The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 12

Krusty Gets Busted

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 1990 on FOX

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  • reciew

    A Krusty Episode. By the way this shows Hersal Krusty without his makeup! Too bad they didnt keep THE gag OF kRUSTTY WITHOUT HIS MAKEUP OR THAT sideShow Bob on as a sidekick!
  • Best season 1 episode ever

    I thought this was another perfect episode. It officially introduces Bart's enemy, Sideshow Bob, voiced by Kelsey Grammer. Good thing I had been watching the show from the beginning now thanks to purchasing the first three seasons on iTunes. Now I can know which episode features the debut appearance of a particular character. The amusing moments in this episode are "we'll kill ourselves" (if Krusty went off the air), the Itchy and Scratchy segment, Homer saying Doh, and Bart doing the same thing (when Patty and Selma come), Homer scared that Krusty (which is Sideshow Bob in disguise) holding a gun hides in a row of chips, "send in the clowns," Homer thinks that all the clowns are criminals, Krusty pretending to have a heart attack, Bob pretending to cry, but then does an evil laugh, Bart hitting Bob's big shoe, and a few more. Other great moments in the episode were the very first scene in every act starting off very similar, the Krusty the Clown scene at the beginning, Sideshow Bob's song, and Bart finding proof that Sideshow Bob framed Krusty. So, we get ourselves another happy ending. So, it's official, this is my favorite episode of the first season. I like it better than Life on the Fast Lane, and The Crepes of Wrath. Also, on another note, Kent Brockman and Scott Christian made their debut appearance in this episode as well.

    Score: 10/10
  • Probably Best of the Season!

    This Simpson episode, unlike most, achieves a great blend of both story and comedy. Many episodes in the first Simpsons season are story-based, and while funny, aren't really always laugh-out-loud or gut-busting. The drama is good, we can tell how conflicted Bart is about Krusty, and the mystery element is extremely well done. Many episodes in the later seasons, however, are hilarious, but the story is often just a set-up to get them into that hilarious situation.

    This episode easily conveys both, which is its greatest strength, and makes it probably the best episode of the first season.
  • Perfect


    The episode begins with Bart, Lisa and Maggie watching Krusty the Clown on TV. During the show a reluctant and unhappy Sideshow Bob is launched from a cannon, also an episode of Itchy and Scratchy is aired (titled: Burning Love). Marge calls Homer at work and asks him to stop on his way home to pick up some ice cream. Homer asks what the occasion is, and shudders when he learns that Patty and Selma are coming over later to show slides of their vacation. Homer stops at the Kwik-E-Mart for ice cream on the way home, and while there he witnesses Krusty rob Apu at gunpoint. Cut quickly to the Simpson house, as the rest of the family watches Patty and Selma's slides. Cut back to Homer, who gives a description of Krusty to the police. Meanwhile at Krusty's apartment Krusty is relaxing with a drink when a SWAT team busts down his door and take him into custody. At the police station Homer identifies Krusty as the armed robber. Homer finally makes it home just as the news report about Krusty's arrest comes on the air. Bart is devastated that his idol Krusty could have done such a thing.

    Overall, a perfect episode, and the best of Season 1.

    10 out of 10

  • First Bob Episode

    This episode is a pretty strong offering for season 1 quality. It is Bob's first episode, and the episode that made me a Bob fan. It is really good on humor {The gruesome twosome!} and the mystery aspect is interesting. The only real thing I don't like is the mystery was easy, for me and my best friend. This had to have been one of the first episodes I ever saw, and my friend probably doesn't watch this show much, but before act 2 ended, we both knew exactly who it had to have been. And this was obviously the first Bob episode I saw. So I knew who did it. But this is still a funny episode, one of season 1's bests.
  • Bart is heartbroken when his idol Krusty the Clown is convicted for armed robbery. Everybody turns against Krusty except Bart who is convinced Krusty is innocent and enlists Lisa's help to clear the name of his beloved hero.

    Once again "The Simpsons" does a terrific job of introducing not one but two recurring characters. Krusty's backstory is very well done. Note the nod to Elvis Presley when it's reported that Krusty started his career as a street mime in Tupelo, Mississippi. A certain somebody named Sideshow Bob also has a terrific introduction to the series. Robert Terwilliger is probably the best recurring character on the show. He always has terrific jokes and rip roaring hysterical site gags. His confrontations with Bart have always been top notch. "Krusty Gets Busted" is certainly a "Simpsons" all time classic episode. Excellent.
  • Krusty Gets Busted: Krusty gets framed for armed robbery but was it him or was it one of his "Best friends?"

    Review for Krusty Gets Busted:

    Best episode of Season 1. This episode was Excellent it felt like a true classic Simpsons episode. I love episode like this focusing on hilarious moments and gripping detective work (Just look at Who Shot Mr. Burns?) The plot was great characters were original. Another reason why I like this episode is that it introituses one of my favourite characters (Sideshow Bob) A great plot, great characters and A great ending. A true classic (The only reason I did not give it a 8.5 or 9 is that I already knew it was Bob who tried to frame Krusty from reading and writing on sites like these)

    Score for Krusty Gets Busted: B+, 4/5, 8/10, Excellent
  • Hey, Hey!

    Bart's hero, Krusty the Klown is accused of armed robbery and is locked up so it's up to his most loyal fan Bart and Lisa to clear his name which is hard seeing as all evidence points to the clown. While this episode is played out like a mystery; i have seen questions on the back of Happy Meal packs that are harder to work out; It's almost as if the writer's want us to figure it out as soon as possible as it adds to the emotion or whatever. Also it's never shown how Bob can look and sound exactly like Krusty when framing him, this logic problem plagues the whole episode. Even though the intrigue part crashes and burns the heart is very evident as it really is just about Bart who wants to prove his idol innocent of a crime he didn't commit and this saves the episode in the end. This is one of the only episodes where Krusty is a sympathetic character or at the very least, this is the most sympathetic he's ever made out to be which is becuase at this point he's pretty much a textbook friendly TV clown while later on he's shown to be arrogant and apathetic. Sideshow Bob lends his pompous vocals in his first appearence as Sideshow Bob and suprisingly, his recognisible voice suits the character very well and even adds some genuine creepiness to him that other voices wouldn't have acheived. Speaking of vocals; Dan Castellaneta is fantastic as Krusty and highlights his suffering without ever making him a depressing character. This episode is directed by Brad Bird but don't expect the stunning visuals and direction of his previous award - winning outing the Incredibles he seems to be on directing auto - pilot as he knows its only a low - key TV animation and doesn't require a great deal of depth and none is really needed. The trend of the first season is followed dutifully here in that the jokes are totally expected and are mostly given such an weak set - up that all we can do is not laugh but this is just part of the subtle mystique of the opening season. Krusty gets Busted is atouching episode of the first season but for people who prefer a stronger half hour of TV; the only touching will be their finger on the remote.
  • Best of Season 1 and we meet Sideshow Bob for the first time

    In this episode, Krusty the Clown is accused of committing armed robbery at the Kwike-Mart, and is promptly arrested. Bart and Lisa (or at least Bart) don't believe Krusty really did it, and they set out to prove it on Krusty's assitant's, Sideshow Bob, new show. This episode is Sideshow Bob's first real apperence and Kelsey Grammer plays him well. This episode is miles above the other episodes of season 1, for a great plot, great characterization and writing, as well as many sucessful gags. Overall, watch it if your interested in the start of Sideshow Bob, also if you a great Season 1 episode too. 9.5/10 A
  • It was one of those episodes you knew something was up...

    I remember when i first saw this episode some time ago, i had thought krusty had really stolen from apu, but then i would soon notice the signs that would lead to krusty's sidekick, sideshow bob. thats when they really introduced sideshow bob and his evil deeds . i also enjoyed when they analyzed the video carefully to see that "krusty's" foot was big. haha i enjoyed that part...cuz sideshow bob had huge feet, and that is something he or anyone else could not hide under the small clown shoes. and yes the best part was when bart got krusty out of jail, but then after he forgot who he was.
  • such a really good simpsons ep and got everyone thinking did he really do it.

    this ep features supposivly krusty the clown going into the quicky marty and robing it and bart is there and everyone in the whole place is thinking krusty did it but bart and they cancal his show and there buring things of krusty . and bart and lisa team up to figur it out and they find out it was sideshow bob who framed him and this ep starts the hate relationship between sideshow bob and bart simpson and bart and lisa save the day and krusty has his name and show restored back the way it was but sideshow bob says i will get you bart simpsons if its the last thing i do .
  • Sideshow Bob frames Krusty for armed robbery.

    Homer witnesses a robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart and identifies the robber as Krusty The Clown. Krusty is arrested and kicked off his show, and Sideshow Bob becomes the new host. Bart and Lisa believe Krusty is innocent so they look for clues. The reason Krusty couldn't have used the microwave, as shown in the security video, was because he wears a pacemaker. The video also showed him reading a magazine, but Krusty was illiterate. They conclude Krusty was framed. Bart thinks the imposter was Sideshow Bob, as he had large feet that Homer stepped on. Bob admits he did it, and he is jailed.

    This is the best episode of the first season hands down. Its hilarious and it introduces one of the best characters in the history of the show. A must see!
  • "If cartoons were meant for adults, they'd put them on in prime time."

    This episode is the first to really explore Bart's idolization of Krusty the Clown. In it, Krusty apparently commits an armed robbery but only Bart believes that he's innocent. Unable to let go of his convictions, Bart enlists his sister's help in an attempt to bring the real criminal to justice.

    This was Kelsey Grammer's first appearance as Sideshow Bob and he really delivers the goods. Sideshow Bob is a great character and it's been great to see him return several times. That being said, this particular episode is not quite as good as the later ones, some of which are bona fide classics.

    This episode is also notable as one of two episodes directed by Brad Bird, later of Pixar fame. Visually, though, the episode is nothing particularly special, except for the disturbingly hilarious animation of Krusty's on-air heart attack.

    In conclusion, a good episode but only a taste of better things to come for Sideshow Bob & the Simpsons.
  • The Begining of Sideshow Bob.

    Sideshow Bob robs the Kwike-Mart to frame Krusty so he can have his own show while Homer witnesses it. Krusty goes to jail but Bart And Lisa don't believe he robbed it so they find clues and solve the mysterey.

    This is one of the best first season episodes. This is the begining of the Sideshow Bob episodes. I like it when Bart and Lisa team together to solve things. I like when they give you clues to follow. Bart never loses hope in Krusty now matter how many times he has failed over the years. I give it a 8.5.
  • The First Speaking Appearance of Sideshow Bob.

    My Favourite Quote Section – (Bart discusses Krusty the Clown with Sideshow Bob during his show.) Sideshow Bob: Bart, children, this whole sordid affair has been a shock to all of us. But we must get on with our lives. Let's try to remember Krusty, not as a hardened criminal, but as that loveable jester who honked his horn and puttered around in his little car.
    Bart: And shot you out of a cannon.
    Sideshow Bob: (Angrily) And shot me out of a cannon. Yes, we will never forget that, will we?

    My Why I love this episode section – Krusty Being Illiterate, Krustys Small Feet, Bobs big Feet and finally Bart Thwarting his plan. This Episode also Features the first appearance of Scott Christiansen and more importantly Kent Brockman Voiced by Harry Shearer, Sideshow bob made this episode one of the 3 or 4 best of the season.

    Better or Worse than the last episode – Im Going to say better but only cause I love sideshow bob and the way Kelsey grammar delivers his lines Jay Kogen also did a good job at writing the episode.

    Ahh Goobras

    Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders
  • Sideshow Bob's first appearance, where he frames Krusty for murder.

    While I am writing this review , the "Cape Feare"/Sideshow Bob music is flowing through my head.Muwahahaha. No, but sreiously a great episode among the best of season 1.I usually do like The Simpsons episodes that have the mystery/crime type feel to it.It really makes you watch closely to find clues, and then to finally hear the verdict is always fun. I enjoy episodes where Bart and Lisa team up to try and solve something or learn something new.I thought the clues they laid down for us were great. And that thing that a lot of kids may sometime feel which is learning something about their hero that dissapoints them, but they always stay true to their hero.

    "Hand over all your money in a paper bag"- Sideshow Bob,disguised as Krusty

    Hope you enjoy the review!!!
  • The hate of Slideshow Bob begins in this episode. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    I admit, I haven't seen this episode very much. So, I just finished re-watching this episode and I found this episode to be very great. I enjoyed this episode. This began the hatred of Slideshow Bob to the loveable Bart Simpson. Krusty was innocent, and the day was saved by Bart Simpson. I loved this episode.

    Slideshow Bob frames Krusty the Klown for robbery, but Bart Simpson denies it. He sets off to find him innocent, and he does by finding out Slideshow Bob was the one behind all this and.. well.. Krusty can't read.. but he surely could do an autograph for Bart.
  • The origin of Sideshow Bob!

    With the help of eyewitness Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown gets busted for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. Convinced that his hero is wrongly accused, Bart, with Lisa's help, examines the clues and case and determines that Krusty was framed by his bitter sidekick, Sideshow Bob. Krusty is cleared and Bob begins the first of his many prison terms. ANother solid episode that can and will be remembered as a classic for years to come... I think that everyone can agree that every episode that Sideshow Bob is in is brilliant and hilarious... The Simpsons have done three straight solid good storyline, and funny episodes...
  • plot devolpment

    this is one of those episodes where the character meeets a real bad enemy but this time that bad enemy is a person no one expected to be evil also a great performance by the stunning kelesy grammer

    the episode starts off with sideshow bob duisguied as krusty robs the kwiki - mart and now krusty is going to prison and stands on trial. sideshow bob ( played by Kelesy Grammer) is now the host of the show and now its up to bart to help krusty get out of this predicament but will anyone belive him, and who framed krusty
  • Reminded me on CSI series...

    Another interesting installment from "The Simpsons" show, as well as another great episode of it. Krusty "The Clown", a fictional clown in springfield gets busted because of a robbery. Bart belives it was not Crusty who did it, so he goes on an investigation with his sister. His primary goal is to clear Krusty's name. Nobody belives Krusty, except the three young Simpsons - Bart, Lisa and Maggie. They are very sure that Krusty is not guilty. The other kids start beliving that he realy was bad and start forgeting about him...

    This storyline is the one i want to see on "The Simpsons" more often...
  • an episode that has you thinking through the whole episode.

    The Simpsons didn't disappoint in this episode. This episode could easily be told that it's cleveraly ploted. Making ever single detail, from Krusty feet being small to Krust not reading. It was also a good episode, because we see a much nicer side of Bart, because he cares about Krusty The Clown, and would do anything for his idol to not be guilty, and to have been free.

    However, I do feel sorry for Sideshow Bob also, who would like getting shot out of a cannon... I felt real bad for him, but thats what he's getting paid for. It was also very weird how Sideshow Bob, when he was the new host of the show, to make it all education... I wouldn't watch that :P
  • A Great Episode

    This was one of the best of season one. A very good and funny episode. Krusty the clown is arrested for robbery. Only thing is he is innocent. A good part is where homer jumps in the chips screaming like a girl. A classic laugh out loud moment. Also when Homer makes fun of Marges two sisters,that was good. Bart wont give up til he discovers who really robbed the kwik-e-mart. With the help of Lisa they discover he was framed. But in the end Bart figures out it was really Sideshow Bob. He hated Krusty and wanted the show for himself. So Krusty is free and gets the show back. Also the episode which starts that Sideshow Bob is after Bart to kill him. In the end a very funny and great episode.
  • ...

    This must be oneof the top ten Simpsons episodes there is, there is a very intense storyline for Krusty fans, but gladly he is not put in prison, after we know that .... Did the crime, an build's up a really good storyline for the whole of the Simpsons series! This must be oneof the top ten Simpsons episodes there is, there is a very intense storyline for Krusty fans, but gladly he is not put in prison, after we know that .... Did the crime, an build's up a really good storyline for the whole of the Simpsons series!
  • Bart's first run in with Sideshow Bob

    This is another of the great Simpson episodes and there be more to come. The episode "Krusty Gets busted" is the first episode the feature Bart taking on his enemy Sideshow Bob. The evil one hatched a plot to frame Krusty the Clown and it up to Bart to clear Krusty and get Sideshow Bob. The first of many encounters between Bart and Sideshow Bob. and one of the reason why I love the series and there are many to love is the battles between Bart and Sideshow Bob. this is a classic simpson episode which started the long war between the two.
  • the homer simpson never stop the kruty why ?

    the homer when he went kiwki mart the simpson buy some food when he com to apu it was krruty the clown and homer run and hiden some where when apu turn around kruty "say give me all your mony dud ?" apu say "yes yes!! i know about the kruty run away. well wriiten in simpson . and kruty got busted.
  • Oh, what a great episode- Krusty gets Busted.

    After work, Homer stops by the Kwik-E-Mart after learning that his wife's sisters are coming over. He then sees Krusty the Klown robbing the store. When Homer identifies him as the thief, Krusty is arrested. On the news that night, Marge is embarrassed by Homer's comments towards Patty and Selma and Bart learns that Krusty could go to jail. Bart is devastated and all Krusty merchandise gets burned after Krusty is found guilty of robbery, but only because Homer defied Bart's pleas not to tell on Krusty. Sideshow Bob takes his place on the TV and Bart refuses to let Krusty be incarcerated.

    When Bart and Lisa go to the Kwik-E-Mart to find clues, they find some interesting things. Krusty couldn’t have used the microwave; he has a pacemaker dating back to 1986. He also couldn't have read the magazine, for he admitted to be illiterate. Krusty was framed.

    On the live show "The Sideshow Bob Cavalcade of Whimsy" Bart concludes to the audience that it wasn't Krusty who robbed the store; it was Sideshow Bob. He realizes this because in the footage of the store, Homer stepped on his foot. But Krusty has small feet. So the police arrest Bob, free Krusty, and Krusty thanks Bart for trusting him. Krusty is cleared and Bob begins the first of his many prison terms.

    This, without a doubt is one of the greatest episodes in the Simpsons history.
  • Krusty is framed for a robby and Bart and Lisa have to proove it.

    Homer stops on the Kwik-E-Mart on his way home when Krusty comes in and robs the store. He identifies Krusty on a police lineup and Krusty is arrested. Krusty is replace with Sideshow Bob. Bart knows Krusty didn't do it and sets out to proove it. With the help of Lisa they find some clues that proove that Krusty couldn't have done it. He had a pacemaker so he couldn''t have used the microwave and he can't read so he couldn't have read the magazine on the rack which the real robber did. At the new Krusty show "The Sideshow Bob Caavalcade of Whimsy," Bart reveals what he has found out. Krusty has short feet but he wears big floppy clown shoes. Homer had stepped on the robbers feet so the robber had to be someone with big feet. Bart hits Sideshow Bob's feet and he reveals that he did it. Sideshow Bob is arrested and Krusty is freed. He thanks Bart for the help.
  • Sort of Average/Above Average, but still the best of the season.

    This episode marks the official introduction of Sideshow Bob. (He cameod in The Telltale Head) He is a good character and Kelsey Grammar is great as Sideshow Bob. In this episode, Bart's hero, Krusty, gets framed for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. Everyone assumes that Krusty is guilty and he is considered a bad role model. However, Bart knows that Krusty did not do it! After solving some 'mysteries,' Bart and Lisa find out that Krusty did not rob the Kwik-E-Mart, and it was, in fact, his 'best friend' Sideshow Bob, from his show! After this is revealed, Krusty is freed and Sideshow Bob is sent to jail. That is not the last we see of him though, he appears in many other later episodes, seeking revenge on Bart. (Most of the time, he tries to kill him)

    This is a good episode with a solid plot and good jokes like this:

    Prosecutor: Mr. Simpson, was that you taking that cowardly dive into that display of heavily-salted snack treats?

    It's the best of first season, but that's not really saying much. It's not one of my top favorite episodes, but it's still pretty good.
  • Sideshow Bob's first "real" appearance

    This was Barts first tussle with Sideshow Bob. Bob frames Krusty and Bart gets his hero out of prison and puts Bob away for good. (well not really)

    It seems pretty simply put, but infact this is a really clever episode. The way Bart and Lisa figured out who framed Krusty was really well plotted.

    Sideshow Bob makes many more appearances that are much better, but this is where it Bart vs Bob all began
  • It's definately the greatest season 1 episode!

    Season 1 wasn't exactly a great season even if it's good! But this episode was different! It had a great storyline and the first appearance of Sideshow Bob! Excellent action and great drama is what made this episode a special one and being better than the others in this season.
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