The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 6

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1992 on FOX

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  • I feel bad for Bart...

    But... after re-watching this episode multiple times, I gotta agree with Homer on this one - Bart's a complete a-hole in this one when he stole Grandpa Simpson's teeth, tore up the carpet, and splattered mustard near the piano. Personally I'd rather just ground him like Hank Hill did to Bobby after kicking him below the belt instead of denying access to an important movie.

    Not very sad either, I like all the Itchy and Scratchy stuff in the show and this would've been one of my favorites if Homer wasn't too hard on Bart. After all, Marge DID say that it was time to drop the punishment after 2 months, but denying him anything to eat that night to me is probably much worse.

    Not the best SImpsons episode by any means, but it's pretty good. This episode is an example of the charm that The Simpsons had back in the day - sometimes a little depressing, but quickly humored back up (Similar to Hurricane Neddy) to appeal.
  • Discipline much too harsh!

    Homer's ultimate decision to punish Bart was much too cruel and overbearing! If I were in that scenario, I would NOT take away my son's big desire to see a huge box office hit movie deep down in his heart. Rather, here is what I would do instead. Bart would be grounded for two weeks. During these two weeks, he cannot go anywhere away from home, except of course school. He could not have friends come over to visit and play and I would make him do his homework and chores every day. No comic book store, arcade, convenience store, watching television, or any other leisurely fun for the two weeks of being grounded. As long as Bart did not continue to misbehave; the Itchy and Scratchy movie would be an incentive awaiting him after he gets off his punishment! Should he continue to act up inappropriately, I would extend the punishment longer and this would delay getting to see the Itchy and Scratchy Movie. This would teach Bart not to misbehave anymore - the movie would be an incentive instead of cruel way to break his heart. This would enable Bart to see light at the end of his tunnel. I bet you parents out there would love my advice about discipline in this review! :)
  • The writers must have been drunk when writing this episode.

    This is the worst Simpsons Episode. Homer so isn't himself. Normally Homer is a bumbling man who is too lazy to do anything, but he's more of an a**hole in this episode than a good parent. That's not really a punishment but just ridiculous. And whats up with Bart barley even trying to fight back. Homers ridiculous punishment had some potential for being a good episode, but Bart just moped around hoping Homer would let him see it. If Barts sadness was turned into anger and he actually did something, then it would probably be a good episode. Have Bart try and disguise himself to get it in or have a huge argument with either Bart seeing the movie, Bart swearing revenge or having Homer change is ways right after the movie is taken out of theaters. Or, they could have had Homer turn into a Disipline Nazi driving the house into chaos. But no, they don't do anything interesting like that. They pull some of the most disgusting cr*p I've ever seen. And that ending just made me want to F**king vomit.
    As Comic Book Guy would say, Worst Episode Ever.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons bart starts to misbehave alot lately and marge and homer dont know what to do after comeing from a school meating. and so homer comes up with the ultimate punishment they ban him from going to see the newly annuced and released itcy and scatch movie. and bart is upset that everyone including lisa has seen the movie . and she laughs when she comes into the house. and later in the futur they show bart becoming a serpream court justice when he is older this was a good ep i thought and it has some really good humore in it.
  • Bart is Punished

    Bart, as well as practically all children in Springfield, have been wanting to see the Itchy and Scratchy Movie for a long time. But when it comes out, Bart is punished by Homer for stealing Grampa's teeth while he was babysitting. So Bart tries to sneak into the movie but he is not allowed in. Bart tries to get Homer to change his mind, but Homer sticks to the punishment. In the end Bart didn't see it. But in the future Homer and Bart finally get to see it together.

    A good episode, Bart is finally punished for doing something, and it made a good episode
  • Review

    In order to curb Bart's constant misbehavior Homer and Marge come up with the ultimate punishment; they ban him from going to see the newly released Itchy & Scratchy movie. when nelson and Milhouse beat up bart when he said "You guys must be pretty tired of seeing that dumb ol' movie" and then Milhouse said " No one who saw the movie would say that" was a pretty good joke. The ending was a little cheesy for me. The movie seemed very stupid and un-entertaining. I don't know if that was the joke or that's there idea of entertainment. I give the episode a 8.9
  • This is an episode of the Simpsons that all parents and kids should see because it depics punishment in a cruel but hilarious manner...

    Every kid in the world waits with bated breath for the Itchy & Scratchy movie, but Bart is the only one who's not allowed to see it. Marge and Homer ground Bart for his bad behavior, making him miss the most important movie of his life. In a vision of the future in which his son becomes a Supreme Court Justice, Homer imagines seeing a revival of the movie with Bart. This is an episode of the Simpsons that all parents and kids should see because it depics punishment in a cruel but hilarious manner... In the end a great episode, but nothing to rant and rave about and call it the best episode ever...
  • Bart learns that being bad has its consequences.

    This is one of the few episodes where Bart actually learns something valuable. The episode opens up with a very funny Star Trek spoof and then Homer and Marge go to back to school night. Marge discovers exactly how bad Bart's school pranks are and he is punished. The I&S movie comes out and Bart wants to see it but, his bad behavior goes too far and Homer bans him from seeing the movie. By the end, we see that this discipline makes Bart a future Supreme Court Judge. Some of the best parts include the Star Trek scene and Maggie driving the car. Though this episode didn't have the biggest jokes, it had a great storyline and a very good ending.

    Grade: A-
  • sad punishment. the most painful.

    I think that is about the harshest punishment anyone could give. Even I was naughty at bart\'s age and did not recieve a punishment like that. Sure bart\'s behavior was naughty throughout the episode and got worse and even caused his teachers to raise a better parent, but that punishment was the worse as how bart was desperate to see the movie somehow, got jelous of his friends seeing it dozens of times and the line going all the way to the theater to their house. taking that away is like taking halloween away (which my dad did not believe in as a punishment and even my late discipline obsesed pyschologist believe in. Bart only got to see it 40 years later as cheif justice.

    sure homer thought it would teach bart a lesson, but even marge said it was harsh. And and I don\'t blame bart for trying to sneak in the theater (2 months later), but the guy at the booth said we promised your father we wouldn\'t. Sad that bart is the only one that does not see the movie.
  • Bart's behavior forces Homer and Marge to punish him.

    During parent/teacher night at school, Marge is told that Bart needs serious descipline at home if he is ever to become a respectable adult. Marge and Homer agree they both need to help Bart by being tougher on him. The next time Bart is bad, Marge sends him up to his room without dinner. Just before he learns his lesson, Homer sneaks up to Bart's room and gives him a pizza. Marge and Homer leave Bart to babysit Maggie. He doesn't pay attention and she gets into the car and finally crashes into a prison. This time, Homer punishes Bart by telling him he can never see the new Itchy and Scratchy Movie. Bart is devistated that he is the only kid in Springfield that doesn't see the movie. Months later, Bart tells Homer he won, but Homer says they both won. It goes to the future, where Bart is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Homer is taking Bart to see the Itchy and Scratchy Movie.
  • Homer teaches Bart a valuble reason

    This will never make a top list for me.

    When did Homer all of a sudden become a discipline master? I konw this episode, but I couldn't see the motivation behind it. He had nothing to gain out of it all so it was incredibly out of character of him.

    I don't mind it if Homer has a dramatic change when there is a reason behind it, but to not let Bart see the movie for 60 years well that was a bit extreme.

    I'm sure at one point Bart would have disobeyed his father because thats what hes like.
  • great episode

    this episode was hilarious with great itchy and scratchy shorts and the parent-teacher scenes. this episode has great jokes including grampa's teeth and the poison pizza "i'm not making two stops" line by homer. the pranks pulled by bart are great in this episode. the itchy and scratchy movie storyline was a great plot and homer's going through with a punishment was a good change to his character. this episode is a memorable one with bart becoming chief justice of the supreme court when he gets older and finally seeing the movie and his childish side still loving it. this is a brilliantly written episode and is one that many fans can relate to.