The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 7

King-Size Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1995 on FOX

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  • Perfect

    In this episode, Homer doesn't like the plant's new physical workout routine, so he decides to gain so much weight he'll be considered disabled and he'd have to work from home. With Bart's help he succeeds in his plan, but soon learns that he's so fat he can barely do anything. And then, there's a breakdown soon to happen at the plant because of him! Can he save the day in time, but heading off to the plant!? This episode is very funny, and has one of the greatest plots of the show. The very ending seemed lazy, but other than that I loved this episode. 10/10 A+ P.S. This my 300th review!
  • Fat Homer.

    Homer tries to get out of the plant's exercise program and he discovers that being on disablility would do just that. So, with Bart's help, Homer starts to eat anything and everything to gain weight. Homer starts to work at home after he reached his 300 pound goal. When he leaves his computer duties in the beak of a bird, suddenly the tank at the plant reaches critical and it must be shut down manually. Homer rushes over to the plant in an ice cream truck and climbs up the ladder to reach the manual shutdown switch, but the catwalk splits due to his weight. The tank blows and Homer falls into it which prevents the gas from leaking out. Mr. Burns who admires Homer's work decides to do him any favor he wants. Homer then decides that a lifetime on disability is not what he wants anymore so he asks Mr. Burns to help him lose weight. When Homer can't even do one sit-up, Mr. Burns tells him that he would pay for liposuction, Homer suddenly cheers.
  • Homer Gains Weight

    In one of the funniest episodes of the series, Homer puts on a lot of weight purposefully so he can get workers comp, and therefore not have to go to work (and not have to do the physicals). At first, he likes this, but Marge thinks he is setting a bad influence by letting himself go like this.

    A great episode, I am not too keen on the final act, but the rest of the episode more than makes up for that, in my book, this is easily one of the funniest episodes of the series, it gets an A+!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show mr burns makes a new rule for exersie and that they have to excersie to remain in shape. thing is homer cant really exersie so he decides to gain weight to be 300 pounds so he can work from homer but in the end almost cause the plant to explode. this was a good ep and it had alot of laughs . and it was a very classic ep i thought and homer does not get accepted by the people well having to wear new cloths and get go in the movie theater all of those were funny scenes.
  • The episode was fun-tastic! Every single gag was so crazy, and the best one... "I'm washing my fat-guy hat, honey!" I loved it!

    An episode where Homer, trying to avoid the exercise programm of the company, gains weight and weighs 300 pounds. Then, he gets to work at home, through a computer. At first, he doesn't know how to operate it, but then it gets much more easier for him. He decides to get out of the house, but everybody is laughing at him, and, what's more, he stops his work and the plant is about to explode. Luckily, at the end he saves the plant and the city as his fat ass blocks the way to toxic gases. Then he decides to lose weight with bad effects on Mr Burns' nerves.
  • In an attempt to avoid the nuclear plant's new excercise program, Homer decides to up his weight to 300 pounds to get on disability and work from home. Bart fully supports Homer and helps him fatten up. Lisa and Marge openly voice their fears.

    There are parts of "King Size Homer" that make me cringe and there are parts which make me laugh hysterically. The scenes where Homer is gorging himself to gain weight are pretty unsettling to watch. However, when Homer was trying to function with all the extra weight (Going to the movies, trying to drive his car) I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. When it comes right down to it, this episode is a matter of personal taste. I think for every person who likes it there will be one person who can't stand it. One hi yi yah!
  • Shocking but truth, Homer decides to lose weight (in the end)

    Once again we find Homer trying to steal from his boss, Mr Burns. Homer's schemes are going to be a part of upcoming Simpson's episodes in the series. In this one, Homer's scheme is not that bad, after all, all he has to do is gain weight and he actually reads a book to find out what things to do so he can pull it off. He also seems very fast for such a large body.

    Marge is so uptight and Homer so messed up. I dont' know how Marge puts up with all that. A good episode but not as fanny as the previous, which are probably the best ever.
  • Homer finally becomes fatter then a house... The question is "Is anybody surprised?" Great episode

    Sick of the workaday grind at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer comes up with a scheme to gain enough weight to be classified as disabled, thereby earning the right to work from home. With a target weight of 300 pounds in mind, he eats everything in site, including Maggie's Play-Doh. Fat as a tick, Homer is granted his wish to work from home, but it's not all he thought it would be when he finds that he's too fat to stop an imminent disaster in the plant's reactor core. The only thing big enough to stop the explosion is Homer's enormous body, which he manages to wedge into an exploding tank. Having saved the plant and the town, he is rewarded for his efforts with a free liposuction courtesy of Mr. Burns.
  • Super fat Homer, gets even bigger!

    Homer decides to make himself disabled so he can work at home. To do this he needs to reach a goal of 300 pounds. So of course he begans eating tons. The power plant puts a work station in Homers home. Looking to shorten his work process, he uses a mechainal bird to push buttons on a computer. It ultimately messes up the ractor core. Homer hears of this and hi-jacks a ice cream truck. He reachs the plant and stops it from blowing. Mr. Burns decides to pay for liposucktion so Homer can go back to his normal weight (whatever that is.)
  • Homer's pretty lazy to get through this.

    This was a rather funny episode. This is a rather well known one as well. This is the episode when Homer gains 67 pounds so he can work at home. His goal was to weigh more than 300 pounds so he could be known as "disabled" so he could work at home and not have to be late to work all the time. But throughout the episode, he gets harrassed by people simply because of his "weight". This is probably the best of Season 7 and is one of my favourite Simpsons episodes of all time.

    To start, press ANY Key. Hmm....where's the ANY key? All I see is Esc, Ctr and Pg Up. There doesn't seem to be any ANY key!!!! Gee, this is making me thirsty, I think i'll order a Tab. *Presses Tab* Oops, no time for that now, the computer's starting!
  • Homer gains 61lbs just to get on disability.

    Homer becomes even fatter in this episode. I'm amazed he could still walk after gaining 61 pounds. Homer using that drinking bird to do his work, while he goes to watch. "Honk If You're Horny". Then the reactor nearly blew up, but Homer saved the town with his fat butt. Well done!
  • It\\\'s actually possible: Homer becomes even fatter!

    Fulfilling another one of his insane life-long dreams, Homer makes himself gain weight to 315 lbs so he would become physically disabled and would be able to work from home. This episode is one of my favorite episodes, espicially because Homer starts wearing a muumuu, which actually made me feel like I was going to die of laughter. Also, there\\\'s a hilarious scene when Lisa is talking to Ralph on the bus:

    Ralph: I heard your father walked into a restaurant and ate all the food in the restaurant, and they had to close down the restaurant.

    Lisa: Hey! My dad is overweight, but he isn\\\'t some crazy food maniac! (Right then, Homer drives by in an ice-cream truck, eating an ice-cream cone)
  • Homer is happy this entire episode!

    Homer is frustrated with having to do five minutes of exercise at work led by Mr. Burns. When he hears of someone else getting to work from home due to injuries, he sets off to make himself morbidly obese.

    To reach his goal of 300lbs, he enlists the help of Dr. Nick Riviera who shows him the window to success by rubbing a leg of fried chicken on a piece of paper. Bart helps Homer and soon Homer is 315lbs and working from home.

    Though Marge and everyone else is opposed to his plan, Homer couldn't be more happy and chooses to stay fat.

    It turns out his weight actually helps save the town from disaster, but in the end, he wants to make Marge happy and lose the weight.
  • Homer decides to gain weight so he can work at home and scip the companys exercize program.

    For me, the best episode of the Simpsons ever. What defines better the Simpsons than this episode? This episode has all suspence, heart, social satire and srious comedy, King size Homer can\'t be topped. Dr. Nick Rivera\'s course for gain weight alone would have made an awesome chapter.(instead of chew gum, chew bacon) With a 315 lb. Homer hijackin an ice cream truck and racing to a pulse-pounding finish while power plant employees do exercize on the lawn. All of this plus a farmer upset that radioctive gas killed his corn. for me this is the very best simpsons ever!
  • you've seen homer going on a diet. now witness the opposite.

    this episode is one of the most absurd, therefore funny, episodes of season 7. basically, the episode involves homer intentionally gaining weight so that he can work at home. this episode is funny the whole way through with jokes such as the playdoh donut, the towel rack and the ironic twist that homer's butt prevented the release of toxic gas. homer's computer skills are great, using the tab button, thinking it would bring up a tab and putting the bird in charge of the computer. the drinking bird was from a previous joke from "brother, can you spare 2 dimes" in season 3 where homer is fascinated, going on obsessed by the bird, so much so that it appears he went out to buy one afterwards since it appeared in this episode. if you're looking for a hilarious episode from season 7, i recommend this one.