The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 12

I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on FOX

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  • Lisa enters the Spellyimpics

    This happens to be another one of my favorite episodes from the whole series. The idea of Lisa enterting a huge spelling bee was great, and the idea of Lisa having to throw the spelling bee was even better. This episode was purely just hilarious. My favorite two lines from the episode have to be:

    Judge: Alex, your word is rigged. Alex Can you use it in a sentence, please?
    Judge: Certainly. This competition is rigged. Judge: Your word is weather. Little Girl: Can you use it in a sentence, please?
    Judge: Certainly, I dont know wether or not the weather will improve today. This is a must see episode definately give this episode a watch.
  • An episode worthy of a good review!

    This was an awesome episode maybe even one of the best! It was very well weitten with many hilarious jokes. As the children go back to school, Principal Skinner has a Spelling bee which Lisa of course wins. She then is asked to compete in the Spelling olympics which she accepts. Meanwhile Homer get addicted to the new Krusty Ribwitch, A new Sandwhich that is only out for a limited time, in Springfield. Homer then chases it from town to town. Elsewhere at the Spelling Olympics Lisa is asked to take a dive and lose the Spelling bee to a little boy named Alex. Will Homer give up his obsession of the ribwitch and see Lisa's spelling bee, and will Lisa win the Spelling bee. Watch the episode and find out.
  • a good episode

    this episode marks the beginning of barney slipping back into alcoholism (though it\'s not the main story) as you can see him in the gutter while lisa is practicing spelling. this is as educational as the rest of the episode, showing how hard it is to stay off the wagon. homer and the ribwich was a great B story and opened up a whole gate for jokes about the ribwich such as the animal having many more legs than 4 and the willingness of ribwich-addicts to trade cars for the last burger ever made. lisa speelling (the main story) was good too but not as good as homer\'s B story.
  • Lisa enters a spelling competition against of bunch of other smart kids.

    I had my eyes on the TV fr the whole episode, serously, because I did think it was quite a good episode. Too bad Lisa didn't win the competition, but at least she got her head on Mount Springfield. (WOW!) But she did do well in the conest and I was excited if she would win or not. It's quite an educational episode too, as it teaches you to spell. Now the other thing I loved about this episode was Homer and the rib-wich. It was halirious how he couldn't stop eating them and kept following them from town to town. That's another classic Homer scheme and that's what really made me laugh in this episode. Krusty's speech about the creature that rub-wich's were made from becoming extinct was disgusting, but otherwise that was still funny. And Homer did a good deed in giving someone the last Rib-Wich for a guy's car to see the big event. Very good episode with many funny scenes and a great story!
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