The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 7

How Munched is That Birdie in the Window

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2010 on FOX



  • Notes

    • Show Title: A Fox News helicopter flying overhead bearing the slogan "Unsuitable for viewers under 75".
      Billboard Gag: Springfield Kwik-E-Mart: Thoughtless gifts for people you don't like. (with Apu pictured wearing a red Santa hat)
      Chalkboard Gag: "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is as good as "A Charlie Brown Christmas".
      Couch Gag: Professor Frink is seated on the couch as the family approaches and uses a shrink ray to zap them down to ant size. After he leaves, the Simpsons have to avoid getting stepped on by Grampa. Homer takes a bite of a piece of nacho chip before they move toward the couch again. But they're stopped by Snowball II, who chases them into a mouse hole, where they find a piece of Swiss cheese that makes a worthy substitute for the couch. Unfortunately, they realize too late that it's been placed on a mouse trap that snaps shut on them after Homer says "D'oh!"