The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 14

In the Name of the Grandfather

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Best of season 20!

    What a great episode! from the joke with the simpsons flopping around like fish (someone said it was like family guy, but i don't watch family guy so i wouldn't know) to chief wiggum being electrocuted at the end, the whole episode was jam-packed with hilarious humor (derry air). Probably the best episode of season 20, followed by lost verizon, mypods and boomsticks, how the test was won, gone maggie gone, and double double boy in trouble. anyway, a fantastic episode. I like these travel episodes (the crepes of wrath,where bart went to france, the regina monologues, where they went to england, goo goo gai pan, where they went to china). they're always able to poke fun at the cultures. now they have ireland too.
  • In the Name of Mediocrity.

    Following last week's contrived mystery episode, this week sees the Simpsons take part in a story much more focused on the unit as a whole. Involving Abe however, In The Name of the Grandfather takes the family to the island of Ireland where Grandpa hopes to rekindle his love for the old, romantic ways of slums of Ire. Met with a sleek, modernised metropolis however, the Simpsons (that is, Homer and Abe, with the help of Moe) try to extort the people's need for certain forbidden luxuries.

    It's a story that at times works and at times doesn't. The forced, stereotypical culture play on Ireland is tepid at best with jokes on the lazy, drunken, no-good Irish in abundance with little to no wit presented outside of the usual irksome banality that pollutes most of the show's recent episodes. Again, the outing works best when things get a little edgier and jokes are coming from the supporting characters rather than the obvious pens of rejected prospective Family Guy writers. As a whole, it's nothing as bad as we witnessed last week, offering some decent character humour and tighter focus on much more tangible plotting, but the laughs are still few and far between. The promise that was glimmering at the start of the series' year is now dimming in the wake of these two poor-to-mediocre outings.
  • This episode was perfect and one of my personal favorites.

    Why do some people hate this episode? I thought it was great! It felt like I was watching an episode from the early seasons. I actually lol'd at this episode while watching, and can call it a rare gem from the mediocre season 20. My favorite part of this episode was when Homer and that Irish old coot had a drinking contest and got drunk, I just "LOVE" to see Homer drunk :p. One thing was, I think they sort of tried to use Family Guy's humor *cough* the leprechaun cutaways. Yeah! Way to go Simpsons! You could kick Family Guy's @#*%! any day! Also, keep up the good work! Episodes like this can bring The Simpsons back on the right track! So keep on making these good epis!


    Keep it up!
  • An episode that at times could be very funny. One of the top episodes of season 20

    The Simpson family travels to Ireland to take Grandpa to have one last beer at his beloved O'Flanagan's Pub in Dunkilderry. However, when they arrive, the little town of Dunkilderry isn't the quaint little Irish village that Grandpa remembers. It has become a gentrified yuppie enclave filled with hipsters on laptops and Bluetooths, surrounded by swanky stores and coffee shops. When they track down O'Flanagan's Pub, the bar is run down and nearly empty. After a few spirits, Homer and Grandpa buy the pub from Tom O'Flanagan (guest voice Meaney), and they are left with trying to bring the bar back to life amidst an ultra-hip, hardworking and sober Irish town. With a little help from Moe, they find the perfect scheme to bring the pub back to life and put "Simpson & Son" on the map.
  • Higher quality that episodes from even two weeks ago.

    I was working on some other stuff while I was watching this but I noticed that the animation quality was better in this episode. It looked very hi def and was very noticeable compared to episodes from even a few weeks before. The images seemed more crisp and the over all art direction seemed to be better as well. Much like when Family Guy did the Star Wars episode. It wasn't in the same quality of the Simpsons Movie but it was definitely an enhanced episode. To get a person that watches as much animation as I do means they must have spent some extra time on this.
  • The Simpsons travel to Ireland in order to fullfill a wish of Abe's to have one last drink at his favorite pub before he dies. Homer and Abe not only drink themselves silly at the pub, they buy the pub as well.

    Top of the mornin' laddies! "The Simpsons" seems to be finally getting back on track after a string of disappointments earlier in the season. This episode is the second consecutive hit. There are a lot of positive things to say about it. From Abe's flashback to his time at O'Flannagan to the terrific original song and the well written and very funny dialouge. The opening scene of the Simpsons pulling up to the Home and Garden show has one of the most clever bits of dialouge of any episode for quite a while. Erin Go Bragh! Erin Go "The Simpsons!"
  • they buy a hot tub but lose it when grampa dystroys it with a base ball bat

    it was an ok ep at least the begining of the ep from when they buy the hot tub leads up to the plot. I didn't know chief Wiggum was from ireland. The joke about Delta was pretty good but their kinda late for it. I hate that dumb law about smoking in bars and think they should allow it since half the people who go to bars smoke. also it was funny when all they got was a small fine and deportation. I guess they didn't catch Moe since he would of lost his license. the couch joke and black board gags didn't relly make me laugh. funny how they took a crack at octomom with the billboard gag. oh and they did a good job with Blarney Castle.