The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 15

I Love Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 1993 on FOX

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  • Perfect

    In this episode, Ralph Wiggium is sad because no one is going to give him a valentine on valentine's day again. Lisa, feeling sorry for him, gives him a valentine. He then begins to like Lisa, and approaches her the only way he can: foolishly. Later, they are assigned to play as husband and wife in the school play. Then, Chief Wiggium gets tickets to Krusty the clown's anniversery show, but while there Lisa breaks Ralph's heart. Will they be able to act in the play differences aside? This episode was great, I really felt for Ralph as Lisa broke his heart, but it was also very funny throughout (it stars Ralph Wiggium after all.) 10/10 A+
  • I Love This Episode

    Ralph is so good in this one, I love it. I really feel for him when nobody gives him Valentine's. I think at my old school, if we didn't HAVE to get Valentine's, I probably wouldn't have gotten many, if any. So the scene with him crying about it was well-done, and I liked Lisa giving him one. Him becoming obsessed with it was pretty good too and good character development. And him acting at the end in the play was good.

    This episode is all around good, I think, very good and one I can sorta relate too. Perfect
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons its valentines day and the kids are passing out cards and lisa feels bad that ralf got none and so then after reciving the card from lisa he devlopes a huge crush on lisa and wants to go out with her and she does not feel that way and when ralf gives her a present with two tickets to the krusty show party and she final tells ralf how she feels and the chife wigums gets angrey and wants reveng on homer and the two decide to become friends in the end of the show. this was a good ep
  • This episode truly sets "The Simpsons" apart from all the other animated comedies out there.

    "I Love Lisa" is the perfect example of what sets The Simpsons apart from every other animated show out there. This episode shows that the show can truly have heart, and not just joke upon joke upon joke. "I Love Lisa" tells the story of Valentine's Day in Springfield Elementary's second grade class. Ralph Wiggum, a bit of an outcast, proudly gives each and every student in the class a valentine. In return for his selflessness, though, he receives not even one valentine. In this moment, the writers make the viewer truly feel for Ralph, a feat which can be difficult to do in a two-dimensional cartoon show. Lisa, feeling sorry for Ralph, decides to give him an "I Choo-Choo-Choose You" valentine, an act of selflessness that truly makes the viewer like Lisa as a character even more. This act of kindness leads Ralph to be smitten with Lisa, and he invites her to go to the Krusty 29th anniversary special with him. There, he professes his love for her during the audience questioning session, to which Lisa screams: "I don't like you! I never liked you!". This act breaks poor little Ralph's heart. Unfortunately, Ralph and Lisa are still set to play George and Martha Washington, respectively, in the school's play together. On stage, Ralph gives an absolutely brilliant performance, and the two end up being good friends.

    "I Love Lisa" is certainly full of heart and an episode worth watching for that reason alone; it does, however, have its funny moments, especially with Chief Wiggum. One such moment is when he is trying to crack nuts on the table, and one will not budge; he proceeds to shoot it with his handgun, and says to the bowl of nuts, "Let that be a lesson to the rest of you nuts!". Another funny part comes when Homer is pulled over by Chief Wiggum, who then proceeds to hit Homer's taillight. Homer tells Chief Wiggum that one day, the citizens of Springfield are going to stand up to him and the rest of the cops, to which Chief Wiggum replies: "Oh no! Have they set a date?". Clearly, The Simpsons do not lose their humor when they make an episode filled with plenty of heart. This episode is truly great for its balance of heart and humor, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons, or just a fan of good television.
  • A good episode as Ralph falls in love; I thought that it was chalk full of jokes that were hilarious

    Trying to be nice to Ralph Wiggum, Lisa gives him a Valentine's Day card. Ralph misinterprets the gesture and thinks that Lisa is in love with him. Soon, he begins to pursue her the only way he knows how: foolishly. Lisa tries to let him down nicely, but Ralph won't get the hint until she yells at him in front of a live television audience at the Krusty the Clown anniversary special. Heartbroken, Ralph channels his feelings into his performance as George Washington in his school's Presidents Day show. Ralph's acting is superb, and after a thunderous applause he is able to accept Lisa as just a friend.
  • Ralph rules!

    Perhaps I'm a little biased, since Ralph is my favorite character on The Simpsons, but this is the first episode of the series that I consider to be one of my favorites. This episode established Ralph's character: his bizarre behavior, his sub-sub-sub-human intelligence, and his lovable quirks. Some things I love about this episode:
    -The card-giving scene: This is pretty much an accurate depiction of a usual elementary school Valentines Day card exchange. But what I remember so vividly is Ralph crying after he didn't get any cards, while he gave a card to everyone else. That is probably one of the most genuinely sad moments in the series. My heart really went out to poor Ralph.
    -Ralph's pursuit of Lisa. Lisa also gets some focus in this episode as well. Ralph, who usually doesn't think much about anything, puts a lot of thought into trying to woo her. But Lisa isn't interested, and she has to try to find a way to let Ralph down easy. After all, who would want to hurt Ralph?
    -The Krusty audience scene. Classic. Lisa finally gets fed up with Ralph. As Bart points out: "You can pinpoint the moment where his heart tears in half!"
    -The Presidents' Day play. How often do people on TV observe Presidents' Day? I thought it was a fresh idea, and tied in well to the Valentines Day theme around the first part of the episode. Maybe it's because I'm a history junkie, but I loved the part about the "litte-known presidents". And the finale with Ralph as George Washington was excellent. Willie's line: "I didn't cry when me own father was hanged for stealing a pig, but I'll cry now!"
  • Poor Ralph

    Definately a series classic is not just for the I choo-choo choose you line, which is widely quoted.
    Poor Ralph is the saddest most loserly student in the class and Lisa (ever the underdog) sympathizes with him on Valentine's Day and is the only student in the class to give Ralph a Valentine. When Ralph decided he likes Lisa he invites her to a special Krusty TV event and she dumps him on live TV. When Lisa and Ralph are in a play together her guilt is overwhelming and she must learn to make amends.
    One of my personal faveorites and a highlight of the season.
  • Ralph is so cute in this eppie.

    It was ao cute, him and Lisa together. One of the great Season 4 eps, 'I Love Lisa' will make you fall in love, lol!

    I thought it was good because Ralph fnally got a girlfriend-Lisa. And he annoys her so much Lisa dumps him and Ralph is sad. Poor Ralphy. Anway, it was cute in the end when they were on the swings together. It's just a sweet episode, and that William Shakespear play they did was very well written. I also liked the cards: "I Choo Choo Choose You!" and "B My Friend!" They were funny.
  • good jokes but not a lot of them

    people who watch the simpsons for the humour may not like this episode but it does have a few good chief wiggum lines including when homer says "one day people are gonna stand up to you crooked cops" and wiggum gets scared saying "they are? oh no, have they set a date?" ralph wiggum pointing out the obvious joke in the choo-choo-choose card was funny the first time but is just sad after the second viewing. the wiggums are perhaps my favourite family other than the simpsons with great lines of stupidity or retardity in some of ralph's cases but for some reason, i just didn't like this episode as much as the others they appear in.