The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 21

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Marge Crazy?

    Marge thinks Becky, a girl who was going to marry Otto, but broke up after Marge tries to fix their marriage, is trying to kill her. A really bizarre episode. I should probably dislike this episode a lot. I mean, Marge trying to kill Becky was almost unwatchable. It has some laughs, but nothing really funny. The first act is the best of the three. I think it got worse a little more each act.

    And the end with Becky admitting she WAS trying to kill Marge was bad, I think. Kinda dark, pretending to be funny.

    Overall, an episode I should not like, but I do.
  • Marge thinks Becky is trying to steal her family. And it turns out that she actually is.

    IMO this is a very underappreciated episode. Then again, this episode has many episodes that people seem to poo poo for no reason whatsoever. This episode had some great gags. For example, when Homer is changing the oil on the car, and Bart trys to make the care fall on him, or how about when Marge jumps out of the window and says "Im not crazy!" This are just some of the gags in this episode that upon first glance become unrecognized and most fans are quick to condem episodes like this, but in actuallity this is an above average and fine episode.
  • Marge loses it again, in a good episode

    One morning on the way to school, Otto takes the bus on a short detour to propose to his girlfriend Becky through the drive-in window of the restaurant where she works. Bart persuades Marge to have the wedding in their backyard, and everything goes well until Otto insists on playing the heavy metal music Becky hates so much. The marriage is over as soon as it starts and Becky winds up living with the Simpsons as she tries to put her life back together. Soon, it becomes clear that Becky is becoming competition for Marge in the home, baking, teaching the kids karate, and helping them with homework. It's only a matter of time before Marge snaps and tries to take back her life--by force.

    Guest Star: Parker Posey as Becky
  • Marge is Crazy today! Marge's felt?

    It's a mad mad mad mad Marge!

    Marge is feeling crazy today. But in It's Mad, she'll be laugh. Homer said D'oh! This reminds me of Marge Be Not Proud. Poor Marge! She will be mad and crazy. I have a word. Madcrazy. That's a crazyist word. Oops! Hiccup! I will get lost of rest just like Marge! Everyone need a rest problay me! Zbrittany. I think I will write to about 1000 reviews. Maybe you might watch it or not. And don't forget! Zbrittany will write a review tomorrow.

    P.S. Good night everyone and have sweet dreams, but not bad!
  • 6.4
    Besides being named after one of the worst movies I have ever seen, this episode ain't too bad. It was created to be part of one of Fox's themed Sunday's, this particular one airing on Mother's Day ... so, guess the theme. Anyhoo, Otto ditches Becky at their wedding because his true love is heavy metal and no woman can replace that. The Simpsons, in their infinite kindness, offer to house the dejected Becky until she can get better accomidations (what about where she was living before?). Patty and Selma fill Marge's head with paranoia that Becky is a usurper trying to steal her family and the paranoia gets Marge labeled insane. It all turns out to be a big misunderstanding and everybody lives happily ever after. Becky is played by Parker "Who?!" Posey. Yeah, I have no idea who that is.
  • Getting madder and better

    It’s nice to see a Marge episode in this Homer dominated Season. Coherent storyline, but the way they bring out the main plot is kind of awkward; like Otto’s wedding reception in the Simpsons backyard, showing the elephant from Apu’s wedding is kind of gibberish. This episode find’s it way up once Becky stays with the Simpsons. Marge’s jealousy towards Becky turns her to be mad, all thanks to Patty and Selma’s advice. This is a kind of episode that keeps us guessing all the way. Not to forget the sub-plot of Bart’s video project, which is then merged with the main story. Season 11, is just keeping better in the last few episodes.
  • marge goes crazy

    otto choosing heavy metal over his fiance is something only he would do and of course marge houses his fiance until she goes crazy - obvious, huh? marge getting excited over reading newspaper headlines until she realises that there is more of the headline is one of the stupid signs of marge who is smart when it comes o general knowledge but does occasionally show a silly side. the marching band going straight into the insane asylum is a great gag as is the final misleading scene where they're doing a music video. the rating goes down because the plot doesn't really seem to make sense.
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