The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 18

I Am Furious (Yellow)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2002 on FOX

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  • Look out it's the Incredible Homer!!!!!

    In this episode Bart creates a comic book called Danger Dude (but it's a dog) and trys to sell to Comic Book Guy but he didn't like it his losts. Then Stan Lee haves a cameo and help out Bart. Then Bart had ideas but it been done like Batman and Green Lantern. Why doesn't Bart use Bartman then look at Homer Bart created Angry Dad. Then Comic Book Guy gets Bart's comic then it becomes a online show then Bart loses everything the I very like when Homer gets mad and turns into the Incredible Hulk then Stan Lee said that he's the Incredible Hulk but he couldn't transfromed LOL
  • Bart creates the cartoon angry dad off of Homer.

    This episode is just pure genius. This is hands down one of my favorite episodes of the whole series because its just so cleaver and funny. The idea of creating Homer into a comic book character based off his anger is just amazing. Homer is at his funniest when hes angry, and thats what makes this episode so funny. Not to mention the wonderful parody of the incredible hulk at the end of the episode. Also, I loved the satire of how big internet corp. are run with the line of here take as much stock as you want. It was just an fantastic episode that should be praised by all. I give it an A+++
  • One of the top 50 episodes in the whole series!!! Soild with great humor...

    When a cartoon animator speaks to Bart's class on career day, Bart gets the idea to make an animated series of his own. After countless efforts and derogatory statements from Comic Book Guy, Bart's attempts at cartooning come to a crashing halt. That is until the biggest character of all inspires him at home: Homer. Bart creates a character based on Homer called "Angry Dad," that chronicles Homer's daily antics via flash animation on the Internet. Bart's problem however, is that he's running out of material when Homer begins to suppress his rage. As a result, Bart decides to create an elaborate scheme to make Homer go crazy and provide ample fodder for his cartoon. When Homer falls victim to Bart's prank, he becomes so enraged that he turns into a delirious version of the Incredible Hulk and has to be subdued by countless police officers from Springfield's finest. In the end, Homer realizes that keeping all the rage inside can sometimes actually be a bad thing.
  • ROOOOAARRRRRRR!!! HOMER MAD!! Hahaha! Another one!

    A creator of cartoons comes to Springfield Elementary and inspires the children to make their own comics. Bart makes a comic called "Danger Dude", and shows it to Comic Book Guy and Stan Lee, who both reject it. Taken by their response, Bart looks for something to inspire his next comic, and finds Homer being angry like usual. Bart finds this a great inspiration, and he makes a comic called "Angry Dad". This was my favorite part!!! It becomes so popular that an Internet company makes it into a web cartoon. Then Homer sees it at work, a nd becomes very angry. Driving home, people come up and make him angrier to see what happens. The family finds out that Homer has anger management problems. So he decides to go out and not be angry. He gets hit by several things, but doesn't care. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse are going to pull a prank on Homer to get him angry again. Then he finds out that the Internet company went bakrupt, and they won't need his material. But Homer goes through the prank anyway, and lands in green paint. Then, done in style of the Hulk, he ravages through the town and is finally angry, but it is found out that Bart saved Homer's life, because no anger would have killed him. This is yet another episode that I like!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Beware of Angry Dad!

    Just another great episode about Homer's rage! After a speech on Career Day, the kids of Springfield Elementary all want to become comic book writers!
    Finally, Bart has an excellent Idea by seeing Homer getting stuck into a chair and putting himself on fire! Angry Dad is the title of the all new Comic book by Bart Simpson!
    Everyone loves Angry Dad! And very soon an internet company wants to make Angry Dad into a animated series!
    Bartoon proudly presents 'Angry Dad' was just hilarious!
    Homer finally realizes he is Angry Dad and is even more infuriated! Bart's final trap for Homer is too much for him t handle! He becomes the Hulk!! Well, with some painting , but still... great idea!
    The result of the episode finally is that Homer needs rage to live! Otherwise this rage would kill him! Funny!
  • this episode is way above average. It's probably my favorite episode of all time.

    Angry dad is like the best episode of The Simpsons ever. There is nothing unenjoyable about it. Homer becomes the Hulk, what's not to like there? The episode starts off with Bart making comics about Homer, and the series is called Angry Dad. Eventually, an internet company wants to make Angry Dad a cartoon on the internet. Homer laughs at the series, until he finds out that he is Angry Dad. So he looks for Bart, and he is raged. Bart remembers the trap he set Homer, but it's too late. He gets hit by cacti and dirty diapers, and then he turns into the Hulk. Overall, this episode is downright hilarious!
  • pretty good not the best but pretty good

    bart decides to become a comic book artist / writer and makes a coomic strip but it is rejected so he goes home and sees homer and gets the idea to make a comic strip about all the stupid stuff homer does that makes hommer mad and decides to call it angry dad. its an instant hit with all the kids at school and then a guy from "the internet" and bart make it into an animated show and broadcast it on the internet, when homer sees it it makes him mad so he goes home to kill bart and then they tell homer that he has anger issues so he decides to stop being a ragaholic (one of my favorite lines is "im not a rageaholic" "your punching the cat right now" ) then they eventually find out its good for homer to get angry or otherwise hell die. peace dawgs, juanito
  • Solid episode here! Very funny material.

    Wow, I loved this episode! It was a good storyline, and had great jokes. I am also surprised it did not have more self-references, what with it being about cartooning, and the ones that were left in were at least subtle.

    However, the opening wasn't as funny (it was still good). This could have done with being a bit shorter - I don't know why Lisa had to be included here, she appeared later as well. Also, the opening had a few non-cartoon self-references, such as Kirk being referred to as "Bart's friend's father," which weren't really needed.

    Anyway, we soon get into the main plot, and it is good. My favorite joke was when Homer said: "I hope no one's drawing this!" as Bart was drawing him. That was funny for two reasons - the second being much more subtle, which is how it should be.

    Next, his cartoon is put onto the Internet. Everything from here to the end was hilarious. I did wonder about the lumps on Homer's neck first time I watched this (I thought it might be another one of those silly cartoony, non-Simpson-like moments). But that was explained.

    I loved the animated Internet cartoon, and this episode kept me smiling!
  • Angry Dad

    This episode is extremely hilarious and should only be watched in small doses to prevent actually laughing your head off. bart's comic of Angry Dad is very entertaining especially when it gets put on the internet by and homer is the last to find out. The conclusion is one of the funniest visual scenes in simpsons history when bart's trap leads homer to go crazy. i especially like that they made the trap go through dirty nappies and of course made homer go green and hulkish. the fact that this trap saved homer's life was even better as was the fact that bart should punish his parents according to Dr Hibbert. A very entertaining episode.
  • Homer becomes an internet toon, and he gets laughed at all over town.

    This episode is another great installment that was good but could of been better. Even though I was sorry for Homer being humiliated, it's still funny. That Angry Dad toon is great and very funny. I want to see this ep again because it's quite good and quite funny. Even though Homer being humiliated made me feel for him (because being humiliated is horrible, it's happened to be before) and of course I was sorry for him in the end being pranked by Bart it was still good. One day I hope Bart gets what he deserves because he is really naughty. Overall, good episode.
  • Bring back Angry Dad, bring back Angry Dad!

    This was a great episode! Bart is trying to become a cartoonist after a guy at his school, obviously a cartoonist, gave a speech for carrer day. He then makes Angry Dad comics and Comic Book Guy buys one. Then an internet cartoon maker wants to put his cartoon on the Internet. When Homer finds out he goes on a rampage! I won't ruin it but it was a great episode! Bart should make another comic, he has a gift.
  • Definatly not the best, but still a great episode

    Bart starts making his own comic book, using Homer's anger as his inspiration. Homer tries to not be angry once he finds out, but Bart sets a trap which makes him turn into the Incredible Hulk... sort of.

    Featuring the guest appearance of Stan Lee, this episode has some very funny scenes. It may have it's problems, but is still a very good episode.
  • Homer turns into the Incredible Hulk!

    In this episode, following a disastorous "Career Day", Skinner brings in a cartoonist. Soon, every kid is making a cartoon character (with some copyright infrigments). Bart's creation is poo-poohed by Stan Lee, but Lee tells Bart to work hard on other things. This leads to "Angry Dad".

    Angry Dad is Homer in the things he hates, such as how "When Dinosaurs Get Drunk" got replaced with "The Boring Discoveries of Neils Bohr" & getting caught in traffic. After meeting up with a man from, Bart creates Angry Dad into a web show.

    This is how Homer finds out. After this, he vows to be mellow. That leads to Bart losing much needed material. So he creates a trap...

    The effort is futile as became one of the victims of the burst. Bart's trap does enrage Homer, who becomes the Incredible Hulk (sort of) & causes $10 Million in damage. It turns out that anger saved Homer's life.

    However, this episode wasn't "Mint Condition" as CBG referred to Stan Lee never leaving the Android's Dungeon. Oh well.