The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 17

Last Exit to Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 1993 on FOX

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  • Amazing parody of everything

    Mr. Burns sits in his office awaiting the union leader, who has not been seen since he promised to clean up the union, so that they can discuss the proposed union contract. While perusing the contract, Mr. Burns becomes disgusted with the union demands and reminisces about simpler times. Mr. Burns then decides to take on the union, and revokes their dental plan.

    Meanwhile, at Painless Dentistry (formerly "Painful Dentistry"), the Simpson children are getting their teeth checked. It is discovered Lisa needs braces. When Marge informs Homer, he tells her not to worry about the cost, as the union had won a dental plan during the strike of '88. Later, at a meeting of the local chapter of International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs and Nuclear Technicians, Carl announces that the newest contract requires the union to give up their dental plan in exchange for a free keg of beer for their meeting. Homer slowly comprehends that giving up their dental plan would require him to pay for Lisa's braces and jumps into action, reminding everyone how their dental plan has helped them all, and how the new contract is an insult. Carl proposes Homer be the new union president and he is promptly elected by a nearly unanimous vote.

    Mr. Burns watches Homer on his hidden cameras and is impressed, asking Smithers, "who is that firebrand?" Smithers recounts several instances where Mr. Burns was involved in some way with Homer or another member of the Simpson family, all of which Burns has forgotten. Burns further confuses Homer's pathetic attempt to remove a candy bar stuck on his back with a workout routine. Burns invites Homer to his office to try to reach an agreement but Mr. Burns's sly innuendos are misconstrued by Homer as sexual advances. Homer quickly gets to his feet, saying he does not go for those "back door shenanigans", although he is "flattered" and "maybe even a little curious," and promptly leaves.

    Since the dental plan has not yet been reclaimed, Lisa is given exceptionally primitive braces, leading her to call herself a "monster". Meanwhile, Mr. Burns sends hired goons to the Simpsons' house in order to take Homer back to Burns's Manor to negotiate. Before they have a chance to talk, Homer is struck by the urgent need to use the rest room. He asks Mr. Burns where the rest room is and immediately leaves, leading Burns to think that Homer is unwilling to even hear him out. Burns returns Homer to his house, but threatens Homer as he leaves. Homer is now tired of being union president and calls a meeting to announce his resignation. But when he opens by saying that he has had enough of negotiating with Mr. Burns, the union thinks he is suggesting that they strike. Before Homer can say anything else, a chant of "Strike!" is started, a vote is taken, and the union goes on strike.

    Mr. Burns is undeterred by the strike and tries several methods of breaking it up, such as bringing in '30s era strikebreakers and getting loyal robot workers. On an edition of Kent Brockman's talk show, Smartline, Mr. Burns is allowed an opening tirade and he threatens dire events. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Burns and Smithers march to a secret room in the Power Plant and turn off the power for the whole town. The strikers do not lose hope and begin to sing. Burns, confident he has broken the union's spirit, steps out on his balcony to hear their reaction but is disarmed by their unity and optimism. Mr. Burns finally calls a meeting with Homer to concede to their demands on one condition: that Homer must resign as union president. Homer celebrates, causing Mr. Burns to finally realize that Homer is not the brilliant tactician he thought he was.

    With the Simpson family insured again, Lisa gets her perfect, new braces and she, the Simpson family, and the dentist gather and laugh as the episode comes to a close, with the dentist finally realizing that they are all laughing because he has left the gas on.[3][2][1]