The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 7

King-Size Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The dunking bird was given to Homer back in season 3's "Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?" by his brother Herbert.

  • Quotes

    • Homer: I'm purposely gaining 61 pounds to get on disability!
      Marge: Are you out of your mind? Have you thought about your health? Or your appearance?
      Homer: So that's it, isn't it, Marge? Looks. I never knew you were so shallow.
      Marge: Oh, please. I would love you if you weighed 1000 pounds, but --
      Homer: Beautiful! Goodnight!

    • Homer:(testing a free sample of fabric softener on his hat) Mmm! I can feel three kinds of softness.

      Lisa: Dad, what are you doing down there?

      Homer: Washing my fat guy hat, honey.

    • Lisa: Hey, leave my dad alone. Just because he's overweight doesn't mean he's bad: he's a sweet man and he has real feelings.
      Homer: (inside) Hey, what are you kids looking at?
      Milhouse: Hey, look he's trying to get up and yell at us!
      Homer: Don't make me close that shade!
      (pokes window with the broom, then loses interest)

    • Homer: Well, give me a Y, give me a…Hey! All I have to type is Y. (to Marge) Hey, Miss Doesn't-find-me-attractive-sexually-anymore, I just tripled my productivity!
      Marge: Good. Good for you.

    • Lisa: Ew! Mom, this whole thing is really creepy. Are you sure you won't talk to Dad?
      Marge: Mmm, I'd like to, honey, but I'm not sure how. Your father can be surprisingly sensitive. Remember when I giggled at his Sherlock Holmes hat? He sulked for a week and then closed his detective agency.

    • Lisa: Mom, were you ever planning to step in and put a stop to this?
      Marge: Normally your father's crackpot schemes fizzle out as soon as he finds something good on TV. But this season… (shudders)

    • Homer: Ohh…225! That means I lost weight!
      Bart: Ahem…Homer, you're, uh, on the towel rack.
      (Homer moves his stomach. The scale shows 296.)
      Homer: Woo hoo! Four more pounds and my dream comes true: working at home.

    • Lisa: Obesity is really unhealthy, any doctor will tell you that.
      Homer: Oh yeah? Well we'll just see about that little miss smart guy!
      (Cut to Dr. Hibbert's office)
      Dr. Hibbert: (gasps) My God, that's monstrous. I've never heard of anything so negligent -- I'll have no part of it!
      Homer: Can you recommend a doctor who will?
      Dr. Hibbert: Yes!

    • Bart: If you gain 61 pounds they'll let you work at home?
      Homer: Y'uh huh, that's the deal. No more exercise program, no more traffic, no more blood drives or charity walks.
      Bart: Dad, I know we don't do a lot together but helping you gain 61 pounds is something I want to be a part of.

    • Homer: Hey, where's Charlie? How'd he get out of this?
      Carl: Uh, he's at home on disability.
      Lenny: Yeah, he got injured on the job and they sent him home with pay. It's like a lottery that awards stupidity.
      Homer: Stupidity, eh?

    • Bart: Bad news, Dad. We're out of food. We're even out of the basic elements of food. You ate all the tarragon and you drank all the soy sauce!

    • (Shopping at The Vast Waistband)
      Homer: I don't want to look like a weirdo. I'll just go with the muumuu.

    • Homer: All my life I've been an obese man trapped inside a fat man's body.

    • Mr. Burns: Homer, your bravery and quick thinking have turned a potential Chernobyl into a mere Three-Mile Island. Bravo!

    • Lisa: I think it's ironic that Dad saved the day, while a slimmer man would've fallen to his death.
      Bart: And I think it's ironic that, for once, Dad's butt prevented the spread of toxic gas.
      Marge: Bart!

    • Ralph: I heard your dad went into a restaraunt and ate everything in the restaraunt and they had to close the restaraunt!
      Lisa: Hey, my dad may have gained a little weight, but he's not some food crazed maniac!
      Homer: (as he drives past in Ice Cream Truck, sampling the ice creams) Oh, that's raspberry!

    • Homer: I've gotta call the plant and warn them!
      (Homer pushes buttons on the phone)
      Recorded Voice: The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm ... now.

    • (at Aztec Theatre)
      Manager: I'm sorry, sir, but our facilities are not equipped to suit your needs.
      Homer: What are you talking about?
      Manager: Oh what I'm saying sir is that a man of your... carriage wouldn't possibly fit in our seats.
      Homer: I could sit in the aisle!
      Manager: I'm afraid that would violate the fire code.
      Man: Hey, fatty! I've got a movie for you! "A Fridge Too Far"!

    • Marge: That's it, thats the one, alright, send him on in.
      Lisa: Dad...
      Homer: Yes, honey?
      Lisa: mom just baked a cake...
      Homer (runs to kitchen) Huh?
      Marge: Homer, we need to have a serious chat.
      Homer: You dragged me all the way from work for that!

    • Homer: (singing chirpily) Bart and Lisa have to go to school well I get to stay home, na na na na naaa na!
      Lisa: I like school.
      Homer: Well why don't you live in it, then?
      Lisa: I would if I could.
      Bart: Not me, sister. When I grow up I want to be a lardo on workman's comp, just like Dad.

    • (Looking at his remote office keyboard)
      Homer: To start press any key. Well where's the "any" key? I see Esc, Ctarl (ctrl), and PigUp (pgup). There doesn't seem to be any any key! Phew. All this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I'll order a Tab. (Presses tab) Oop! No time for that now, the computer's starting.

    • Arnie Pie: Arnie Pie in the sky with the morning commute. Traffic this morning is as bad as it gets. Due to a fire at the Army testing lab, a bunch of escaped infected monkeys are roaming the expressway. Despite the sweltering heat, don't unroll your windows, 'cause those monkeys seem confused and irritable.
      Homer: Hee hee hee. I pity those poor suckers on the freeway. Gas break honk. Gas break honk. Honk honk punch. Gas gas gas. (Walks to computer) 8:58, first time I've ever been early for work. Except for all those daylight savings days. Lousy farmers.

    • Homer: What can I do to speed the whole thing up, doctor?
      Dr. Nick: Well, be creative. Instead of making sandwiches with bread, use Pop Tarts. Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon.
      Bart: You could brush your teeth with milkshakes!
      Dr. Nick: Hey ... did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, too?

    • Lenny: Yeah, every muscle in my body is getting a workout, especially my big fat mouth!
      Homer: Yeah! Especially your big fat... oh wait.

    • (Homer screams and panics, loudly.)
      Smithers: Boy, I've never seen a man so desperate to get out of five minutes of calisthenics!

    • (Maggie gives Homer a donut made out of Playdough)
      Bart: Dad, it says non-toxic.
      Homer: (already eating the playdough) Well ... that's a plus.

    • Dr. Nick: If you're not sure about something, rub it against a piece of paper. If the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain. (looks through clear sheet of paper) Bye bye, everybody!

    • (Homer's dream world)
      Homer: Hey Flanders, bad day at the rat races?
      Flanders: Yeah, a crazy guy shot a bunch of people and the subway ran over my hat.

    • Mr. Burns: (to Homer doing sit-ups) One ... One ... One. (throws down megaphone) Bah! I'll just pay for the blasted liposuction.
      Homer: Whoo-hoo!

    • Mr. Burns: (talking about Homer) Smithers, who is this gastropod?

    • Milhouse: Uh… what's your dad's job again?
      Bart: He's a nuclear safety technician.
      Nelson: What's he doing with that broom?
      Bart: Uh… what isn't he doing?
      Jimbo: I heard that guy's ass has its own congressman.

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: Indian burns are not our cultural heritage.
      Couch Gag: The family are broken wind-up dolls.

  • Allusions

    • Much Ado About Nothing
      One of the products Homer buys on his shopping spree is called "Much Ado About Stuffing", which is a pun on Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespeare play.

    • Man: Hey, fatty! I got a movie for you. How about "A Fridge Too Far"?
      "A Fridge Too Far" is a play on words from the book, later turned into the 1997 film A Bridge Too Far about Operation 'Market Garden', the largest air operation of World War II, and specifically the Battle of Arnhem, where paratroopers jutted into German territory, but could not quite reach a bridge crossing the Rhine River.