The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 4

Large Marge

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2002 on FOX

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  • Marge gets implants.

    Lisa and Homer make a bet on who would win the 1948 presidential election. Lisa wins and she gets to choose the activity for Daddy-Daughter Day. Her activity is taking part in building homes for Habitat for Humanity alongside Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George H. W. Bush (who parody the three stooges). While painting, Homer takes off his wedding ring in order not to get paint on it, and Lindsay Naegle and Cookie Kwan mistakenly think Homer is a recently divorced bachelor. Marge, driving by, sees Homer appearing to flirt with the women (though he is actually explaining how Marge gave birth to Bart). She worries that Homer has lost interest in her, so she decides to get liposuction, on the advice of Manjula. Unfortunately, a mix-up causes her to get breast implants, which were intended for one of Mayor Quimby's interns. The doctor says that Marge must wait for 48 hours before the implants can be removed. Marge is furious with the new implants. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse watch an old episode of Batman, featuring Krusty as a villain named Clownface, who threatens the pair with a rapidly spinning carousel of death. Bart and Milhouse like the idea, inspiring them to recreate the stunt, with Bart putting Milhouse on a merry-go-round in school. Otto uses the bus to kick-start the merry-go-round, spinning it at an incredible speed. The bolts give way and the merry-go-round goes flying through the air, knocking over the school flag. Milhouse vomits on the flag while Iwo Jima veterans are visiting the school. Bart explains to Principal Skinner that he saw Krusty do the stunt on TV, and in response, Skinner leads a group protesting against Krusty, who is now seen as a dangerous influence to children. Krusty's show is revamped to exclude all possibly dangerous elements, destroying the show's popularity with children. After coming home from her surgery, Marge realizes that her very large breasts are making her life difficult after trying to hug Maggie and open the cupboard. Marge tries to hide her breasts from her family, but Homer and the kids find out Marge's secret after a few short hours. Homer, Marge and the kids go out for dinner to the local Italian restaurant so Homer can flaunt the new Marge. Luigi, who had just rejected the Flanders family, immediately admits the Simpson family after seeing Marge's breasts. Homer soon starts singing about Marge's breasts, and is joined in a musical number by several other male patrons. Kiekie, a trade show executive, approaches Marge and offers her a modeling job from A.C. Milan. Marge accepts and initially enjoys the experience, but later experiences back pain because of her heavy breasts. She also finds herself being ogled and pinched by every man in Springfield. At the Springfield Shoe Expo, Marge is further humiliated by lustful men while promoting shoe horns. At the same time, Bart helps Krusty to win back his popularity, using Milhouse and Stampy (Bart's old pet elephant) in a stunt. The stunt quickly goes out of control when Stampy stuffs Milhouse and Bart in his mouth. Homer tries to save them, but suffers the same fate. Krusty forgets the word that was supposed to make Stampy submit and lie down. The police decide to shoot at Stampy, which would endanger Homer, Bart and Milhouse. Marge appears on the scene, and after unsuccessfully trying to dissuade the police shooting, distracts the police by revealing her huge breasts to the assembled crowd. Krusty, still hated by residents of Springfield, saves the day by accidentally saying Stampy's safety word, "Magumbo". Stampy releases Bart, Milhouse and Homer, and Krusty is hailed as a hero and his popularity is restored with the town. The next day, The Springfield Shopper proclaims that Krusty saved the day, in a very small article that's barely a paragraph, while the headline reads "Crazed mom goes topless!", promising 25 pages worth of pictures inside. Marge gets the implants taken out and is greeted by a surprisingly happy Homer who proclaims that it's good to be able to get his arms around her to hug her again.