The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 23

King of the Hill

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 1998 on FOX

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  • great


    what i liked- homer losing his wallet at the end of the episode, homer going for a run at night but not making it beyond Flanders' house, "Gym? What's a gym?" (pronouned 'gime'), homer climbing the murderhorn to try and impress bart, homer flipping over the port-a-potty and Comic Book Guy is in it (It seems i would have to find a new fortress of solitude), amongst other things.

    decent episode. not a whole lot of laughs, and the plot isn't that exciting, but it's usually nice seeing homer actually care and try and impress his family, in this instance, his son of course. the ending, while i liked it, is kind of abrupt and played for a cheap laugh. B-/B+ or so as my final grade

  • Homer's powersource

    And once again, Homer is the center of the attention of a SImpsons show. Isn't he getting too much attention lately? Anyways, Homer as usual is a complete moron and this episode is no exception. I think this story is a little repetitive since we already have an espiode with Homer trying to lose weight and failing miserably. I know this is a different setting and different motives but still, the core principle is the same. This show has very good moments and jokes which makes it watchable. On a side note, what is the matter with grampa? He is a complete jerk!
  • A great parody of Marketing scams... Very funny should be seen by all true Simpsons fans!!!

    After undertaking an intense workout regimen, Homer becomes a buffed-out specimen of a man. With the help of his gym buddy Rainer Wolfcastle, Homer becomes stronger and leaner than ever. He soon attracts the attention of Brad and Neil, two executives from the company that makes Powersauce health bars. Brad and Neil enlist Homer to climb to the top of the Murderhorn, the tallest, most forbidding mountain in Springfield, as a promotional stunt for Powersauce bars. With the help of two sherpas, Homer embarks on the arduous climb. Under his own power, Homer can barely make it halfway up the mountain. But while he sleeps, the two sherpas drag his sleeping bag behind them and get him to the top. When Homer discovers that the sherpas have been carrying them, he fires them and continues up to the peak. He doesn't quite make it, but he does manage to drive a stake into one of the Murderhorn's plateaus and cause the peak to collapse, making the spot where he is standing the default top of the hill. His climb is a success, sort of.
  • homer climbs the biggest mountain in springfield

    this really shows that even when homer's in shape, he remains stupid. with scenes such as "a gime? what's a gime?" when he sees a gym then walks in seeing the equipment and saying "oh, a gime!" and sending the sherpas home when climbing the treacherous mountain proves just why this episode is so funny. abe eating his partner's corpse's arm when he himself climbed the mountain and saying that homer would die just like he did were both classic abe scenes and gags. it's a humerous episode with a great pun from the tv show "king of the hill".
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