The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 20

Last Tap Dance in Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hillarious!

    Bart and Milhouse are trapped in the Mall and chased by a lion. The funniest moment is when Milhouse discovers a Lion behind the plant and is speechless to Bart! Chief Wiggum gets trapped with a weight when he wants to take some cheese (Hillarious!) Lisa wants to be a tap dancer so she gets help from the professor with the self-taping shoes. At the performance, loud clapping makes shoes go bizzare and destroyed. Professor wants to spare Lisa's feelings by saying that the whole time the machine was off so Lisa believes that she did it on her own, but Homer spoils it all, typical!
  • Take a typical season 11 and downplay the wackiness by a large margin...

    ... and you might end up with something like Last Tap Dance In Springfield. At a time when the show seemed to be running itself to the ground with unlikeable characters and insane storylines, Last Tap Dance emerges as one of the more genuinely entertaining episodes of the era.

    Let's put the bad out there first. To start, this is still no classic. While a lot of the most frustrating elements of the show are toned down here, the episode is neither consistently hilarious nor particularly touching. On top of this, we've still got the obligatory annoying moments to concern ourselves (Homer strangling Bart in different levels of clarity, perhaps his eyes crusting over as well).

    This being said, that's nothing compared to a lot of the stuff that came out around this time. And while I wouldn't say the humour was amazing, it's clear the comic timing for the show was still intact if put it to the right use. The Shirley Temple-esque film and numerous bits with the present day Little Vicky give us some laughs.

    Let's also not underestimating the impact some less extreme characterizations can have as well. Homer is closer to a bumbling father in the last two acts than a tangent-driven imbecile, and it certainly helps the episode maintain a needed level of groundedness. Lisa, to her credit, still had a level of sweetness to her character at this point of time, so it helps to have her prominence in the episode as well.

    We've also got a subplot that, while nothing spectacular, certainly doesn't diminish the episode too far and provides a silliness to contrast the main story. Bart and Milhouse being alone in the mall was certain a good idea with interesting enough results.

    I can't decide whether this or Days of Wine and D'oh'ses is the strongest episode of season 11, but on its own terms I'll give Last Tap Dance In Springfield a solid B (7.5).
  • Decent

    Lisa takes tap dancing. Now, I'll be honest, I hate tap dancing, and therefore for some reason I just don't like the plot. It was decent, had a lot of good laughs, but I strongly preferred Bart's subplot with him and Milhouse at the mall.

    This is probably one of the most real episodes of the season. Not one joke seemed too cartoony or anything like that, which is a plus. And no one seemed to act out of character, for the most part.

    So, it had some good humor and some good moments, but I just don't like the type of plot. But it still is a great episode
  • Lisa takes up Tap dancing and Bart and Milhouse camp out in the mall.

    Let me start by saying that this is another episode from season 11 that many people do not realize had some great gags and the overall plot was great. Im not going to lie and say both stories were equally strong because they werent. The Bart and Milhouse story was clearly stronger then the Lisa story, but the Lisa story was definately entertaining. Probably one of my favorite gags from the episode is when Bart plays a childish prank on Homer and makes him say I 8 PP during his eye exam, or when Homer can't see and the school bullies make him buy them beer. Give this episode a watch for some great entertainment and silly gags.
  • Didn't like the main story, but the "b" story was fantastic.

    During an outing at the mall, Homer gets his eyes examined while Marge and Lisa shop for items Bart will need for his camping trip. Seeing a film about tango dancers, Lisa is inspired to get dance lessons. Lisa, however, does not prove to be the most talented of dancers. Her role in an upcoming dance recital: curtain puller. Lisa is crushed. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse sneak out of their camping trip and decide to spend a week in the mall. Hiding out in an air vent until the mall closes the boys stuff themselves silly with candy, cookies and play with all the toys. The next morning Chief Wiggum is called in to investigate. Thinking he is on the trail of an enormous rat, Wiggum tries to catch them using various traps and tricks. Meanwhile, with a little help from Professor Frink, Lisa becomes the star of the recital.
  • lisa the tap dancer

    this was another great episode of the simpsons and one of the better episodes of season eleven and one of the best lisa episodes in 2 seasons and the subplot was pretty good to.

    the episode starts off where the simpson family goes to the mall for barts camping trip while there lisa sees a movie that inspires her to be a tango dancer.

    Meanwhile Milhouse and bart decide not to go to the camping trip and decide to stay at the mall

    lisa however is going to settle for tap dancing with a shierly temple parody but dancing is not what it is crcked up to be
  • 2.2
    Guh, it is unfortunate that the Simpsons is usually a one trick pony (Homer=funny), but it's true. When you delve into most other characters, especially the Simpson women, your looking at a subpar episode. Lisa wants to learn how to dance, and is afraid of letting her parents down because she's finally doing something that's more typical of an 8 year old and less of a genius move which no Simpson can relate too. So she tries it and she sucks at it... this episode happens time and time again... the one where Lisa takes gymnastics, the one where Lisa takes hockey... we get it already, she's a genius and very little else.. well, a good goalie, but you know what I'm saying. This one's a pass.
  • Tappa Tappa Tappa, Season 11 survives

    To begin with, the main plot is good, the sub plot is even better. The shopping scene has great hilarious comedies such as Homer getting his eyes fixed and the tango movie is great with funny lines. The way Little Vicky behaves kind of jerked me out. In the dance school we get see Skinner and Agnes dancing with funny moments there and Lisa enrolling in tap dance. The sub-plot is truly awesome with Bart and Millhouse camping in Springfield Mall. Two boys in a closed shopping mall………wow, not to mention Chief Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie bringing a lion assuming all the mischief happening in the mall is by a giant rat, good gag here. The climax dance recital scene was decent enough to pull a few laughs when Little Vicki does a solo and Lisa joins her with her automatic shoes and finally her shoes gone haywire and making her go down to the seating until Homer trips Lisa. Very well written bringing back the old Simpsons
  • didn't really like the main story

    tappa tappa tappa, the three things you need to know to learn tap dancing, was an okay joke as was professor frink's self dancing shoes but the rest of the story wasn't that great. the B story of millhouse and bart living in the mall was a much better plot with chief wiggum, one of my favourite characters, under the impression that there was a giant rat in the mall. these jokes were teriffic unlike the lame predictable ones in the main story like homer saying that the shoes were on the on position. the episode was still okay though, just not one of my favourites.