The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 9

Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The days shown on the calendar are:
      Jan 16: Martin Luther King Day
      Feb 2: Groundhog Day
      Feb 14: Valentine's Day
      Feb 15: Susan B. Anthony Day
      Feb 17: World Human Spirit Day
      Mar 4: Old Inauguration Day
      Mar 17: St. Patrick's Day
      Apr 28: Arbor Day
      May 8: V.E. Day
      May 9: James L. Brooks' Birthday
      Jul 3: Air Conditioning Appreciation Day
      Jul 24: Cousins Day
      Jul 27: Jerry Van Dyke's Birthday (Australia)
      Sep 8: International Literacy Day
      Sep 24: National Good Neighbor Day
      Oct 9: Columbus Day
      Oct 13: World Egg Day
      Oct 21: Reptile Awareness Day
      Nov 13: Gingerbread House Day
      Nov 24: The Day After Thanksgiving

    • The Leprechaun from "Treehouse of Horror XII" makes an appearance in the St. Patrick's Day scene.

    • Running Gag: Homer is stalked by The Grumple.

    • Gil's last name is Gunderson.

    • Gil's Christmas stocking is an old sock with holes that says "Ol' Gil"

    • We learn that Homer makes $6000 a year.

    • Mr. Costington makes an appearence in this episode.

    • A whole year goes by in this episode. So if any future episode is set in 2007, then that contradicts the events in this episode.

    • Homer: Give back that Holiday cheer, you bastard!

      When aired on Sky One in the UK, the entire scene where Homer starts the fight with the Grumple has been removed. This makes the Grumple side story make even less sense.

    • Maude Flanders is in the Christmas themed opening as the camera pans to the Simpson's house.

    • Goof: When Gil is the mall Santa Claus, his skin color changes from white to yellow to white to yellow and back to white for the rest of the episode.

    • Gil is the latest character to move in with the Simpsons.

    • James L. Brooks' birthday is mentioned in this episode.

    • The calendar skips over many major holidays, including July 4th: Independence Day, in favor of showing lesser-known or fake ones.

  • Quotes

    • Gil: (Noticing Homer's open robe) Hey Homer, how about covering up? I'm seeing the whole butcher shop!
      Homer: For your information: since I bought it, I put on a ton of weight. (struggles with it)

    • Homer: (To Grampa) You're going back to the home! I called you a cab.
      Grampa: But I haven't given you your present!
      Homer: Your present is leaving!

    • Marge: I've got a 'No' inside me that needs to come out.
      Homer: Hey Marge, want a thousand dollars?
      Marge: NO!! I mean...yes!
      Homer: Too late! (Burns up the bill with a lighter) Don't worry, I make six of those a year!

    • Patty: Elvis Stojko is so handsome!
      Selma: He can grease up my skates anytime!
      Moe: Don't you hags know that all male figure skaters are twinkly in the lutz?
      Elvis Stojko: That's a common misconception. I have a girlfriend in Vancouver.
      Moe: Made up girlfriend, made up city!

    • Homer: Why did you let that loser into our home?
      Marge: I'll tell you why--Christian charity.
      Homer: Christian Charity? What does a porn star have to do with this?

    • Marge: I'm so sick of Gil, he ruins my Thanksgiving, uses my leg razor to peel his carrots…

    • Homer: Marge, admit it. You just can't say no to anyone. That's why you have three kids.

    • Gil: Aw, come on, you can't say no to Gil.
      Marge: (Loudly) NO!!!!

    • (Gil is eating chocolates from a heart-shaped box)
      Gil: Hey Homer, it's Valentine's Day, what are you getting the misses?
      Homer: (angrily) A heart-shaped box of chocolates!

    • Homer: Give back that Holiday cheer, you bastard!
      The Grumple: Never!

  • Notes

    • This episode aired on December 17th, 2006. Exactly 17 years to the day of the very first episode of The Simpsons called "Simpsons Roasting Over an Open Fire".

    • (The opening title sequence was updated to reflect the holiday theme of this episode, featuring snow and holiday decorations everywhere. Bart rides a snowboard and Burns and Smithers can be seen as Scrooge and Marley in the background when Homer is at the nuclear plant.)
      Blackboard Joke: Frankincense is not a monster.
      Couch Gag: The winter-clothing laden family sits on the couch as usual and the camera pulls back to show they are a reflection on a red ornament of their Christmas tree.

  • Allusions

    • Gil: Hey, who wants some eggs a la Harold Stassen? They're always running!
      Harold Stassen is best known for being a perennial candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President, seeking it nine times between 1948 and 1992, but never winning it.

    • Mr. Costington: (Quivering lips) You're fired!
      Just like Mr. Spacely does on The Jetsons. The shaking of his head and the way he yells it is also an allusion to the Gungan leader Boss Nass in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

    • Dancers at Krusty On Ice: Laugh along with Christ and Krusty, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha! We got hired 'cause we are busty, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!
      A parody of the Christmas carol "Deck The Halls" with somewhat non-traditional lyrics.

    • Moe: What's the matter Homer? Do you still miss the UPN?

      This is a reference to the merger of UPN and the WB creating the CW.

    • Late Night with David Letterman: On one of his holiday episodes, Dave ended the show in studio by going to Paul Shaffer and asking him if he'd like to skate on the rink in front of 30 Rock. They exit out the door and we cut to two skaters dressed in Letterman and Shaffer costumes and wigs doing fancy moves on the ice - just as Krusty and Mel do here.

    • Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
      The character of The Grumple is a parody of the title character from Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas, who is also hairy, green, and wants to steal Christmas cheer.

    • Kill Bill Parts 1 & 2
      The title of this episode is an allusion to the title of Quentin Tarantino's films, Kill Bill Parts 1 & 2, about an assassin who goes after her ex-partners after they try to kill her.