The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 22

Krusty Gets Kancelled

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 1993 on FOX

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  • The fourth season ends with Krusty hitting rock bottom and Bart and Lisa determined to save Krusty's career.

    "Krusty Gets Kancelled" is not just an excellent season finale, but one of the best episodes of the season. The episode cracks me up every time I see it. There are many reasons why this episode works so well. The first is its excellent guest cast. The late Johnny Carson is phenomenal. He could very well be the best guest star the series has ever had. Watching him juggle the Buick Skylark is comedy gold. Bette Midler is terrific as well. Her scenes with Bart and Lisa on the side of the highway are very clever and provide even more genuine laughs. Despite only having a few scenes and a very small amount of dialogue Luke Perry does a very good job as well. Another thing I liked about this episode is how well it takes the television culture to task. One minute Gabbo is riding high and is the biggest name in television. Then all of a sudden it disappears in seconds because he called his fans SOB's when he thought nobody was listening. If you think that is a bit if a stretch, ask Don Imus what he thinks! I have seen this particular episode many times over the years and the laughs are always there. I think they will be there for you as well when you see it.
  • perfect


    what i liked- the ending, the old man singing with his pants down, Krusty trying to get the Red Hot Chili Peppers to rewrite part of one of their songs, "Dancing around in their underwear, how degrading. Give me a bigger lollie" , "I'll get you for this, Midler!", "Everyone is saying Gabbo this, and Gabbo that, but no one is saying Jericho this or Jericho that", etc.

    great episode. it's pretty guest star heavy but who cares when the jokes are as good as they were here. and the plot was also nice. more than fitting conclusion to the wonderful season 4 of the wonderful simpsons. A+

  • this was a good ep

    this was a good ep for the simpsons season 4 final and in this ep there is a new show that is airing the same time krusty does and his show is just not doing it and so the krusty show goes off the air and his caree is like over. but bart and lisa want to help so they ralley a bunch of celbs and it turns out to be a good show for krusty and his career is back on top and this season 4 of the simpsons was excelent and this was a memorable ep and that is why i gave a 8.5
  • (Insert funny pun here)

    Krusty's show is cancelled when a wise - cracking puppet pulls in more viewers and with Bart and Lisa's help, Krusty claws his way back on top. Even the Ebenezer's of cartoons will find something funny in this episode however the jokes that rely on slapstick tend to miss their mark but overall we laugh heaps more than we roll our eyes. What this episode really lacks is solidity, it's more of a collection of good scenes that don't exceed 30 seconds. The plot twist of Krusty's weight problem seemed like just a desperate way to squeeze tension into the episode when it didn't belong.

    Watching Krusty's status disintegrate (while it's played for laughs) is more sad than amusing especially after episodes like "Krusty gets Busted" and "Like father, like clown", give this guy a break!

    Marge famously doesn't say anything in this episode but Krusty's prolonged appearence supplements the huskiness void. Once the Krusty special starts, the storyline officially ends and you can just sit back and enjoy the bevy of stars who popped in. The guest stars themselves (Johnny Carson, Bette Midler, Luke Perry, Hugh Hefner, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and is it Liz Taylor?) particularly Hef, Taylor and the Chilli's all just give off the sense that they're doing it for a superfluous paycheck and phone it in but the others really have fun with their time on the show.

    This episode is one of (sadly) very little that features the writing of John Swartzwelder with the direction of David Silverman. I feel they are both easily the most talented in their respective fields on the show and the combinations of the reclusive writer's brilliant script and jokes with the manic director's superbly energetic animation and detailed facial expressions is a guranteed recipe for a fantastic episode. Krusty gets Kancelled is one of those episodes that isn't a classic but still would be on every fan's top 10. Worth a look.
  • Krusty makes a come back!

    Springfield is bombarded with an advertising campaign for a new television series known as Gabbo! Gabbo is a ventriloquists dummy. The new TV show is on up against The Krusty The Clown Show and his career is jeopardized. When Krusty's ratings plummet, his show is cancelled. Krusty attempts to find employment and win at the races, but fails. Bart wishes to ruin Gabbo's career, so he sneaks into the television studio and switches on the camera as he is bad-mouthing his audience. Bart and Lisa wish to organise a comeback show for Krusty, which would feature all the best celebrities. They get in touch with Bette Midler, Hugh Heffner, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Elizabeth Taylor rejects the offer but all the rest accept. The special is an enormous hit and his show is reinstated. A good episode. Sometimes the plot gets a little dry; maybe because I've seen it a lot but it was a good episode. Give it a watch.
  • A lot of gurst stars

    WAfter the most successful advertising campaign Springfield has ever seen, The Krusty the Clown show gets bumped in the ratings by Arthur Crandall, a droll ventriloquist, and Gabbo, his excitable dummy. Gabbo is a huge hit, and Krusty's show is cancelled as a result of falling ratings. Bart and Lisa enlist the help of Krusty's Hollywood pals like Hugh Hefner, Bette Midler, Elizabeth Taylor, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and others to save his show. After an emotional TV special, Krusty's show is brought back for good. No one ever hears from Arthur Crandall or Gabbo again. A lot of guest stars!!!!!
  • "I'll get you for this Midler!" is one of my favourite lines!

    this was/is a great episode!

    The amount of guest stars in this episode was great and having Elizabeth Taylor refusing to do the special and then regret it is very funny!

    The best part is Bette Midler being shown as a super woman who cares of the Environment! her attack on the various cars throwing litter is superb! and mention of Crudler!

    Krusty is good in this episode too. i am a huge fan of this clown and he makes me laugh as well as the children of Springfield.

    Gabbo has a freaky 'living dummy' thing going on too...

    over all a great episode. rewatch vote: 9/10
  • funny, funny

    On This one Krusty gets cancelled because of a stupid doll named gabbo on tv. so bart and lisa go and get some of krustys friends from hollywood like bette midler, hugh hefner, and some other people. Its hilarious because Bette Midler picks up trash on the side of the road and gets back at everybody that drops something. like a car passed and threw out a can, and she threw the can at ther car and made them fall off of a cliff! It was hilarious! this one is one of my favorites! (not my alltime favorite but i really like it) I love this episode!
  • A great way to end the best Season of the Simpsons ever.

    As I stated above, this is the way to end a great season. Krusty in the dumps, A dummy outplaying a clown, a crazy European cartoon, and a slew of guest stars, to help Krusty in his time of need. So ends the best season of The Simpsons in the history of the show.
  • Classic episode!

    Krusty getting cancelled because of a new kid on the block. Gabbo, the ribald ventriloquist dummy.

    Krusty gradually loses his audience to the new TV programme with Gabbo the dummy. He didn't put any money to the side so when his show goes off the air he's basically broke. He then has to perform in low-class programs and eventually loses his last 10 bucks at a horse race.

    Bart and Lisa have an idea: they want to bring together many of Krusty's celebrity friends in order to broadcast a 'Krusty Komeback Special'. A great episode with an awful lot of guest stars: Johnny Carson, Bette Midler, Luke Perry (supposedly Krusty's half-brother), Hugh Hefner, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in the episode but not in the comeback special: Liz Taylor.

    What an awesome Finale to an unbelievable Season. Those were the days!
  • So many great celebrities

    I found out today that Marge doesn't say a single word in this episode. What the!? That was a massive surprise seeing as I've seen this one about amillion times and I didn't notice.

    I love all the episodes with several celebrities. This one, Homer and his bat, and Homerpalooz.

    Krusty gets cancelled when a funny puppet named Gabbo comes in and steals his audience and to get his audience back Bart and Lisa find celebrities to appear on a Krusty comeback special.

    Its not so much a LOL episode, but its really enjoyable to watch. Johnny Carson and Red Hot Chili Peppers were my favourites celebs!
  • the first episode with so many guest stars (not including "homer at the bat")

    this episode was a really good one, the best krusty episode so far. this was a very well chosen season finale with great jokes like gabbo calling all the kids SOBs on the air and still staying strong and kent brockman later calling all the viewers SOBs was a nice touch. krusty's komeback special is a memorable episode as is a lot in the fourth season. this had great gags in the comeback special like all of the guest stars knowing krusty from the old days and the red hot chilli peppers in their undies aswell as the classic spinning a car over the head gag. this may not be the greatest season 4 episode but it is definitely a good one to go out on.