon crashes in. Bart has to take care of it (named Ray), cause Lisa i disgusted by pigeons. Bart quickly bonds with Ray (thorugh a montage) and then, after Moe fails to scam Homer and Bart, Santa's Little Helper eats it. So Bart is devastated cause he loved Ray (more than the dog he owned for like 22 years) and the dog fails to understand what's going on as he continues to kill stuff for Bart. Then, the family goes to a physchiatrist, who tells Marge that the best way to heal Bart is to get rid of SLH. So going to an ostrich farm to give away the dog. There, Homer is talking on his cell when an ostrich bothers him, and after he opens the door, he escapes. Then, the ostrich attacks Bart. He tells SLH to kill the bird, but that ocntradicts what he previously said, so Bart strangles it till it faints.

    Then Bart learns that sometimes it's ok to kill birds (ok...), and they take the ostrich for dinner. Then is wakes up, and chockes Homer, ending the episode.

    Overall: It was a pretty good episode, with a WTF lesson but a hilarouos ending and some good gags, so 8.5/10.
  • Simple and funny but not exactly inspirational

    A few years ago, a mid-season episode like this would have been terrible. The plot would have been zany but still boring, and the characters would have been about as funny as an aubergiene. You do sense there has been change going around the Simpsons and with this episode, what you get is a pretty decent season filler.

    The episode starts off in storm, and Homer is telling the kids a horror story but only succeeds in scaring himself when a pigeon flies through the window. It has a broken wing so Bart looks after it. Him and the pigeon grow a bond and he is quite useful as a messenger and the future is looking promising as he is about to enter the 'Birdillaron'. However, the pigeons dreams of being the fastest bird and Moe's dreams of scamming the Simpsons out of their house are shattered when Santa's Little Helper eats him.

    Bart gets very upset because of this and refuses to talk to or play with the family dog. In an attempt to get the relationship back on track, they get sent to a physciatrist but to no avail and Santas Little Helper gets sent to a farm upstate until he saves Bart's life from a pigeon and is welcomed back into the family.

    The plot isnt particularly innovative or interesting but you get a entertaining enough 20 minutes. What I would like to see is more emotion, Bart giving away his dog should be a very sad thing and I think they missed a trick in not making this more upsetting. There were lots of visual gags and the episodes quirkiness made it enjoyable enough.

  • Not the best

    Bart cares for an injured pigeon, but when it heals, he cant bear to part with it. He kepps it, until Santas little Helper kills it. Bart is now furious with Santas little helper, and wont forgive him. They decied to send him to a farm upstate, an ostrich farm. When The ostriches start to attack, Santas Little Helper bites them, despite Bart telling him not to bite birds. The family keeps him, and brings the ostrich home for dinner.

    This was a pretty poor episode. There were a few funny parts, Moe admitting the pigeon racing was a scam, Homer's lines, and the ostrich fighting scene. other than those scenes, this episode was pretty dumb and boring.

    Overall Grade: 65%/D
  • the simpsons :rapidly going for quantity rather than quality.

    a mediocre episode at best.
    over half the episode is spent on bart taking care of a pigeon and bonding with it,the rest is then spent on bart hating santa's little helper for eating the bird.bart is unable to reconcile with his dog and it is decided to put the dog on a farm.
    the simpsons getting rid of santa's little helper because he has become a problem has been done before.
    not only have we seen to many recycling of old episodes,the jokes feel like their being phoned in.
    the simpsons show all the trademarks of a series being dragged out for far to long,and is now simply getting by on its fame rather than clever writing and good jokes.
  • poor

    bart helps nurse a bird back to life, but soon after, santa's little helper eats the bird. bart is very angry and tries to deal with the loss, and marge and homer learn they may need to get rid of the dog.

    it started off pretty decently but the last half was bad. not very funny, poor characterizations and boring. but the first half was alright, i thought, so because of all this, my overall grade is going to be in the "D" range A Pretty poor episode, i thought. hopefully this season will get better in the near future
  • like i said from the last review the couch gags are beginning to become episodes lol!!

    I thought this episode was so good! It was disgusting at times but hilarious also!

    Bart helps nurse an injured pigeon back to health. After Santa's Little Helper eats the bird, Bart has a hard time coping with the loss.

    It was pretty crazy when i found out that Bart was actually going to give away Santas Little Helper because he ate the pidgeon but i knew he'd get him back sooner or later haha

    They had some awesome jokes on it and the plot was new and very interesting in The Simpsons which made it pretty funny!!

    I cant wait to see more episodes!! :D
  • Decent episode.

    I thought that it was a pretty good episode with the exception of a couple of parts. The scene with Burns dancing naked was pretty disturbing as was the end part with Bart and the ostrich. Other than that, it wasn't that bad. The only other thing that I didn't like was the fillers, which just wastes time and takes away from the story, especially the intro. That gets really annoying. I think that they are just trying to get you to laugh at everything, including the couch gags. Which, by the way, are starting to get sort of annoying. Aside from that, I think that it was one of the better eps of the season.
  • Bart finds an injured pigeon. As he nurses the bird back to health he develops a bond with it. That bond is suddenly shattered when Santa's Little Helper eats the pigeon. The family tries to get Bart to make amends with the family dog.

    Yet another strong episode. The Peanuts fans out there will certainly get a kick out of this episode's blackboard joke. Fox News gets hit for the second consecutive time as the opening credits roll. Can't go wrong there. Another highlight is the well written guest appearances by racing star Danica Patrick and Academy Award winner Rachel Weiz. Homer's dream sequence is the highlight of this episode. That doesn't mean the laughs stop there. Marge and Maggie revealing what animals they are afraid of is another hysterical scene. The final scene with the "undead" ostrich is a fitting end. Hysterical episode.