The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 18

I Am Furious (Yellow)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In Springfield Elementary School, the fire alarm tone is a bell. Most schools in the United States do not use bells for fire alarms. They usually use a buzzer or a high-pitched beeping tone, and some modern schools use a voice-evacuation message over a speaker system. However, bells for fire alarms are more commonly found in Canada.

    • At one stage, Bart and Milhouse are watching Angry Dad together when Homer runs in and starts choking Bart, knocking Milhouse off the chair. Milhouse is nowhere to be found in the rest of that scene.

    • In the scene with Homer in the hospital for one tiny scene Maggie has a red hairbow, and for the rest of the episode, and the scene right after, she has a blue bow.

  • Quotes

    • Stan Lee: Hey, aren't you the guy who was stalking Linda Carter?
      Comic Book Guy: The term is courting. Her restraining order says "no-no," buy her eyes say "yes-yes."

    • Homer: Lousy minor setback! This world sucks!
      Radio Announcer: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the under-padding?
      Homer: I hate them so much!

    • Bart: Why does Danger Dog mean more to me than school or church?
      Danger Dog Creator: Because those things suck!
      kids cheer.

    • Skinner: Here to tell you about his job is Bart's friend's dad.

    • Stan Lee: Hold it son. Wouldn't you rather have an exciting action figure?
      Nerd: AHHHH, but Batman only fits in my Batmobile.
      Stan Lee: Ha-are you nuts? The Thing fits in there perfectly. (stuffs The Thing into the Batmobile.) Look he's fitting right now.
      Nerd: AHHHH you broke my Batmobile!
      Stan Lee: Broke or made it better?

    • Stan Lee: Now hold on Comic Book Guy, this boy is still finding his voice.
      Bart: So you're saying I should keep trying?
      Stan Lee: Absolutely, and if you fail, you can always open a comic book store.
      Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee insulted me! But in Bizarro World, that means he likes me.

    • Bart: Stan Lee came back?
      Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee never left. I'm starting to think his mind is no longer in mint condition.

    • Danger Dog Creator: I spend most of my time eating candy and going to R-rated movies.

    • Krabappel (about her students): I can't stare at those lifeless fish eyes anymore.

    • Jeff: If you freeze the frame, you can see that the chunks of barf are actually pictures of our animators and their friends.

    • (At a school speech night.)
      Milhouse: Did you know mom's getting married?
      Kirk: What?! Can we talk about this at home?
      Principal Skinner: (Pointing at watch) You might as well talk about it now.

    • Bart: Come on Angry Dad, get angry! Don't make me do a clip show!

    • Man on TV: Tonight: When dinosaurs get drunk...
      Homer: Hmm.
      (The dinosaur walks into the tar pit)
      Homer: (Chuckles) Oh, I've been there, man.
      Man on TV: ...has been cancelled.
      Homer: Huh?
      Man on TV: Instead we bring you the boring world of Neils Bohr.
      (Homer splats his ice cream sandwich at the TV)
      Homer: My ice cream sandwich! And where the hell is that remote!?
      (He starts tearing up the couch)
      Bart: Oh, this is perfect.
      (He draws Homer destroying the couch)
      Bart: A couple of stinklines around his butt... and I'm done!

    • Lisa: The speakers are poor because we're letting just anybody do it. Groundskeeper Willie, Groundskeeper Willie's enemy, Shamus...
      Principal Skinner: Aw, yeah, Shamus... twenty minutes of watching a man drink whiskey in the bathtub. Shamus, we won't need you to speak anymore.
      Shamus: What? What! Oh, so this is your doin', Willie? I'll turn yer groin to puddin'!
      Groundskeeper Willie: Aw, you speak like a poet, but you punch like one too!

    • Homer: I'm just passionate, like all us Greeks.
      Marge: No, you're angry. Look, you're punching the cat right now.

    • Stan Lee: My spidey sense is tingling!
      Bart: It's that good?
      Stan Lee: Did I say spidey? I meant stinky. Nough' said.
      Bart: What did I do wrong?
      Comic Book Guy: Oh, I don't know... Try everything!

    • Nelson: Will you sign Martin's cast?
      Martin: What cast?
      (Nelson punches Martin)
      Martin: Looks like I won't be swimming this summer.
      Lisa: Bart, this is just Dad.
      Bart: You know, it's a composite character. Your Dad, my Dad, little Maggie's Dad...
      Lisa: No, it's just Dad!
      Bart: Maybe Angry Dad needs a sidekick know-it-all sister!
      Lisa: Can she have a pony? And the last line in the scene?

    • Manager: Now, meet the voice of Angry Dad.
      Bart: Okay, mac. Let's hear it.
      Voice of Angry Dad: Well, I was kinda thinking of something like... (Homer's voice) I'm a big fat idiot.
      Bart: Yeah, I think we have our Angry Dad.
      Voice of Angry Dad: (Homer's voice) Woohoo! When do I get paid?
      Manager: In 2012.
      Voice of Angry Dad: (Homer's voice) D'oh!

    • Bart: This little trap is going to make my Dad angrier than he's ever been. Meanwhile, I gotta tell those Internet guys to hold tight.
      Milhouse: Can I come too?
      Bart: Good idea. You can speak nerd to them.
      Milhouse: I'm not a nerd, Bart. Nerds are smart.

    • Homer: Whoever knew anger was savin' my life?
      Bart: Ha ha, say it don't spray it.
      Homer: Aargh! You're trying to make me angry! ...thanks.
      Bart: You're not welcome.
      Homer: Aargh!... I love you, boy.
      Bart: Ha ha! You love a boy!
      Homer: Stop it now.
      Bart: If you love me so much, why don't you marry me?

    • Lisa: The first step is admitting.
      Homer: Is it also the last step?
      Lisa: No, the last step is quitting.
      Homer: Very well then. I'm not gonna be Angry Dad for one day longer. I'm giving up anger forever.
      Marge: If you ask me, you should give up fatty foods.
      Homer: (Stifling a shout) I said anger!

    • Ned Flanders: God said to Noah, build yourself an arkie-arkie, animals came on board, onzies and twozies-twozies, elephants and kangaroozies-roozies--
      (Homer growls and pops 3 boils)

    • Angry Dad: Boy, this job sure is easy. Now to press this button.
      (Homer presses a red button and the cooling towers explode in a mushroom cloud.)
      Angry Dad: Not AGAIN!!!
      Cartoon Mr. Burns: (Barts voice deeper) Angry Dad, you're fired.
      (Angry Dad's head explodes in a mushroom cloud and Bart and Millhouse laugh.)

    • Paperboy: Paperboy!
      (Throws paper at Homer)
      Milkman: Milkman!
      (Throws milk carton at Homer)
      Piano lady: Piano lady!
      (Throws piano at Homer)

    • Bart: But I have 52 million shares! What's 52 million times zero? And don't tell me it's zero!

    • Homer: Stupid Bartoon. Heh, heh, Bartoon, that's clever. Heh, heh. I'm gonna kill him!

    • Angry Dad: Oh, what a day. Maybe the headlines will cheer me up.
      (The headline says "You suck, Angry Dad")
      Angry Dad: That's opinion, not news!
      (His head inflates and his eyeballs explode)
      Homer: (laughing) That guy's hilarious. I especially like his white shirt and blue pants. Wait a minute…Angry Dad is ME!
      Lenny: Yeah, didn't you know? You've been world famous for an hour now.
      Carl: You're the Internet's #1 non-porno site.
      Lenny: Which makes you ten trillionth overall.
      Homer: What kind of a monster would humiliate me like this?
      (Comic Bart spray paints a logo on Angry Dad's back)
      Comic Bart: This has been a Bartoon presentation, in association with Ay Carumba Entertainment.
      (Angry Dad turns around and growls)

    • Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk! I'm the Hulk! Graah... graah... Come on dammit, change!
      Comic Book Guy: Oh please, you couldn't change into Bill Bixby!
      Stan Lee: Oh, I give up. Graah! Honest, it did happen once.
      Comic Book Guy: Yeah, sure. I wish you had the power to leave my store.
      Stan Lee: (Grunts)
      Comic Book Guy: Almost had it there.

    • Nelson: I'm coming up with my own cartoon character. It's call Danger Cat.
      Milhouse: Mine's called Trouble Dog.
      Ralph: I'm called Ralph!
      (He draws a triangle on his face and circles his eye.)

  • Notes

    • If you visit the website you'll see that there is nothing there, which ties into the company going bankrupt in the episode. Nice work by the show's producers, they must have researched empty domain names.

    • Blackboard Joke: None
      Couch Gag: After the family sits down, something comes down from overhead and grabs Homer's head and begins pulling him upwards. Leading him to shout "Ow, my brain"!

    • This episode aired the same week as the movie release of Spider-Man.

  • Allusions

    • Unknown: "Stan Lee insulted me. But in Bizarro world, that means he likes me!"
      Stan Lee is a big shot at Marvel Comics, but "Tales of the Bizarro World" is a Superman (DC) comic about a world filled with imperfect Superman Clones.

    • Stan Lee: The thing fits in the Batmobile nicely
      In this scene a boy wants to buy a Batman action figure to go with his Batmobile but Stan Lee forces a Thing action figure into it. The Thing is a Marvel Comics character which Stan Lee is the founder of while Batman is a character from rival D.C. comics.

    • There are three parts of this episode that have references to various Marvel Comics superheroes (of which Stan Lee is the founder and editor):

      There is a figure of the Thing (from the Fantastic Four) on a bench at the comic book shop.

      Stan Lee says his Spidey sense is tingling when he looks at Bart's comic. Spider-Man has a special sense that warns him of danger called his Spider Sense. He also hums the theme of the first Spider-Man TV series from 1967 while he puts the Marvel comics in front of the DC comics on the rack of comics.

      Finally, toward the end of the episode, Homer falls in the green paint, and in extreme rage, rips of his shirt and starts acting like the Incredible Hulk, causing destruction along the way.

    • Danger Dog is probably a reference to the cartoon character Danger Mouse who used to be popular with the UK and the US in the 80s. It was about a mouse and his assistant (who's a hamster) who fight crime.

    • The title, "I am Furious Yellow" is a spoof of a Swedish film called I Am Curious Yellow. The film was banned in many countries for explicit pornographic content.

    • Cartoon of Lou Rawls: You'll never find...that microfilm of mine.
      This is a reference to singer Lou Rawls' 1976 hit "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine."

    • Viewer gir_3000 notes that the following two scenes remind me a lot of a show called Invader Zim. For the first scene if you pause the picture you'll see that the chunks of barf are actually the heads of fellow workers and their friends. Invader Zim is well known for not only constantly sticking in images of people who work there but also for putting them in terrible situations (choking on fish, being stepped on by giant hamsters, being called meat, being crushed by various objects).

      Also in the first episode of Invader Zim they had a dialouge similar to this dialogue sequence:
      "See he's fitting right now!"
      "Ahh! You ruined my Batmobile."
      "Ruined it, or made it better?"
      The Zim dialogue...
      "Hey, I put out the fires!"
      "You made them worse!"
      "Worse, or better?"